assault and bakery

off kilter

psychedelic butterflies with hypnotic wings

bewitched beguiled bewildered

gentle lapping waves of barely tangible delight

in an ocean of tickling fingers and carbonated whispers

one plane removed

gumdrop bridges of coarsely sugared dementia

a hint of spice

the lashes of cinnamon whips across your deserving back

jawbreaker ball gags and licorice restraints

a gentle breeze of spearmint

a palate cleanser after the rough play of candy coated sadism

impervious mountains of cacao ore

and rivers of winding caramel

great white chocolate sharks circle the bubblegum reefs of discontent

white granulated beaches

in the distance the volcano erupts belching gouts of black viscous smoke into the sky

rivers of every tear your mother ever cried carve their way accussingly through the graham cracker effigies so carelessly scattered

the ash hangs heavy like self doubt

a soot stained refrain for the never was

never will be

on a new strain

buckling from the strain

the floor falls away like pixels from the grid

the saccharine sweetness now chemically tasting bile and remorse

as the infinity of space and incalcuable paradigm shifting algorithms flash through your weary mind

and the paintings turn a whithering stare towards you

huddled in a sweaty ball

afraid to peek

if they cannot see you they cannot kill you

it’s a rule

unwritten but understood

and as mortification finally dawns
you are in your boxers on the couch

it’s been ten hours since you said why not

your feet are green and muddy

did you have a shirt on earlier

the kitchen is destroyed and the two hundred bucks in groceries has been visciously assaulted

possibly sexually judging by the state of disrepair the bananas are in

and you have sugar is places sand wouldn’t go

and only two questions matter at this exact instance

how did we get here

and how do we escape

where would we go if we could

who knows

2 thoughts on “assault and bakery

  1. my god Mike. Is there anything you can’t write perfectly? This is incredible. I am astonished and in awe. And for some reason I want some chocolate now….


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