a cosmic laceration

as i stared up fingers interlaced behind my head at the infinity of lights flickering through the evening sky i saw a great rent a tear across the ebon eternity and felt a chill in the face of this cosmic laceration an undulation of murky darkness that slithered with a strange serpentine pungency and i […]

dog rose

i am the vase, she is the flower\ i am the crack, she is the matisse/ there is a loss in transience debuffering a compression conflict lost lost lost. i am the vase, she is the transcendental wonder inherent in life i see the masterpiece hidden in peonypetals somedays love is a bed today it […]

dinosaurs and dismalities

under gray skies where even the birds don’t sing as much as scream at the utter pointlessness of it all the damned feathered rats, undiagnosed dinosaurs with hollow bones, screaming screaming squawking yelling only to have the sound bounced back by disinterested heavens vacant mothers on thunderously gray dismal squalls i sit alone building little […]


As I stood there watching them, horror etched onto my face and silence stitched across my tongue, I knew that this was no dream. I do not know how I knew this spectacle unfolding before me was no mere fantasy, more of a vision given for no reason known to me except as willful torture. […]


it is strange sometimes i see my words in other places, fall from other lips, inked from someone else’s pen is it the butterfly effect i get a heady sense of deja vu, confusion, discomfort am i the illusionary one, not quite here or were they touched by the same illness that courses through me […]


a great man once said he would feel trapped in this world if he didn’t know he could commit suicide at any moment there is always one last exit on the highway if you feel the need to slam the emergency brake and kick up some black smoke as the tires skid hold your drink […]

treasure/trash, words

this time it was different i knew they were all dead we sat laughing and joking but i remembered they had died and i couldn’t make out there words as they looked at me but their tone and mannerisms said they were making fun of me and i laughed knowing whatever they said was more […]

road trip, words

the sun shines directly into my eyes blinking and trying to make out traffic headed nowhere you are all invited join in on an epic road trip to the edge of boredom i brought snacks stale popcorn and warm flat pop a half eaten pop tart if you reach under the seat there may be […]

no clue, words

blind, tripping over everything including my tongue the blank picture in the yearbook as if sick on the day the photos were taken insert face here like a plane about to hit the mountainside while the pilot tells stories about his perfect record the perfect attendance record and a late case of mono numb fingers […]

Lady S. and Lurch, a tale

“Friedrich!” She stood in front of an iron wrought throne with crimson cushions. She was as pale as moonlight but had a deadly grace to her. An air of menace radiated from her and had been known to cause her enemies to clench up in fear. Scars marked her face where her hair didn’t hide […]

murder conga, words

some days i feel like i am at the front of a murderous conga line like the person right behind me has knife poised at my throat a series of dangerous intent follows poisoned needles syringes filled with air machetes, machine guns and other phallic shaped implements of my unwitting demise not to say i […]