cellular heartgasms

she gnaws at my bones with pretty teeth savaging cold flesh her hot tongue dragging over torn flesh her lips a crimson smear i long to swim through her veins flush through her pounding heartgasm suffusing her goosepimpled flesh with my soulclenched adorations written in cursive upon her every subtly sullen sigh lovemaking on the […]

don’t overturn the turnip cart

emotional stability a suture bridging kaleidoscopic catastrophes and a meandering sense of selfless undulating regrets i walk through this garden a weed amongst the flowers a thorny disruption in the petals of sweet serendipitous regalia an unlit molotov teetering another roundabout for the unruly mob of subversives with chattering ivory fangs


what is money but a current sea of disbelief a marker never collected a yoke around the neck a weight straining the backs of those without as useful as air to a fish an indictment against the natural orders unfulfilled a sudden sullen stain discoloring a world of technicolor commerce a house of cards that […]

translucency in staggering dismay

my thoughts are wrecking balls slowly destroying the parts of me i cannot face in the mercurial surface of my own reflected dismissal. i am a vampire draining the day of light in a perpetual thunderstorm of acidic malaise. in this translucent prison of fundamental failures of the flesh i am the warden the prisoner […]

a fair trade

i lost a hundred or so poems in the hills around dublin texas between the forests and over the fields filled with longhorns i muttered likely my greatest works little declarations to the cloudy skies and the verdant rolling hills of how none of this untamed majesty can hold a candle to you i whisper […]


the sun overslept or maybe the world spins slower than it used to but i rolled over it was still dark while i felt every off kilter revolution on a broken axis it feels like the only good sleep comes five minutes before the alarm while the rest of the restless nights are spent searching […]


she came stomping through my life in a pair of dangerously high concrete stilettos mascara ran thick down alabaster skin the revolution wasn’t worthy of broadcast on the most basic tier yet she still managed to cast a funeral pall in beautiful sorrows across broadband delusionary frequencies buried in the ashes carried by bittersweet murmured […]

manic midweek mornings

it suddenly gotquietthe humof the compressorrattledbut the ambientsound ofthe waking worlddisappearedmaybe everythingand everyonesaid fuck todaycurled uprolled overextended a middle fingerto the vacancythat comes withmanic midweek morningsbut justforgot totell me. it’s nowlate afternoonand that feelingthe world around megave upthat everyoneeverythingis refrainingfrom concernseems apt. the farther ifallthe less thesensation ofthe precipitousdropregistersgiving upor justgiving inechoes the samewhen you […]

screaming in silence

i have never askedfor more than enoughhaving receivedlesser and lesseri learned to stoppraying i wouldone daymove the mountaininstead hoping justto have the strengthto walk around it. i whisper all mydesires and needsto the ceilingit feels the sameas prayersjust the ceiling existsand doesn’t hide itscasual disdain. floating on the seaslost and tiredseeing your facein the sea […]

amateur key cutter

as a kid i was always fascinated by the machine at the hardware store that made copies of keys unaware it was a simple jig that traced the edge of the original key my lack of understanding implied a sense of skill perhaps even magical in the art of duplication the simplicity of the world […]

thoroughly concussed at the fly orgy

spots dance in the corners of my vision black bloated flies in random states of fucking crowding in thick oblong orbiting dementias tinting the world in varied shades of purloined virtuous sin i didn’t get out of bed today with the intention of running head first into the walls my limitations have set but i […]


starting a fire in my igloo hoping to either melt down the walls or suffocate from the smoke. self isolation is a sort of paradise enforced isolation is a hell with no sound. i am the desert a desolate ocean where dreams go to languish baked under an indifferent sun.

for more

i keep little mementos in my between my caged ribs so when i sit just right the memories jaggedly pressed into my lungs coloring every gasping breath in pastel fragments of who i once was my marrow tinted in words left unsaid as i wheeze out another line about the ones that carved their initials […]

little things

we were all forced into this state of being so if we can do a little to make it better for everyone that doesn’t seem like a big thing to ask. respect is earned but kindness is always free. seems to get forgotten in the day to day of trying to survive.


