destitution turns to prostitution

m ennenbach patreon

hey everyone

the fool has had enough of going negative every month while waiting for that one book to hit. so i listened to one of my bestest friends. Patrick C Harrison III (PC) and started a patreon page.

i plan on writing poetry that is exclusive there for a period nd sharing short stories and Cantos from my work in progress retelling of Inferno. Weekly poetry, once a month for the rest. I’ve included the option for picking a fav poem from the patreon and i will type it up on my fancy 1969 typewriter and signing and it and sending. as if that isn’t enough, a third tier gets all of that and one personal poem a year. it is going to shift and change as it goes. maybe readings, q+a sessions, whatever.

i appreciate the supportband the Manic Depot will still chug along as always with daily stuff. the words don’t stop singing. ever.



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