(roy g biv)

the rain is indigo like the second to last band of the rainbow

i can’t stop thinking roy g biv when i see the prismatic band play across the sky

redorangeyellow green blueindigoviolet

i wish i could see the full spectrum dancing

the infrared and ultraviolet

instead i see

impaired and ultraviolent

i can’t help but feel that the failing is all on me and my hazel eyes

but it doesn’t stop me from straining for a peek into the hidden shades

they say no two people see colors the same way

that the beauty is different to every single gaze

no matter how many people tell you that you are beautiful

none see you the same way i do my love

your glow makes the rainbow itself turn monochromatic in shame

10 thoughts on “(roy g biv)

      1. I was trying to tell you that your post was pretty wow (with the use of the emoji) but I think it just came across as the post was pretty. Both ways are true though.

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      2. I was trying to find a new way to say wow without saying it but it was the first thing that came to mind. Wow! Plus it’s probably good you can’t speak in emojis. I heard a commercial yesterday that said that is how teens talk. I will give you a trophy made of peanut butter cups if you can tell me what I’m saying here. 🕵️👻💃

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      3. See I took the liberty of giving them deeper meaning. It says, I see your happy spirit and it makes me want to dance.


      4. I didn’t even realize that. How funny. Do you want to try? You can say, cat head, cat head, Anubis, cat head, but with the symbols of course. I don’t think they have an Anubis emoji that’s why I wrote it out.

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