The Fool kills Tupac

Mothers of Mayhem The Gang Gets Cancelled Ugh. More of me rambling. This time with two of my favorite ladies, Marian and Christina. Worth it to see the Baby B. I explain why Wu Tang is superior. Nuff said.

podcast tonight, chapbooks available now

Panic Room Radio will have the Fool on to discuss poetry, something he clearly has no grasp on and the new chapbooks available on Potter’s Grove Press store which reminds me i have two new chapbooks available on Potter’s Grove Press store. (un)collected vol 1 and 2. the exclusives page has them both and one […]

Blue read for you

chilling tales for dark nights has a new episode up and my story, Blue, is the second of two. i am blown away at the reading and hope you’ll enjoy it as well. this story was written in two hours, as i shivered in a hotel room in Louisville Kentucky. the air condition was broken […]

State of Fool Address

Tune in to Panic Room Radio live this Thursday to listen to Chris and I talk about our Splatterpunk nominated book, Cerberus Rising, featuring my story which is also (?!?) nominated, An Incident at Barrow Farm. Chris is also nominated for his Splatter Western, Dust. And our wayward brother, PC3, for his story Full Moon […]

Podcast tonight

Butterflies Make Me Angry tonight at 7pm CST. Chris Miller and the Fool join Sam and Chad Cloud-Miller to discuss Cerberus and Splatterpunk Awards and more. Probably. It should be fun. Love me

tonight, Cerberus roars

Horror Talk Podcast tonight, at i believe around 9pm CST, Chris Miller and the Fool will talk Cerberus, awards, and likely spiral inappropriately for an hour or so. i’ve been on this podcast a few times, Jesse is great as a host and i have always had fun. hope you do as well of you […]

Cerberus Podcast Tour!

in an effort at shameless self promotion to push our book, Cerberus Rising, and it’s nominations for Best Anthology and Best Short Story, An Incident at Barrow Farm (by me, which is crazy and unbelievable still) for Splatterpunk Awards, Chris and I will be hitting the podcast trail. Monday night we are joining Jesse Deadman […]

Panic Room Radio with Cerberus

New Panic Room Radio w/Cerberus Thursday the 3rd of September the three headed beast is going to be on with Xtina and James to discuss our latest release, Cerberus Rising: Nine Novelettes. Expect each of us to do a brief reading. I have chosen a conversation about pools and phalluses. Should be fun. Links to […]

The Fool talks poetry on Panic Room Radio

Panic Room Radio ep 201 I got to chat with Xtina Marie and James Longmore about poetry. It was really nice, Xtina is a poet as well so there was common ground. I also read 2 poems for them and you, Yokai and Well Read. One from each collection to try and balance things out. […]

the podcast thingie

me on Deadmans Tome In case you missed it, here is my hour or so talking about my books, my friends, tigers and Cerberus. I am not as dour as my poetry might suggest. as always, thank you dear readers for your support. it is humbling to find one’s tribe after so long alone. hugs […]

podcast late notice

the Fool is going to be on Deadmans Tome this evening at 9:30 CST. gonna talk about Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, cancel culture on social media and why the left is just as rabid as the right and insane. I always have fun talking with Jesse, so I expect nothing less this evening. Deadmans […]

FNN update

Do to a scheduling change (which works out perfectly for me) I’m on at 11CST/12EST this evening on Deadmans Tome. Be there or bees squared will sting you. I didn’t think that through.. It’s early. I’m sleepy and have a headache. Insert your own clever whatever. Hugs and sloppy wet kisses to all of you. […]

FNN – Fool News Network

Tomorrow night, Deadmans Tome is doing the 24 hour broadcast and kicking it off is yours truly. We are playing the Did You Ever game. My only issue is that I most likely have. Get to know the Fool in ways you most likely never wanted to. Luckily you cannot see me as I blush […]

Deadmans Tome on April 26th

So I will be returning to the land of podcast tomfoolery on April 26th. Deadmans Tome is doing a twenty four hour podcast and I’m gonna be on first. I think we are going to play the Did You Ever game. So if you want to know what I am almost positive is TMI about […]

Tonight! Panic Room Radio.

Official link below if you want to tune in. Chris Miller is a friend with immense talent as well. He’ll be leading off and I’ll be on around 1030CST. I like doing these things. I even did a test read of the section. I’ll probably stumble a bit, live reading and adrenaline get me. Panic […]