dreaming of Stanislaw Lem

Today marked my two thousandth day in orbit around Circe VIII and I celebrated the milestone with a bowl of rehydrated eggs while staring out the portcullis at the small green orb wobbling slightly beneath me. The government had sent me out here on a recon mission to monitor the artificial intelligence that had integrated […]

manic book review – a trio of modern classics

for the last week, the insipid Fool has been under the weather. when not asleep or writing my signature shitty poetry©, i have been doing as much reading as possible and decided maybe i should do the occasional book review. this comes with its own set of anxieties because the bulk of what i read […]

begging for change

mike’s manic patreon has a new post. i have been working on a new collection of short stories and this distinctly odd bit made me chuckle so i thought it might be a nice surprise for the Patrons. i dislike shilling and begging for coins, but i post fiction on my patreon a few times […]

Cerberus Howls

august 10th is a big deal for the boys in Cerberus, the universe aligned and we each have a new book coming out and we ready our second collection, Cerberus Exploitation: A Grindhouse Triple Feature. our first book, Cerberus Rising, has been nominated for two Splatterpunk awards to be decided at the end of August […]

Blue read for you

chilling tales for dark nights has a new episode up and my story, Blue, is the second of two. i am blown away at the reading and hope you’ll enjoy it as well. this story was written in two hours, as i shivered in a hotel room in Louisville Kentucky. the air condition was broken […]

Mona Seethes

“He sat at his desk, jowls quivering in rage.” “What are you doing?” “He glared at his former best friend with ill intent.” “Mona. What the fuck. You are still my best friend.” “He shouted at her, face flushed a deep shade of crimson. Ripples dancing across his porcine body.” “Fine. I do not care.” […]

a story has been posted to the Patreon

Manic Patreon has a story posted. it is one i am quite pleased with, which is a rarity for me. a few patrons have already reached out and expressed their enjoyment. i don’t enjoy shilling, but it is what it is. i write, patrons read and pay a little a month, and i can pay […]

Cerberus Podcast Tour!

in an effort at shameless self promotion to push our book, Cerberus Rising, and it’s nominations for Best Anthology and Best Short Story, An Incident at Barrow Farm (by me, which is crazy and unbelievable still) for Splatterpunk Awards, Chris and I will be hitting the podcast trail. Monday night we are joining Jesse Deadman […]

happy anniversary to Notches, a collection

Notches, a collection came out two years ago today. i didn’t start writing to put out stories. it began as the weight of the world became insufferable. a fool began screaming in lowercase to an uncaring universe. somehow it attracted the eyes of one of my favorite living writers, Patrick C Harrison III and the […]

destitution turns to prostitution

m ennenbach patreon hey everyone the fool has had enough of going negative every month while waiting for that one book to hit. so i listened to one of my bestest friends. Patrick C Harrison III (PC) and started a patreon page. i plan on writing poetry that is exclusive there for a period nd […]

Splatterpunk Award Nominations

the Nominations for the Splatterpunk Awards were released and i see my best friends and best writers on the planet getting nods. Patrick C Harrison III and Chris Miller are up for novel and novella and together as Cerberus, we are up for collection. That’s crazy. And then Kenzie Jennings and Christine Morgan are up […]

Cerberus is now available on Audible

Cerberus Rising on Audible Cerberus Rising is the product of three close friends; a poet, a master of horror, and a master of suspense. We challenged each other to three prompts, Cabin Fever, Letters, and Chaos. We then each wrote a novelette (~10k) for each prompt. What came out was something incredible. Our individual best […]

Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, hardcover edition (!?!?)

Thunderstorm Press has teamed up with Death’s Head Press to turn the horror event of 2020 (not pandemic or election, real life horror, fiction) to announce they are doing a limited special edition of the entire series. The first five are at the printers. I had to sign 70 sheets with my foolish face for […]

reminder, sale tomorrow

Notches, A Collection will be free for ebook tomorrow. And (un)poetic and (un)fetteted are 99¢ each! I feel dirty soliciting my wares, but feel free to take advantage of the deals. Big thanks to River Dixon and Potter’s Grove Press as well as Patrick C Harrison III and Death’s Head Press for doing this. love […]

Crotch Full of Halloween

“Are you having fun!?” Chris screamed. “What?” I heard him perfectly well, but he will just yell louder. “Are you. Having. Fun?” People across the room looked at him in confusion with their heads slightly cocked to the side like a bass player in a metal video from the late nineties. I looked around the […]

Shamelessly Shilling Again

I hate shilling my wares. They don’t ever explain that 20% of writing is writing. The rest is desperation. I’m just happy to have books in the world. Here are my five books if you would like to grab a copy or two. It’s a pandemic, books are good for your brain. Cerberus Rising (un)fettered: […]

Cerberus is Alive!

