State of Fool Address

Tune in to Panic Room Radio live this Thursday to listen to Chris and I talk about our Splatterpunk nominated book, Cerberus Rising, featuring my story which is also (?!?) nominated, An Incident at Barrow Farm.

Chris is also nominated for his Splatter Western, Dust. And our wayward brother, PC3, for his story Full Moon Shindig in the collection, Visceral.

It’s an exciting time for the three headed beast. We are in the midst of writing the next volume, Exploitation, and have a few other projects in various states of planning. It’s a joy being able to write with people you respect and love, and I have been more fortunate in that realm than most in all facets of my writing.

I got to see the cover for my next collection of poetry, (un)inhibited. It looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to share more details. (un)collected vol. 1 is out now on the Potter’s Grove store exclusively and (un)requited is coming in August, I believe, likely around when the next Cerberus drops.

Dark Carnival is coming in May. I worked side by side with Eleanor Merry selecting the stories in this anthology. They cover the broad range of horror and I can honestly say some of the best stories I have read this year are included. Smoke and Mirrors and Pindick being my absolute favorites. I can’t wait for people to read this.

And finally, I have a few short stories in various anthologies coming out as well. Piper, I Saw It from the Upstairs Window, and T is for Typewriter so far. And a couple more in various states of planning.

Man. That was an info drop. Big things are brewing. Maybe one day Cuckoo will get picked up. Who knows for sure. I’m just grateful to have you, dear readers, along for the ride with me. World Domination is growing ever closer.

hugs and sloppy wet kisses from the fool

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