i am constantly amazed at the deft way she spins word as i bludgeon my way through another meaningless poem no silver needle glinting in the decaying light as i try to hobble together a single thought pedantic with an over reliance on profanity leaves my words a mud puddle on a gas station lot […]

purple lights

random lightning flares in the recesses of my mind jagged purple against the darkness always resting just behind my eyes the cost of the words that pulse in every misfired synapse a fair trade to see such beauty even if i lack the skills to paint it if you could see things through my personal […]

wrong side of bed

the only beauty i can find in the world this morning is in sylvia’s words and the wildflowers in your gaze i got up on the wrong side of the bed fell into a mobius loop of constant waking then stumbling into the negative space between thought and action it is cold yet the bitds […]

at ease

i studied philosophy until it became self evident i knew the answers to the questions posed seven left a happy accident no sadly, still no if you slide a finger inside and make the come here gesture you’ll feel it the only one that haunted me sent me down dark paths seeking the true definition […]

hope burning

some days the entire world is beauty today i drown in a pool of ugly the only thing untinged is you, my dearest that’s enough to keep hope burning

hoarfrost queen

when i was a kid my favorite season was winter the heavy snows in illinois would smother the sound laying heavy over everything but my joy was waking before the sun rose in her pallid state to watch the light reflect off the millions of diamond coated tree branches the air was too cold for […]

one at a time

comparing two flowers instead of seeing the intrinsic beauty in each does a disservice to both the onlooker and the flowers i tend to only be obsessed with one flower at a time as far as i am concerned no other flower exists in the slightest

distemper and sin

she says the lack of polish the pitted veneer of the regurgitated nonsense i spill is infuriating to the image of poetry she demands with flowery utterances piss poor forced vernacular to appeal to the pretty people that stand in fields of ochre reading pedantic rhymes to one another in a bland facsimile of poetic […]

beauty in nature

she threaded her way in between the nervous system of impulse and adoration wriggled her way deep into the marrow to imprint tiny breaths upon every red blood cell speeding through a vascular system punctuated with her every whim snaked deep inside the soft tissue so each movement bore her wonder inked her name upon […]


high heels noses jutting into the air tight skirts showing off what pilates and keto and bottles of red wine work to produce dark glasses on faces that barely recognize another person passing thin red lips pursed into an odd smirk cum frown causing lines in the foundation so carefully plastered in the rear view […]

intent is four fifths of a poem

i had every intention of writing a poem for you to expound upon your exquisite beauty then i ended up reading and realized all the good stuff had most likely already been written how could this compete with all of that when i cannot hope to write half as well as the other poets so […]

secondary sun

my morning routine entails coffee and the sunrise the birds and the occasional squirrel planes flying over head the warmth of another texas morning baking across my half asleep skin a creature of habit this morning i missed the sunrise didn’t hear the birds no squirrel no planes the heat was from the flush of […]

the only

at times i feel the only beauty i have to give you is your reflection in my eyes don’t stare too deeply though the fire beneath may scorch your retinas

the day

the day scowled at me with petulance i could only shrug back at it how could i feel bad for it starting with gazing at sheer beauty thus setting unrealistic expectations for it to chase from here on


there is an inherent beauty in the damned in the unworthy in the unclean much like purity gleams with a soft golden glow of sunshine and joy the tarnish of sin casts an equally wicked glimmer in the light of the full moon perhaps that is just the song my secondhand heart sings in off […]


if i’ve learned anything the heron in flight is the second most beautiful thing i have seen today next to her smile both exceed my capacity for words both effortless in majesty while i would love to see that bird again her smile imprinted upon my soul


there is beauty in the concrete mess of the city if you keep your eyes open for it i found a field of flowers that looked like a sea of bees happily swaying in the breeze while i sat watching the birds as the ambulance sped past me

simple and succinct

i would hate to see the number of words i have spilled seeking to write something lasting and pure when the most beautiful thing i have ever heard was her saying in a soft whisper i love you