woke upon the numbsideof the bedthe constantacheshiveringthrough myskull tofinally settlein my jawsnappedmy synapticresponseleaving meblissfullynumbconfortablydumbsipping coffeeas the cloudsthreatenrain. each timei wokein the darkknees tochestunwilling tofeelthe surgescoursingcoarselythroughmy bone prisoni beggedthe cosmosto take awayyour painto ladle ithappilyupon mineto let mewallowwhile yousoar. i speakto theemptinesslingeringbetween ourmouthsshufflingbarefeetthrough theshattereddreamsand echoedprayersbest leftunheardin thiscacophonousswirlsoftly givingwords tomy desires. woke upnumbedto the endlessachesrunning callouslythroughthe absenceof […]

a little off the top

rats gnaw at my toes as my guts gurgle acidic odes to empty cupboards a dream, a joke, a life left half conscripted by a string of hearts not quite won over with clumsy attempts at ill mannered charm unseen in the rippling ugliness seething at the surface bury my scraps in unconsecrated soil leave […]

State of Fool Address

Tune in to Panic Room Radio live this Thursday to listen to Chris and I talk about our Splatterpunk nominated book, Cerberus Rising, featuring my story which is also (?!?) nominated, An Incident at Barrow Farm. Chris is also nominated for his Splatter Western, Dust. And our wayward brother, PC3, for his story Full Moon […]

check please

bleeding for scraps while others vomit to fanfare and gratutious applause poetry is loneliness wrapped in barb wire and i am pretty talented at screaming alone i will never amount to anything but moments you can never get back maybe that is what the sparrows sing as they watch a fool wasting his life for […]

mining my way to the center of my own hollow truth

on the crusted filth of misanthropic disembowelments collecting on the burnt end of progress there is soft buffeting of sparrow wings sending little clouds of dreamdust soulbillow to scatter amongst the cracked facades of fragility in a quick tempered state of ambiguous losses i was a spectating spectacle of spectacular idiosyncrasies wondering about in shuffling […]


the tendrils of maternal abuse claw my broken psyche in the quiet moments spent lost in the shadowy ceiling my head weighs approximately the mass of the black hole where my soul once bled out in spectral hues transmitted on the sine waves ingrained into the synaptic disfunction of a broken child crying alone


i keep myself secluded from the a world i mostly don’t understand reaching out with shitty poetry from my cave because anxiety ain’t no way to half live i am cut off silenced by algorithms left to fester a mushroom in the darkness living off of the rotted soulsoil in petulant heartwhinings lost in a […]

drowning in birdsong

the rickety ship careensover the tempestuous seain the throes of sorrowsdraped in logical fallacy there is asimplicityin the ever presentbirdsongcoming throughthe open screen doora tonalprogressionfalling insynchwith the restof the worldaround me the lonely cries of the gullcircling in the gray skiesa hint of rot blowing throughon the wings of bloated flies i know whythe crows […]

rudimentary indecencies

there is a boozy insubstantialness to reality in the frame of bioluminescent purgatorial musings a hint that nothing is as it appears viewing the world through side mirrors lends an inky incandescence to freefalling through the strata of traumatic scars. i could accomplish something but i will be good and goddamned if anything sounds half […]

vultures and swine

the vultures circle above as frustration shakes through the tension of morning bannings and customer support that equals being told to go fuck myself it is a simple manner of stolen information or companies that have forgotten that they don’t exist if not for the users they ignore we are dollar signs with no identity […]


i couldnt tell youwith any certaintyif she was hunting meor if i was a spiritunwittingly haunting her we sat in a boothat the back of the barthe crackling neon ofa beer sign illuminatingher hair a dayglo halo she talked loudlyexpounding upon thevirtues of ts eliotpontificating betweenbreathy groans my hand slid up herthigh under the shortskirt […]

pulling back a stump

gone gone gone the dreams of bittersweet youth entrapments of hopes best left to fester amongst the creepy crawlies in the darkness of soulwept miseries millipedes crawl up the poignancy inscribed into the hollowbones of forevermore the moist memories rotting incrementally until all that remains are sympathetic serenades gone gone gone dust in the corner […]

dirth of d

my defiance in the face of dastardly deicidal dooms verbal defecation desecration of the subtle adorations my skull is filled with thoughts of you and a million angry bullet ants

we now return you to your scheduled break down

the walls are leaning in staring at me with a hostility usually reserved for self deflection the ceiling is bowing down pressing on me with a weight usually reserved for self reflection i am trapped in a loop of migrating migraines a thousand nettles a thorn of crowns around a frowing fool in a state […]


her tongue leathery loudly licks shriveled worms disguised as lips the scent of curdled milk wafts thickly beneath hairspray and slow decay an out of focus gleam in her one good eye tells me the sky is falling her jerky whipfast motions lend an air of danger to an otherwise obscure sense of sliding between […]


woke to a ticketstapled to myblood flecked chesta citation forvagrancyas the foolishmuscle constrictsthe sense ofpeace fromthe lonely lanethat leads tothe only placecardiac distresshas ever known asa destination.

