carve your passion along my tender ache so the world can see that i am yours sink your teeth into my surrender as my fingers find every nuance in your inferno until my blackened hands have cleansed you of every sinful thought in the perdition of my all consuming desire to be drowned in your […]

dream first

she told me to go fuck myself but managed to say it in cursive. so as i walked away there was still a part of me that wondered what her lips taste like when she has sat at the edge of orgasm for half an hour every cell screaming for the release that builds behind […]


it hovers there a vulgarity in the vapid unblinking orb of eternity worms darting into the occular incongruency infinitesimal longing invisibly secures my every cell to the tantric call of your pulse in the seashell i cup over my ear as my every halted breath cries out in silent adoration the underbelly of spiral disenchantments […]

your name on my lips, your soul on my broken

a sense that something went missing pervades the broken after this latest falling apart as if some of the stardust returned to the cosmos to leave me missing a handful of essential skills i still pine for your lips pressed firmly against my flesh long for the succor of your proximity lay here writhing under […]

myth direction

an edifice to oedipus a statue to narcissus that has a mirrored sheen sit on this bench allow me to whisper tales of drunken gods having sex in animal form with queens that have more issues than freud at a mothers convention trying to keep his hand out of his pants i have eaten pomegranate […]


she is the tender curvature of my elliptical nuance as i am the flickering tongue of her full blown inferno i am the shadow she casts as she glides across the floor as she is the moonbeams reflected over my wicked blade apart we leave nothing but wreckage where people used to be together we […]

what else?

the best thing about being no one is you can write whatever the fuck you want without worrying about pretext so when i say i am torn between wanting to do nothing but kiss you for an entire evening with pure hunger and tearing off your panties and taking you from behind with no words […]


she lavished my flesh in slow kisses until i was draped in fineries undreamt once suitably attired she slowly lowered the piece de resistance upon my desperate desire as the flames crept casting shadows of light reflected in our locked binary singularity

death rattle orgasm

becoming less poet writing ignored odes to the she that smiles yet the impact is left wanting as her mind tears through the lines mechanically seeking the implications unstated clearly in simple love more a bee seeking the proper pollen to coat the quiil possibly earning a chance for a night of suicidal indulgence with […]

bruised light

she painted self portraits though every one i saw looked nothing like her, sure the shape of her nose, the sharp arching eyebrow here, the down turned lip there she would paint hurriedly toss it to the floor to dry as the next began to form on the canvas, yet each one seemed farther removed […]

press two to erase

beep hey it’s just me calling real quick to tell you i love you if you are finished hang up, or press two to erase and start over beep hello it’s me ummm it’s mike i miss you that’s all if you are beep hi mike calling i was thinking of you and wanted you […]

lonely morning

her beauty crucifies my longing eyes with gentle sighs that intensifies my needful cries for her pressed firmly next to me this lonely morning of wondrous wanting. just a taste to fill my mouth with wildflower nectar enough of her to stave off the day until i can tumble headfirst into her embrace like coming […]


i wasn’t staring longingly into the abyss i was remembering the touch of your lips to my throat your breath on my skin as you bit hard to remind me that love wasn’t always a vase full of wilted roses or a half eaten box of chocolates you drew blood because it brought me back […]

melted the night

she melted the night with eyes of flame pensively pondering prehensile propagate purgatorially penning pedantic prose from my hands shot metal strings that pierced the detached retina that blurred the lines etched across the mortal leer the night oozed tar across her ebon fingers as her smoldering eyes dripped pitch in sharp round tears echoed […]

breaking intimacy (a collaboration with EC)

when i woke this morning, it was easy to misinterpret the heron’s call through the static I stood in the door shadow of the narrow cellar steps immersed in the hallucinogenics of summer and the hard slap of fall the world felt musty, the sky seemed dusty, everything felt slightly askew, as I took wobbling […]

bled in (a collaboration with EC)

I sit every morning on the other side of his coffee cup just waiting to hear him remind me of things, tease me and listen to him laugh, as I hold my legs tightly together so he can’t notice what he does to me. But he always notices, and I see the color of his […]


i tried to tell you i was the devil it isn’t my fault my tongue was inside of you at the time as you whispered my name pulling me in closer and closer the invocation was complete


when i tell you i will suck your soul out as we stare into each other’s eyes tasting your breath hovering a millimeter from touching that moment where you give in and it’s mine i mean it i’ll be gentle ish when it comes to you patience is the bonfire filling the sky with magenta […]

a deeper kind

the moon hung in petulant shades of pink with orange splotches like bruises across the pitted face glaring down at me in a mix of disappointed disapproval for forsaking the comfort of bed to traverse the empty roads i am tired but the vacuous embrace found in a queen sized void where the fool curls […]


