no exit

i have
never been
a good man
but you,
like an idiot,
made me your
best man.
and in hindsight
that doesn’t
make any sense
as all.
maybe it was
your faulty
judge of character
or possibly
it was my
mercurial lack
of character
that made
the two of us
so well.
i will never
ever understand
and you
and your brother
are dead
in fucking boxes
for some
sick reason
while i am still
floating around.
you’d both
laugh at me
for feeling
so goddamned lost
when you
two dumbfucks
the exit.
there are no
happy endings
just endings.
but it feels
like you two
still had
chapters to pen.
now it is
just me
and the words
no one reads,
the wrong voice
ringing out
to deafened
the world
is cold and lonely
and all i know
is screaming
into the void.

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