she said, you are more than the sum of you darkness i smiled in the shadows we danced nude among the absence, revelling in the feel of the cold upon our bodies her sin dripped like honey as her lips traced the devil deep in my hunger her limbs shook in the throes of pleasure […]


leeches, barnacles and a thick coat of gull shit across every wooden plank i was an island just withing view of the shore, but no matter how i strained there was no way i could touch the land across the azure waves let’s begin at the beginning instead of sitting at the end of the […]


some days are spent in sweet reverie some are spent in hunger with snarling mouth with frantic need alternating through the range of emotional discharge fluidity of thought perilous desire mixed with urgent necessity

mouth of need

my mind is fixated on her breasts today as a leg man this confuses me but as a lover of art i have decided to contemplate the feel of her nipples on my tongue her heartbeat just beneath my warm mouth of need


i want to cling to your skin in the same way as that summer dress every inch every curve beneath gentle hands hungry mouth to drink you in like a glass of whiskey with one ice cube sweating on the bar in the humid heat of another day with the thirst of a dying man […]


she sets my mind racing like a perpetual motion engine ordering chaos lining up thoughts like errant sparks in a warehouse filled with gunpowder setting off a series of explosions that rattle me to my very core all while whispering gentle words of concern at every new ear splitting chorus of need and desire i […]


she turned to me with a faint smile, trails of blood running down her chin, delight at war with discomfort in her eyes i leaned in to kiss her as she ran her tongue across bloody lips, she smelled of citrus and pennies as she gripped the sides of my face her tongue ran across […]