New from Uncomfortably Dark Horror


The paperback for Uncomfortably Dark Horror’s newest anthology, Trapped, is live now. Twelve stories from a who’s who of modern indie horror writers brought together in one excellent volume. My story, Falling Into the Abyss, is an existential nightmare of floating alone in the vastness of space that I am quite proud of, especially when it is seated among these other fantastic tales.


And then on the 30th, my second collection will be released from UDH as well. The end of the year has gotten quite busy, and I am so excited to have so many new tales to share with the world after being in a bit of a drought the last two years.

I still have two stories to finish, and next year is filling up with new projects rather nicely. Still no closer to making a living off poetry and stories. But it is a fulfilling way to spend my time. As always, thank you for coming along on this crazy ride with a bipolar poet and his quill dripping poisoned emotions onto the page.


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