the empty vessel; a seashell of supple hells

subtle vibrations easing along the nervous system on the brink of collapse wired for sound yet filled with white noise the song of the ocean in your ear is just my distorted palpatations echoing along inner ear insanity. i am an empty vessel stirring at the bottom of your oceanic depth a skull in a […]


lost alone in these stacks of books a million happy endings at least one metaphor that reflects where i am in my languid sorrow. surrrounded by books but the only one calling is the book of matches. one last tall tale written in embers across the shadow over her smile.


he tied a ribbon on the old walnut tree by the side of the road every april as the last of the winter snow had faded to muddy ground patches of yellow with hints of verdant growth and the lone red ribbon dancing in the soft breeze with hints of home. it hadnt worked to […]


a wriggle a writhing a tremor passes through my hollow bones as the cool wind murmurs across my shivering skin a chasm opens somewhere in these shifting shafts of calcified remorse a wriggle a writhing a tremor in the center where soot lines the pockmarked surface of angry loveblisters along the cardiac sack of salted […]

gaslight and filth

the flies, fat overfed black swarms that seems to cover every inch of the foul smelling building with puddles of blood and water baking in the noon time sun mercilessly glaring down over the city of shadows the bells toll sickly from the soot stained cathedral once a symbol of purity now an accurate representation […]

art is the whimpers of the dying flame of hope.

as da vinci sketched virtruvian drawings did the sheer reckless atrocities in nature ever make him sick to his artistic stomach a carousel of painted horses with pinprick pupils at the edge of panic as they race in circles yet never truly make any bit of progress while his ink smudged hands lose sensations in […]

the act of giving one’s heart

i don’t give you my heart because it is the source of emotion that is the brain of which you already preoccupy most of no, i give you my heart because without it being cared for i would simply die because without you i was never truly ever alive to begin with

over populated in solitude

in the quietest of moments lost in the singularities the heavy population of my solitude is a weight unto itself it feels like another one about drowning but the metaphor feels too apt to apropos not clothos or lachesis enough for my thology feels like another one about the scent of wildflowers longing lost and […]

now gray

there is a subtle flow an undertow created where the world around me and the books begin calling a sandbar of my own emotional misinterpretations mangled by a lack of vernacular affinity a vortex, a whirlpool, a tear pulling the beauty from the inspirations until all becomes gray a succulent buffet, an array of sensual […]


she stood emptied of all hope and happiness a prune where there was once a plum interwoven into a tapestry of her own shadow streaked contemptuous longings slow roasted until her juices boiled splitting her once vibrantly colored casing her will spread ever so thinly until her soul became another transparency drifting on the last […]


the vapid disinterest of the sun rose a golden ball shimmering in feigned regard (a burning middle finger) etched in vaporous <ill intent> lending a tumultuous air of chill intimacy to an otherwise funeralesque sunday spent malingering in the foyer to hell.

rent and rendered

the concrete souless monstrosities in a semi-heathenistic plethora of circumfusions a pod of poisoned seeds nestled tightly against the strangled heart of future endeavoring spirits a sacrament, a sacrifice a sack of simmering sighs tar black runs down slowly from the unblinking orbs encased in resinous lies the rusted snap of a trap tetanus infused […]

skintag morning

the coffee sits steaming with a forlorn haze into the morning silence the occasional bit of siren or warbling note of birdsong all that manages to pierce this three ton concrete bubble slowly suffocating the fool who suffers silently on the couch trying not to disturb his lonely corner of half existing. he scribbles bloody […]


not sure if it is selective propagation or if the world is just filled with more despicable sacks of shit on a daily basis. i don’t even know if they know just how rancidly horrific they are or even if they possess the awareness to see just how off-putting their actions seem. one day the […]

spring clean

endeavored to spring clean declutter the shattered fragments while digging out soulslivers lodged painfully beneath my parchment epidermis an effort to spring free from the detritus of this achingly undesired instance of existence i have thrown out so many things a feeling of lightness in that springy freedom of removing the pieces that clung to […]


there are these improbably wonderful moments where she and i race down different corridors while both riding the same sinuous thoughtwaves from the proper temperature for cheese consumption to finding a name from the same show. resonating in sheer synchronicity send shivers down my erratic pulse dumping a mix of chemically derived splendor through the […]