Cerberus Rising: Nine Novelettes is officially live for Kindle. Paperback is waiting on approval so any day now. This is our showcase. Our way of stepping onto the stage to blow you away in nine different ways. Cosmic. Existential. Historical. Topical. Bizzaro. Emotional. Theatrical. Isolationist. Loss. PC3. Chris Miller. M Ennenbach. We are Cerberus. We […]

Cover reveal for Cerberus Rising: Nine Novelettes.

Coming soon. Very soon. Cabin Fever. Letters. Chaos. Nine different tales that cross the spectrum of style, emotion, and horror. This is the three of us at our best. I cannot wait for you to read this. For my three, I poured myself into the stories. Writer’s Block turns existential. A Tragedy that follows a […]

An Interview with Cerberus by Uncle Spanky

Hey there boys and girls and all points in between. Been a while since I did an interview, but I got excited when I heard about a new collective, Cerberus. One of the members, Chris Miller (author of Dust, available now) reached out and asked if I would be interested in talking to them about […]

snippets from the trailer park

I was outside, thinking maybe I needed to get moving to jumpstart this hazy day. The neighbor was picking up still serviceable butts off the ground as his little shit machine did its job while glaring at me. He smiled and offered me a drag off the crooked Kool 100 someone had wasted half of. […]


As I stood there watching them, horror etched onto my face and silence stitched across my tongue, I knew that this was no dream. I do not know how I knew this spectacle unfolding before me was no mere fantasy, more of a vision given for no reason known to me except as willful torture. […]

the podcast thingie

me on Deadmans Tome In case you missed it, here is my hour or so talking about my books, my friends, tigers and Cerberus. I am not as dour as my poetry might suggest. as always, thank you dear readers for your support. it is humbling to find one’s tribe after so long alone. hugs […]

Hunger review and milestone

Chris Miller reviews Hunger A biased and glowing review from Author Chris Miller. And I was alerted that my debut was number 1! Holy cow. I’m beyond floored. Thank you to all who have shown me their support. Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, available now.


Been a busy morning for the Fool. My first novel is formatted, cover is done and it is coming to rain blood across the plains. I am freaking out a little. This is my first full novel. No hiding behind poetry and short tales. This is different. And this morning, one of my favorite authors […]


Peter felt sleepy. The fear had slowly ebbed away from his heavy limbs. The days events drawing quietly away to dissipate like the early morning mist over the trees. The trip to the jungle. The savages attacking. Being tied up and put into the giant pot. Watching them laugh as he squirmed against the rough […]

Pandemic with Mona

“I have tested positive for Corvid-19.” I watched her face as I spoke. “Covid-19. Just call it Corona.” She didn’t even bat an eye. “I think I heard the doctor correctly. It was muffled from the face mask. It seemed a bit extreme, if I’m being honest.” She just kept on tapping. “It is safer […]

Mid-February update

Hello dear readers The Manic Word Depot has been quieter than normal as the Lead Maniac is writing like mad. I tend to casually write whatever I feel like, bouncing between stories until one sticks if there are no deadlines to meet. I find I like a good deadline to keep me focused. It doesn’t […]

random squelches II

I spent the night at a cemetery last night. It was cold and the wind was whipping up dead leaves into mini-tornadoes all around me. I found it hard to complain though, I was here by choice, while the bulk of the other occupants were not given one. Here, I could sit on the hard […]

random squelches

Josef knew 3 things. Unicorns told the dirtiest jokes. Elves were all sorts of stupid. And satyrs were always thinking of sex. That was why he was so surprised to find himself demonstrating the punchline to the unicorn’s joke to the satyr using the elf as a prop. Hindsight would show this to be a […]

Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, coming soon

A cattle drive from Dallas Texas to Abilene Kansas along the Chisholm Trail. The sleepy little town of Duncan, nestled in the Indian Territory, gives the promise of a break from the trail dust. But unbeknownst to all, something hungers for flesh in the untamed land. Something powerful. Soon the dry ground will be soaked […]


He was walking along the sidewalk, enjoying the light breeze and people watching. He always enjoyed downtown excursions. There was something like being ensconced in a cocoon of concrete and glass. And the ladies that hurried down the sidewalks chatting into phones while he happily enjoyed the toned calves above the impossibly high heels that […]

Uncle Spanky’s tips to avoid bad story telling #1

Before deciding to write stories, I was a voracious reader. Over thousands of books I learned from the successes and failings of the books I read. This has led to a sort of Bible in my head of do’s and don’ts. Tropes to avoid, for lack of better words. This is one I consider egregious. […]

A favor for the Fool

Hey everyone. As you know, my first collection Notches: A Collection, came out earlier this year. Now it is end of the year awards time and I really need to start getting my name out there. How can you help? Glad you asked, dear readers. this is horror awards If you could take a moment […]

What I am thankful for as a writer

What a year. Seriously. I am blown away. And still have 2 more coming in December. For those of you that might not know, this blog has been going for just over 2 years. It took a while for me to find my voice and grow as a writer. But beginning in March of this […]

Tales From the Book Dragon review of Notches

https://talesfromthebookdragon.wordpress.com/2019/11/08/freakish-friday-17/ An incredible review of my collection, Notches. The last three stories are not to everyone’s taste and I willingly accept the critique of them. But the rest of the review is truly exquisite. Hope you enjoy and maybe decide to grab a copy for yourself. Notches: A Collection https://www.amazon.com/dp/1950259102/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_-3IXDbXNQVEP2 Hugs and sloppy wet kisses […]

New news from me to youse

Exciting news on the horizon regarding new stuff from the fool, also known as M. Ennenbach. The incredible Tara Caribou has curated two volumes of the best writers going. The first of which is coming out October 25th for physical release (and who doesn’t love holding a good book) and October 30th for the e-book […]

Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, coming soon

Back in March I was headed home from training in Atlanta, much the same as last night. I got a message from PC3, one of the owners of Death’s Head Press. He wondered if I would be interested in writing a horror western for a series of novellas. I froze. Immediately, I said no because […]

interview with me

Here is an interview I did with Author’s Interviews. It was a great set of questions and I enjoyed answering them. A look inside of the Fool. Without the messy entrails obscuring the view. Interview with M. Ennenbach

M Ennenbach, author of “Notches” – Your Next Beach Read

https://yournextbeachread.com/2019/07/16/m-ennenbach-author-of-notches/ The Fool is your next Beach Read! Still a ton of summer left to grab a copy of Notches for your beach lounging. Notches: A Collection https://www.amazon.com/dp/1950259102/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_k9DlDbE2PEFRG All typos are voice to text as I did the questions while driving and let it lie like it was. I thought it was funny. There is […]

Dig 2 Graves vol 2 preorder

On July 17th, Dig 2 Graves vol 2 comes out from Death’s Head Press and features my story “Movie Night”, as well as 21 other tales of revenge by a slew of great authors. The preorder is live now for just 99 cents! What a deal! I’m proud of this story. When I found out […]


As the first shovelful of dirt rained down upon the wooden lid, he began to stir. The sound of thunder crackled above. He could see nothing. His arms pinned to his sides. At first he thought it was rain, sleep paralysis. Then his hands found the satin lining. The darkness became suffocating. He worked his […]

Notches, a collection sale this weekend

This weekend only my debut collection, Notches, is on sale for the Kindle for $0.99. a series of tales that cross from love to depression to loss and ends on humor. Also, Persephone, my 12k epic based on Hades and Persephone! Grab a copy while it is cheap and leave a review. Also included is […]

Deadmans Tome, June issue (Father’s Day)

My first year as a published author has just had my third piece put out. The great folks at Deadmans Tome put out an monthly collection filled with great writers. This month is special as not only do I have a poem that was selected, but I get to share the some book with my […]

