synaptical reverence

she is beautiful

he had never seen her face in person, stared longingly into her eyes as the sun sets and the sky is a watercolor testament to heliotropic pinks and purples as the diamond bespectacled black runs roughshod over the eastern sky

she sent him an mri of her mind though

a static burst of electrical impulses that radiated a sovereign joy through out him

through those still frames, snapshots of the her within the her that forms the very essence of the her that is irrationally beautiful to the him that stares out from the him that sits in quiet contemplation waiting for something in a diluted stream of everything to spray paint itself indelibly upon his scarred up soul

these fragmentary glimpses are everything that that something should be while maintaining a separation of truth and art

one part van gogh in tragic malaise, two parts renoir in still life, and crafted by michaelangelo from italian marble

blended with time and windswept like pollack in a dusty barn across a magnificent canvas

they say no two people see hues in exactly the same shade

but the shade of her is enough to make the color wheel blush in frustration and unpin itself from the hardware store wall to drift alone in the overflowing gutters of the dusky city streets

plastered to the oxidized iron bars in impotent fury and inconsequential regrets

like a wine stain virgin mary on the tablecloth of a quiet bistro in a back alley in paris

it isn’t so much the view as the effect the company has upon one’s beating heart

tangentially reassuring you that maybe there is more to everything than some of the things would lead you to believe possible even as it all comes crashing down

he stood in the shadow of the building as the mortar cracked and the bricks began their final descent to the ground below, as it fell in chunks of formerly rigid stability to the chaos of gravity, he managed a smile, bemused by the serendipity of it all, another star in a galaxy of winking lights, he shined brighter than them all in that instance and that was enough

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