new patreon post

Canto 1 of my modern retelling of Dante’s Inferno has been posted over on my Patreon. I keep the same basic style, but updated for a modern world. In this version, I am the lost traveler and one of my favorite poets acts as the guide. The original Inferno is 35 Cantos long and I […]


it has been pouring for the last couple hours lightning lighting up the dour night of constant pattering drops assaulted by thunderous doubts all of the hard work i accomplished during the day feels emptied of value as the headache cinches tightly the non-stop precipitation feels like ball peen hammers against my throbbing temples. i […]

devil’s solitaire

he sits flipping cards on the scarred coffee table between pots of coffee chain smoking one cigarette lit off of the dying embers of the last a blue gray filtration obscuring the horns growing out of his lined red forehead fifty two cards in four uneven columns with four piles steadily growing on the side […]


this obsession scratching my soul a possession of my every thought a repossession of faulty cardiac insurrections digging furrows through the once fertile topsoil now salted in tremulous tragedy. i sing loudly to fill the void left by silence stricken sparrows in an absence of solar radiations i don’t seem to recall where i have […]

the fear

the fear that i have cut myself so many times tearing off rancid bits and screaming in to the aether in lowercase has left me too scarred to strike a vein all that will remain of the foolish stain will be a dessicated corpse with an empty birdcage where his heart once hung itself. no […]

copious morsels

i like the way copious morsels roll around in my mouth it isn’t so much the words themselves but the feel not all poetry is life altering intensities sometimes it just feels good to say like copious morsels. and for a moment the sun peeks out because everything is simply happenstance it’s what we do […]


it is jarring being trapped inside myself yet overcome with myopic misunderstanding unable to get out of the hell that distorts all. it is that precise moment you realize that you are insignificant just a ball of anxiety spinning faster into disaster the lone star no one ever wished upon a wispy copy of someone […]

no exit

i have never been a good man but you, like an idiot, made me your best man. and in hindsight that doesn’t make any sense as all. maybe it was your faulty judge of character or possibly it was my mercurial lack of character that made the two of us click so well. i will […]

mr fixit

i dont hate you for finding your long needed escape i hate that you left me here with your nagging fucking memory of dreams that we can never accomplish because you shot that final fix into your arm and it didn’t fix a goddamned thing but give you peace and tear another piece from my […]


you could fit all of the planets in the space between earth and the moon each one nestled neatly between us and our lonely satellite. you could fit all of creation in the space between the fool and hope with room for the earth the moon and all of the planets as well. nothing more […]

pantomiming a series of ever familiar events

a poet is a portal a destination an escape a few lines at a time a frozen dream a fool is a deadend a joke nothing’s shadow a punchline to life itself in a waking hell listening to the birds calling out to the sun that never quite manages to rise just a vacancy on […]


the dragon swims barely contained on the blackened spoon clenched between shaking fingers as the lighter dances in the fetid air before it is sucked up through a vacuum lashing out at this new hypodermic cage plunger pressed air bubbles displaced no need to disinfect nothing could survive the pockmarks and filth covering every inch […]


she sat on the stepsa dour expressionon such a little facethat it stopped medead in my trackscocked my head at herand asked what was wrong she sighedlooked at me for a second.then shrugged“boys” i nodded wiselyhaving been one once“boys are gross” she smiled wanlya sad little thingthat quivered my dead heart“not all boys” i gave […]

billy shakes

the eyes being the windows to the soul is another example of shakespearean inadequacy or idiocy. unless hell is the soil of my shattered soulscape good old billy shakes is a bald faced fucking liar. the only semblance of beauty to be seen in my monstrous gaze is you reflected back.

no shelter

i offer no shelter for i am the bomb itself primed ready to explode all over this land of make believe all i can give is a promise of mutually assured assumption. i am chiseled from bedrock approximations of hell quenched in tears smoothed to nothing by the ever blowing winds of eternal sufferings. the […]

self portrait as reflected in oblivion’s empty gaze

it is in this hollowboned depression that oblivion sings the sweetest whispering in the cold darkness pooled inside this wicker man filled to bursting with icy insignificance too many hours lost in a month where realizations still spark acrid bitterness on my talented tongue where it was made apparent there is nothing to be here […]

rusted scabs

today i am a pillar of pitted metal there is nothing insidw of me no hope no happy no anger no sorrow just patches of rusted scabs clinging to where a person once inhabited depression is a hole swallowing me whole i want to hurt so i know i don’t just exist but that i […]