Site News

My little blog has lost the horrid name it has been saddled with since it’s inception. Welcome to mennenbach.com, same manic words, new shiny label. My best friend in the world has been coaching me and helping me to try and extend my reach as a real poet/writer. I don’t have the words to show […]

Review for my collection, Notches by Chris Miller

BOOK REVIEW: Notches by M. Ennenbach “Once in a great while, we stumble across a work of literature that transcends not only our expectations but genre and definability itself. NOTCHES by M. Ennenbach is one of those works, and it cannot be stressed enough that reading this collection will not only entertain you, but it will […]

Shilling still

I have gained some new followers since my initial collection released on March 2nd. This was a dream come true for me to have my name on the spine of a book. It gave me the confidence to write my full novel I mentioned earlier today. These shorts cover the gamut of my story telling. […]

Mock Cover for my novel, Hardly Fair!

If you have listened to me on podcasts, or read my rambling news updates, you know I finished my first novel late last year. Now it has been officially edited and we have a cover that I love! So excited to see what could happen. It is no exaggeration to say it is my best […]

Mona and the Cat

“Good Morning.” “And a good morning to you as well Ms. Mona.” “Ms. Mona?” “It’s cone to my attention that perhaps I need to be more respectful in the workplace.” “HR again?” “Did you know they call it Mike’s Time Out now?” “It seems fitting.” “I mean yeah, but still. According to the employee handbook […]

Humdinger with Mona

“Good morning.” “Hey Mona.” “Hey? Have we gone past the proper etiquette of good mornings?” “Huh?” “What’s wrong Mikey?” “Ummm. Nothing.” “Mikey.” “It’s just…” “Oh fuck me. Did someone touch your no no spot?” “If only.” “You seem really shaken.” “Ever have an orgasm that made you question if you’re living your best possible life?” […]

FNN update

Do to a scheduling change (which works out perfectly for me) I’m on at 11CST/12EST this evening on Deadmans Tome. Be there or bees squared will sting you. I didn’t think that through.. It’s early. I’m sleepy and have a headache. Insert your own clever whatever. Hugs and sloppy wet kisses to all of you. […]

FNN – Fool News Network

Tomorrow night, Deadmans Tome is doing the 24 hour broadcast and kicking it off is yours truly. We are playing the Did You Ever game. My only issue is that I most likely have. Get to know the Fool in ways you most likely never wanted to. Luckily you cannot see me as I blush […]

A flower for Mona

“Good morning.” “Thank God you’re here.” “Who?” “You.” “No.” “No what?” “We cannot start the day on desperation. What’s wrong?” “Nothing. I’m just glad to see you.” “No you most certainly are not.” “I am.” “What’s the angle?” “The angle?” “Hidden camera? Spider in my coffee mug? Itching powder in my boxers?” “I’m lost.” “Uh […]

An Evening Out, Maybe, With Mona

“Good morning.” “Good morning, Mike.” “Last day before the big weekend. Got plans?” “Not anymore.” “What happened?” “We were going to pack a lunch and head to the lake.” “Sounds lovely.” “It did.” “Did?” “Yes. Trudy got called out for work early this morning.” “At the long weekend. Bullshit.” “It is.” “You can hang out […]

Un-nunlike Mona

It’s starts with… “I think I finally did it Mona!” “Good Morning.” “I am serious. I think I finally did it. I am so fucked.” “Nothing much really. We just sat and watched a movie.” “Mona. I have no time for pleasantries. I’m going to Hell!” “Clearly.” “What?” “Clearly, you are going to hell.” “You […]

Tonight! Panic Room Radio.

Official link below if you want to tune in. Chris Miller is a friend with immense talent as well. He’ll be leading off and I’ll be on around 1030CST. I like doing these things. I even did a test read of the section. I’ll probably stumble a bit, live reading and adrenaline get me. Panic […]

Thor’s Day! More shamless self promotion.

Thursday night yours truly is going to premiere the prologue to my first novel, Hardly Fair from the fool’s own mouth. It is going to be fun. Hopefully. I still can’t stand to hear myself but the words are solid so tune in! Might even do a poem or two. Who knows what will happen […]

Listen to the Fool

Tonight at 930CST. Gonna chat about the book. And probably other stuff. Maybe how many live goldfish I can fit in my mouth. But probably not. Anyhoo, thought I’d share. I’ve got a headache and miss your face. Hugs and kisses love me

Five more minutes

I don’t want to be pinched. I want five more minutes to live this dream. It’s real and it’s here and I am sitting with tears streaming down my cheeks staring at it. The only thing missing is my dad getting to make fun of me for it.

