honestly enough, words

i sleep on the couch because the bed is too big it isn’t comfortable it is just the only place i can find solace i eat brown rice everyday because i don’t care it isn’t good it is just enough to make it through another day in hell i don’t live i survive i don’t […]

untitled two, words

he wrapped her bloodied feet with bandages torn from his own tattered shirt tended her wounds with his gentle hands bathed her in the light of his love nursed her back to health with tender shaking fingers made her whole with every piece of him he had to give she never spoke a word he […]

roar, words

can you hear me roar as it thunders across the plains calling out to you, need and want booming through the night i roar for you hunger and lonelieness, a plea for you to come to me to fill this need this driving force inside of me i want you to fill it the snarl […]

ain’t nothing, words

dripping wet from rainfall, played bumper cars down the highway, bloody knuckles and fuck you smile, step to me and watch the lights fade away walk with misery holding hands, loaded pistol and an insurance check, embody the human tornado, call me the living car wreck got the juice in my system, got the devil […]

bounce, words

my mind is racing but there is no cohesion to the thoughts like a lightning round of idiocy and insecurities, bouncing from disparate to desperate and all points between salivate, retaliate, procrastination against salvation a fine line from confusion to disillusion with a healthy observation of defenestration seven happy heartaches, eight offending offers, nine and […]

dams, words

built a dam and now the sirens blare flood warning not going to give in cannot decipher smoke signals or solve puzzles not going to play games asked the fates for a sign friend zone by thundercat came on the radio well played you bastards well played indeed so cutting the anchor and letting the […]

ode to an angel

you shared your pain with the world, it tore me up to see your suffer so you shine like a thousand stars but it is hard to see through tear filled eyes sometimes the harshest critic stares back from reflective surfaces highlights the things we don’t want to see ignore that view we are our […]