well aware

my soul is one dimensional when viewed from this three dimensional plane of plain pain and panic stricken desolation my heart is wheezing black tar through constricted vessels of vacant adoration seized in rigorous illusionary half palpations you do not have to remind me i am nothing with your callous slights i am well aware […]

seven am suicidals

the light in the room dimmed as i looked out the sunlight diffusion gradually pulling the deep purple into static blue shifted to a melange of pink hued darknesses there is a weight to this salmon haze a heaviness breaking over the rooftops trickling turgidly down the streets a dripping of cloying syrupy madness in […]

a flaw

i’ve long since cast away the foolish dreams and childish aspirations focusing instead on the lackadaisical melanoma of melancholia i am a paper boat soaked through disintegrating on the swollen sewers of guilt ridden self-loathing saturated streams of fetid filth longing to burn a sliver of sodium in your everflowing fountain of beauty to settle […]

slug pt 1

as he slept the shadows crept into his darkened bedroom they surrounded him sleeping unsound in a cocoon of broken tragedy one of the shimmering pools of black produced a small jar a set of tweezers and last but certainly not least one wriggling slug which was carefully dropped directly into his ear burrowing deep […]


less compartmentalizing more mental desterilization thoughts that rattle behind the locked doors buried in the deepest darkest cobweb filled corridors in my mind the tarnished padlocks click open to fall heavily to the spongey gray floor letting loose the howls as the damned chorus of the past scrambles down my fragile sense of unbeing circling […]

it isn’t that

it isn’t that i cant get out of my own head it’s that the part i got stuck in was one i swore that i would avoid now it is all that pummels me in the silence that punctures my inner ear an unloving embrace squeezing too tight to my throat

two more hours

fell asleep on a mobius strip of wrong sides so no matter how i were to finally awaken the day was truly well and fucked the coffee still dripped slowly the only percolation in my dingy place as i force myself to leave the cave to enter a world of dreamy disillusion the only words […]


i spent two hours compiling a new collection reading my own words and i feel so goddamned broken because the words haven’t changed that pain is still this pain and i don’t understand why it never abates why i can never lose the weight of an ocean of black tar tears. and the man on […]

ink swells beneath my ugly

i never begged you to love me because i was too busy begging you to treat me as simply a human being beaten down by a lack of considerations the fact i had to beg at all shows how one sided the entirety encapsulating our accident truly was sad puppy eyes and maternal scarring left […]

her molten perfection, my brittle desire

i forget how stunningly beautiful she is on the outside because i am so deeply in love with how beautiful her soul is her sultry conflagration beguiles my thunderous desires and all i know with any certainty is i would die happily with the taste of her lips on mine and her words rattling as […]

the sun came out for no goddamned reason

we lay together in a tangle of legs as the rains hit the glass our hearts regulated metronomically as one my eyes open i reach out to feel your warmth pull you in closer but the bed is empty an expanse stretching from my burgeoning wave of impending sorrows each time i close my fitful […]

your lips are the only thing in the world i crave

the moon ensconced in a blanket of wooly gray above a sleepy city in north texas sinuous tongues of electricity race across the near perpetual clouds flashing pink hues above the apartment building the barium floating in my brain undulates with the lightning a throbbing symphonic barrage lost in the backbeat of smoky jazz electrofunk […]


this constant feeling of trenchlike pressure clamped in barb wire and rusted iron bands around my head is slowly driving me insane(r) i cannot stop contemplating my escape the need for relief yelling in the dead center of this vortex of agonized dizziness i need a pickaxe or a cordless drill with diamond tipped bits […]

orange maw with razor teeth

already deafened in the right side when the screaming began outside sending shivers of white noise to scrape down my all engulfing ache he was four foot nothing and around two hundred pounds pushing a large neon orange colored circular saw across the concrete of the cracked parking lot the blade screeched into the overcast […]


i am a hermit crab uncomfortable in this too large skull seeking some sort of sanctuary from the storms that rage without reflecting the tsunami raging within i need a different shell to keep my ragged apologies and need to please in check a hobo hopping trains that lead to anywhere but here headed to […]

steel wool and fireants

when i moved to texas it was in the middle of thirty straight over one hundred degree days i was pulling a u-haul sixteen hours across country with the devil’s breath blowing constantly across the featureless land road hypnosis and salt flecked lips feverish in thirst watching the miles tick as i looked for the […]

negative bolt

the emptiness swirls in my cranial cavern pulsating aches spill in synchronicitized marrowdeep bemoaning i am lesser today than i was yesterday the painrattles chose angular sobs to remind me in lucid loss of lividity i have nothing in my pockets but a swell of dreamkisses snatched from morning awakening and soft smiles of peace […]