More News

https://www.theboldmom.com/notches-by-m-ennenbach/ The wonderful TheBoldMom just posted about Notches being up for digital copy pre-orders. She runs an awesome site and cares about pushing literature. Getting Personal with Mike Ennenbach This is an interview I did with Becky, the co-host of Deadmans Tome podcast. I will also be on the podcast again March 6th. This time more […]

Coming really soon!

pre-orders go live on Friday! Tales of love, depression, blackest of black humor and even a gigantic poem. I’m proud of this collection. There is something in it for nearly everyone. And this is just the beginning. I hope. love me

late night excitement

Hello my dear friends and readers. It’s late and even though it has been days since I have slept I am wired as can be. Blame it on mania or just old fashioned excitement. I did the podcast this evening. It was a blast. Very inappropriate. Not family friendly in the slightest but we all […]


Wednesday the 6th at 930pm CST I will be on the Deadman’s Tome podcast to promote my upcoming book, Notches. I’m excited and maybe a touch apprehensive. Self promotion is not really my thing. I think the stories in Notches stand well enough on their own I just have to get them into the hands […]

Rain III

Rain, a love story Rain II I’ve lost track of time. I couldn’t say for sure if it has meaning in a place like this. If it ever had meaning at all really. There are no clocks on the plain wood paneled walls. Just the red display that steadily clicks upwards. The plain voice that […]

Rain II, a love story continued

Rain, a love story Do you remember how it started? I need you to remember how it began. It is raining. It always starts with the raining. Always. I run to the car as the first cold wet drops splat on my bald head. I press the button, hear the door unlock, jump in and […]

Hardly Fair, a preview

This is the prologue to my first novel. I have been hard (hardly) at work on the sequel. Thought it would be fun to share a little. Prologue – The Demon’s Stone Somewhere in the Iranian Desert “Are you in or not Gambler? Make a choice or forfeit the pot,” the strained voice across the […]

Super Dick, Issue One

Issue One, The Beginning Begins at the End but the End is just the Beginning! “The city is in chaos and the question upon everyone’s mind is this, Where is The Flying Squirrel? The masked hero has been the unsung protector of Cerulean City for the past ten years. His exploits and his tireless pursuit […]

Rain, a love story

It is raining. It always starts with the raining. Always. I run to the car as the first cold wet drops splat on my bald head. I press the button, hear the door unlock, jump in and press the ignition. The car starts as the drops fall faster. They are loud and only grow louder […]

Lady Syphilis, a Gambler tale

“Friedrich!” She stood in front of an iron wrought throne with crimson cushions. She was as pale as moonlight but had a deadly grace to her. An air of menace radiated from her and had been known to cause her enemies to clench up in fear. Scars marked her face where her hair didn’t hide […]

Boldly Going Mona

“Well good morning Mona.” “Ugh.” “Not often I beat you to work. Late night last night? Seems rather uncharacteristic for you on a Sunday.” “Long weekend.” “Really? You didn’t mention any plans this weekend.” “I don’t have to tell you about everything I do Mike.” “I’m not saying you do. Just seems suspicious is all.” […]

Exciting News

Normally I just post poetry and the occasional story here. But this is beyond exciting news for me. I’m going to put out my first collection of tales through the wonderful people at Death’s Head Press! I can barely contain my joy at this news. This has been my dream since I realized I would […]

Debonair with Mona

“Good mor… what the fuck are you wearing?” “Excuse me?” “Is that a bowtie?” “Yes.” “And a vest.” “Astute this morning Mona.” “Who died?” “Whatever do you mean?” “I mean, who died? You wear the same five ugly ass shirts that barely qualify as business casual every week.” “No one died.” “Are you up for […]

The Gambler

“Hello Lurch, is the Lady in tonight?” Of course she was. We both knew it. But protocol dictated a certain decorum when stepping into the darkness of this world of business and demonology. But Lurch, well, he doesn’t care for me. “Ashtray. You look like shit.” My name is not Ashtray. He knows this. It […]