six months ago i wrote this one, always loved it. wanted to share it again – me she wore an ankle length kimono as she walked barefoot through the lush grass of her yard, porcelain beauty in lunar rays broken by cloud the silky robe is adorned with a phoenix bursting forth from ash into […]

on the planet

when i tell you that you are beautiful i don’t want you to misunderstand what i am trying to say it isn’t a line or me trying to be slick when i say you are the most beautiful woman i have ever seen i mean that because my feelings for you and that magnificence you […]

atop her ivory tower

she stood on the balcony of her lonely tower wondering if her hair was long enough to allow her prince to climb up and save her she did the calculations of tensile strength compared to the mass of a heavily armored body if she braided it the whole would be stronger and less likely to […]

(roy g biv)

the rain is indigo like the second to last band of the rainbow i can’t stop thinking roy g biv when i see the prismatic band play across the sky redorangeyellow green blueindigoviolet i wish i could see the full spectrum dancing the infrared and ultraviolet instead i see impaired and ultraviolent i can’t help […]


it is the spaces between the distance between the nucleus to the electron orbits the gap defines the beauty within and with out the imperfections define perfection it is the space between the stars that makes the night sky so gorgeous the river carves through the rock and makes the scenic valley the distance between […]


her eyes were chrome like mirrors when she looked at me all i saw was myself she never cried told me she couldn’t when the doctor’s gave her new eyes they took that ability away now she let’s her sadness take other forms other outlets she dances she sings she paints and she writes becoming […]

(un)titled she II

she is a shadow cast during an eclipse, the penumbra causing her image to flicker with frantic light distortion an ultra high definition image of sublime beauty in a cathode ray tube black and white world she is

good enough

you are beautiful as i float along this gentle winding river of shattered dreams and fluttering moths of yesterday gathering the pieces i’ve so carelessly let go over time pieces of me of you of strangers glittering little baubles of broken hearts and souls well wishes and wandering eyes as the words fall in fat […]

dire beauty

black tar tears blister and bubble down her cheeks rusted nails across the dirty glass of her soul she has been seasoned with needles of stringent regret and left in the heat of tortured passion the tinkling keys of a piano played like the loose teeth in her smile an angel with moth wings and […]


she wore an ankle length kimono as she walked barefoot through the lush grass of her yard, porcelain beauty in lunar rays broken by cloud the silky robe is adorned with a phoenix bursting forth from ash into a cherry blossom colored sky, pinks and reds like a watercolor trailing her steps her movements were […]

that’ll show them

oh the constipated horror of it all this half digested mess in my mind these sloppy words that won’t come out and play no matter how i coax them with tales of wine and women and song no these bastards are unwilling to come down from the rafters where they roost upside down like great […]


it all crashes down the debris of what was life disillusionment stripped of all facades now bare reality is a dream cushioned in sweet lies draped in another’s wishes lacking all resolve spun into false happiness doomed to live another day subtle injustice coated in honey and smiles hidden knives that slash behind ivory veneers […]

synaptical reverence

she is beautiful he had never seen her face in person, stared longingly into her eyes as the sun sets and the sky is a watercolor testament to heliotropic pinks and purples as the diamond bespectacled black runs roughshod over the eastern sky she sent him an mri of her mind though a static burst […]

a real player lair

when i grow up i want to be manaical super villian nothing too outrageous hidden lair on a desolate dormant volcano or in a swamp somewhere legion of faceless lackeys in matching black and chrome tanks of electric eels and sharks the occasional death trap to brighten the room something with lasers and spinning blades […]

a treatise in beauty, not a list

object a) she walks into a room like a woman in a rock and roll video the noises go quiet from somewhere a wind gusts blowing her hair in a storm of sulty dead proteins a guitar howls with her every step she is a goddess sex given shape lust incarnate object b) his heart […]