Cerberus Podcast Tour!

in an effort at shameless self promotion to push our book, Cerberus Rising, and it’s nominations for Best Anthology and Best Short Story, An Incident at Barrow Farm (by me, which is crazy and unbelievable still) for Splatterpunk Awards, Chris and I will be hitting the podcast trail.

Monday night we are joining Jesse Deadman and his show of which I don’t have a link to yet.

Thursday we will be joining Chad and his wife Sam on Butterflies Make Me Angry.

We have a few more coming, Panic Room in late April with Xtina and James and then with Tommy Clark on the 16th, I think. I’m not sure. We have roles in Cerberus. I am the dreamer and rescue. Chris is promotions and punching bag. Patrick scowls and tells me enough fucking ideas. It works.

I’ll update with links as I have them and hope you will join us. I am really not as dour in real life as the poetry may suggest. Just inside.

As always, thanks for coming along



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