i’m going to grab your ass right before i die so no one says i went out like a gentleman. not me. fully erect staring into the reaper’s hood with my best come hither stare. now kiss me just like the fucking world is ending because your breath can’t take itself.

destitution turns to prostitution

m ennenbach patreon hey everyone the fool has had enough of going negative every month while waiting for that one book to hit. so i listened to one of my bestest friends. Patrick C Harrison III (PC) and started a patreon page. i plan on writing poetry that is exclusive there for a period nd […]

assault and bakery

off kilter psychedelic butterflies with hypnotic wings entranced bewitched beguiled bewildered gentle lapping waves of barely tangible delight in an ocean of tickling fingers and carbonated whispers one plane removed gumdrop bridges of coarsely sugared dementia a hint of spice the lashes of cinnamon whips across your deserving back jawbreaker ball gags and licorice restraints […]