Valleys with Mona

“Good Morning.” “Uh huh.” “How many days has it been?” “Since what?” “You’ve slept.” “Three.” “At this point the debilitating effects of sleep deprivation start.” “Yay?” “Not yay. Are you still sick?” “Sort of.” “Sort of?” “Nah. I’m good.” “Which is it?” “Which is what?” “Are you sick or better.” “Yes.” “Asshole. I care. Lord […]

Manic with Mona

“Hello?” “Hey Mona.” “What?” “What what?” “Why are you calling me at this hour?” “What hour is it?” “Three in the morning.” “Oh shit. How the hell did it get so late?” “Are you drunk?” “Are you drunk?” “I was asleep.” “Well that just seems like an acceptable act at three in the morning.” “What […]

Black and Blue and Mona

“Good morning. Oh. What the fuck happened to your face?” “Is it noticeable?” “You have a black eye and your lips is swollen. It is slightly noticeable.” “There was an altercation.” “Tell me the other guy looks worse than you.” “No.” “No? You didn’t fight back?” “No.” “What happened?” “Do you remember the girl from […]

Mona’s Disappointed

“—” “Um. Mona.” “What.” “Good morning.” “I’m mad at you.” “For what?” “What was the rule?” “Don’t sleep with Mona’s friends.” “Why was that a rule?” “They are vampires and will suck the life out of me.” “And what did you do?” “Not slept with Mona’s friends.” “No. You did worse.” “I didn’t do anything.” […]

Tendencies with Mona

“Good morning.” “Seven.” “Seven what?” “Assholes cut me off this morning.” “And you lost all trace of common courtesy?” “I don’t know if I had the slightest trace to begin with. Is that like con science?” “Con science? What the fuck it that?” “Hell if I know. That thing that makes you feel bad for […]

The Crew and Mona

“Good morning.” “Morning Mona.” “You seem chipper.” “My work bestie met my outside work besties. It was a momentous occasion.” “It was?” “It wasn’t?” “They were nice.” “Uh oh.” “Well. They were different.” “Oh yeah. For sure.” “What did you tell them about me?” “Your name and we work together.” “That’s all?” “Yep. Why?” “Well. […]

Mona’s Idiot

“Good morning.” “But is it?” “A good morning? Sure.” “Hmmm.” “What happened?” “I don’t even know how to describe it.” “You don’t know how to describe something? Hold on, I need to jot this down on my calendar.” “For what?” “Do you know how rare it is when you are at a loss?” “Somewhat often?” […]


I saw her as I was waiting in line at Target. I don’t know what made me look up from my phone. Yes I was staring at my phone. I don’t do the self check out bullshit. The last time I was standing there screaming at the machine that the fucking bread was in the […]

Mona Becomes Family

Three years and fifty one weeks ago “Good morning.” “I’ve made a huge mistake.” “Is this how we start our morning?” “With you being pleasant and me running from crisis to crisis? God, I hope not.” “What crisis?” “I’m an idiot.” “It’s only been a week but I think I can agree to that statement.” […]

First Day with Mona

“Good morning.” “Hi! How are you?” “I’m doing well.” “Awesome. I’m Mike. Looks like we are going to be sharing this room together.” “It does. I’m Mona.” “Is your middle name Lisa?” “What? Oh. No.” “Get that a lot?” “No.” “Oh. Seems like an obvious question.” “I guess it does.” “I’m sorry. I’m rambling. I […]

Back to Normal with Mona

“Good morning!” “Sure.” “What’s wrong?” “The hospital sucked.” “They do.” “But…” “Oh no. What did you do?” “Did I ever tell you how much I like scrubs?” “The clothes or the TLC song?” “Both.” “No. You never mentioned that. Either.” “And you know what the nurses all wear?” “Please tell me you didn’t…” “So this […]

Mostly Monaless

“Hello?” “—” “Mona?” “—” “What in the hell? Hello!” “Hello Michael.” “Hello? Who’s there?” “I’m hurt. You don’t know who I am?” “There’s no one there.” “Isn’t that how you always described me? An absentee father?” “I doubt it. The only one I ever describe like that is…” “Go on…” “No.” “Come on.” “No way.” […]