guilty as charged, words

these thoughts build the frame, the words the bars of my cell

hanging over a pit of sharpened stakes made from the bones of broken lovers

rocking to and fro with the subtle sighs and blanketed by the with heavy silence of a thousand unspoken thoughts

i crafted this cage, made the lock from my damaged heart and threw the key to the wolves that circle waiting for it all to fall

when it finally comes crashing down in a shower of splintered bones and they feast upon my corpse i hope they choke

too much, too many times, a solemn oath to embrace the quiet

this last gasp and no more

too tired from wakened nights of turmoil

haven’t the strength to pen another ode

going to give it a rest and see if i can stem the tide of the over powering rush of release

incognito in my insomnia, the simple things i have shed to try and make another pointed demise

i shall embrace the silence like a lover, feed myself to it

not clutter the airwaves with more insipid vacuum


it was all a dream, good night and sleep well with the knowledge that i have built a dam against the floodwater of another nullified scene

i never found the way to convey my feelings in a way that gave life to the other side of living

of emotional baggage claims and shackled ankles to the love that overwhelmed me

this chain gang limps away to pick the litter from another overstaurated field

guilty of vernacular manslaughter, of words with intent to kill the remaining segments of this broken idiom

as i said before, i was never here

sweet dreams


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