he sitson edgethe screamingof the birdswhite noisestaticcoursing throughhis collapsefalling inupon himselfgaining masslosingdefinitionworn downsmoothed outby the riverforever windingover hisgravel soulan aquariumfilledwith upsidedownfish belliesbobbing at thesurface tensionbarely keepinghim constrainedin shape


camus asked the worldto imaginesisyphus happybut happinessisn’t a partof the comfortinherent inrepetitive actioni prefer toimagine sisyphuscontented in hisdaily strugglethe knowledgethat everything we dois eventuallyanother incomprehensiblehabitual actretracing stepswell worn scarsacross our heartsrunning fingersover cardiac nervesexciting palpatationsrepeatingself-destructiveidiocies becauseman never learnsan oroboros ofself defeatseeking its own tailto pacifythe urges.


falling in love is a controlled detonation an implosion falling in on one’s self a pile of rubble left in the hope this new vista is one your chosen lover finds suitable a new garden to plant the seeds of singular experiences watching what sprouts from the new fertile land the two together have grown […]


my fight or flight has grown apathetic every minor inconvenience greeted with a shakespearean sigh to give a fuck or to not give a fuck, that is the dilemma i was not born skinless bare nerves in a sandstorm but life has a way of stripping the flesh from bone leaving a huddled mass burning […]

we all knew the truth

his story had so many holes in it you could back the moon through the inconsistencies his vagueries implications while never truly saying anything at all trying to convince everyone anything they did he did better a master of oneupmanship willing to do whatever it took to get a moment in the spotlight no matter […]

free high fives to the face

for too long bad people have gotten away with shitty things without getting punched in the face it has encouraged them there are no consequences for their actions. it’s time to punch scumfucks again to show them that we have had enough to stand up to the bullies the liars the victimizers the villains you […]

a fool to the flame

i run my fingers through every flame knowing how it feel but incapable of learning that fundamental hurl me headfirst downdowndown into the volcano let the lava lick my tears feed me to pele an unworthy offering to grant your every single dream come true i am nothing but flotsam floating on your every wave […]


i am nothing but a trash compactor taking words from novel to story to poetry. crushing out meanings until all that sticks to the page is concentrated emptiness. no more expectations or diluted dreampiss hopes just silence and shitty lines of filth. unable to to face myself a corruption of beauty under gray skies a […]

unable to write

every poem is nothing but electricity flashing and a written interpretation of chemicals into aimless chickenscratch spit over maggot lips drooling venomous angst down pitted skin in the false hope it sparks an electrical discharge in the soup of deficiencies in the gelatinous mess driving that entropic meat machine of broken dream reading it my […]


dissociating sounds so(enticing) can someone pass me a torch and possibly a ladder to climb out of my mind teach me the tricks of houdini without the futility of trying to contact the dead shed these chains slip free of this burlap sack of incidentals suffocating me let me(dissociate) the anxiety detach from this sense […]


pressure fromthe handof godcrushingmy skull i feelevery whorlof theprintas it squeezes falling intothe double helixas itunravelsaround me i amdusta speck floatingin the unblinkingeye of eternity i amnothingbut insidiouspainblossomsand woe.

kerouac (un)cool

i take a picture of the last moment of happiness so i can cry as i forget how to smile again there is a resentment in being a caricature of the sad pathetic little poet the ceiling hides the void the words give form to the tangible lack of substance sucking the air from the […]


there is a bitterness in the rind of the lemon but with just a coating of coarse salt that same bitterness is drawn out leaving a perfect vision of summer. my rind is quite bitter this evening senseless renal failure leaves these poisonous thoughts to gain mass to become a new entity hellbent on self-destruction […]

falsehoods over coffee steam

there is a autumnal ache in this false spring of decaying promise and unexpected shivers, dust motes hang heavy on the swollen symphony strummed lightly across tattered old heartstrings. ill intent permeates these overflowing salted rivers of unshed tears from lost lovers last laconic demise, the sparrows sing mutely no soft whistles in this heady […]

less a scribe, more a fool

the air thrums with potential heartbursts of compressed recalcitrance, the moon hangs moribund in sickly shades of amber tinted umbrageousness. and here i lay sadly listening to the sickly thump hiss of corroded arteries, my mind tangled in webbing from lies spun in silvery tongued sanctimonies. less a scribe than an idiot awash in an […]