auld lang syne

so many changes over this last spin around the sun. started the year with thirteen followers and an urge to write. ending with over three hundred and the urge to write gone dead. found my voice and then grew sick of it. changed it up but the reverberations in my chest and skull still sicken […]

death of a would be poet

it’s broken the words are falling upon now deaf ears all i have are the words and they have abandoned me poetry has died inside my unresponsive soul i have stopped dreaming of her of joy of happiness of anything left with the emptiness new year same depression no hope just this familiar despair the […]


sometimes i dream of other states geographical mental emotional i dream of her of wildflowers in her hair my reflection in her beautiful eyes i dream of years gone past not yet born i dream of dionysus exiguus the man who determined when anno domini began i dream of celebrating in a different state with […]


my heart was a ukulele handcrafted for her delicate fingers yet in a fit of rage the strings all were snapped now it is but a piece of wood left discarded with the rest of the trash memories of it’s song like spiderwebs in the corner of the room


one year gone kept myself locked away hidden from the things i craved a junkie in remission rehab relapse reserved removed reborn reheated recycled realized gone astray in the blinding light of the morning after was it fear punishment self flagellation kneeling at the pulpit of false desires so long that reality and fiction became […]

(un)requited IV

she thought of herself as just a normal woman i couldn’t think of her as anything less than a goddess maybe she mistook my love and worship as a case of mistaken identity either way i was hooked and she was unaware