there is a chill in my bones, my love, a frigidity that makes my limbs quiver, an uncontrollable shaking, and i am tired, so tired of waking in this bed alone with the the taste of you still strong on my tongue, honeysuckle, orange, spices so tired, i am tired the chill has settled deep […]


her blood shimmered across my tongue the shadow of a flame impossibly decedent with the weight of sin i am a glutton for her i do not apologize for my need

susurrous (a collaboration with EC)

the leaves have changed color, shedding the emerald hue for yellows and reds, the winds have cooled and the world feels slower i couldn’t tell you the day, the date or even the time, it’s daytime, the dancing shadows through the canopy tell me that much I looked up to see the swirling of parchment […]


the fundamentals of gene splicing as applied to the leaking valves of the poetic heart in an attempt to recreate the singular moment of universal impertinence found in the mysterious fog of emotional accoutrements she took a bite out of my still quivering heart, my love dripping down her chin in savage spurts of shuddering […]

marrowtinged avidity

when the alarm went off too early for such broken sleep i felt the petals still stuck to my skin the phantom tingle of her lips the last dreamkiss lost in her essence hovering along the edge of consciously subconscious marrowtinged avidity i knew it was a dream yet i still felt the bruised reverie […]


thoughts of you are a housecat yowling for my undivided attention yet drawing blood when i dare get too close never satisfied with any nourishment i give as the bottom of my soul shows in the plastic dish

in the consumption of her hungry mouth

i woke to the feel of your teeth upon my throat your breath hot against my skin as i melted into this lake of crackling flame your subtle smile engulfing the rigid sense of self leaving me nothing but embers to float like fireflies at the edge of the night the sun has begun its […]


it’s four in the morning a time for introspection(unwanted) to come stomping down the staircase of my brain stem to kick me out of dream where my soul isn’t burning with loneliness(unending) to stare up at the ceiling as the last suckered tentacle of replayed dreamfuckery stabs deeply the velvet bag of dried spices pressed […]

a year of saturdays

i want to love you like a year of saturdays lazy days where we stay in bed no expectations no hurries nothing but the need between us i want to love you like the first cup of coffee on a saturday morning like breakfast in bed then a stroll through the park where nothing is […]

spider perched on a dream

a fat spider sits in the middle of my dreamcatcher unaware it didn’t spin this web overfed on dreams of you. it stares off into the dark multifaceted eyes shining with a glow i recognize reflecting your smile the poor bastard has no idea what that smile has done to me the thought of those […]


she stands at the stove humming a nonsensical song while keeping an eye on a series of bubbling pots this is the moment i yearn to slide behind her wrap my arms around her waist smell the scents of cooking with the smell of her hair as i place a soft kiss upon her ear […]

sips and soft kisses

i let the coffee saturate my tongue but long for it to be you i choose the bitter to replace your sweet knowing nothing else will do the rains have stopped but the overcast sky gives a false sense of autumn the coffee steams gently as the hum of the air conditioner fills the silence […]

lost art of silence

silence is a lost art from a golden age where value was put into the few words spoken over being the loudest one in the room i do both with an expertise that was ingrained from a young age but the magic comes in the quiet time a tree says nothing but when the wind […]

the curious case of the vanished smile

i can turn it on in a second choke down the sadness fake a smile tell a story to curl your toes or make you smile or rub your legs together like a cricket at the sudden dampness but when i finally turn away the smile vanishes like a magician in a plywood cabinet like […]

a dream of a cigarette

we are sitting there on a picnic table but we are sitting on top with our feet on the seats close enough that your perfume is tickling my nose while your heat tickles me need you have a cigarette i watch the cherry brighten as you take a long drag the moon reflects your glow […]


i will never ask for more than you are willing to give but i will take every bit of you available to me i am ravenous insatiable hopelessly addicted to you

a thousand sundays of silence

they comes in swarms with their beady eyes the need palpable dripping off them filling the room with stenchfog i see them for what they are though they wear the right clothes or buy the right perfume or put on make up whatever they read real people do but they are facsimiles cardboard masks that […]

(meta)phorically (a taste of (un)fettered)

when i opened myself to her my guts came out like writhing vipers that hissed and snapped at the autumn air in angry knots my bones like broken glass held together by rusted barb wire and muscles like slugs perch upon the slick ivory calcified remains when i told her i loved her she recoiled […]

scaffold (a taste of (un)fettered)

he built a scaffold out of the ivory bones of affection used it to scale down to tap the reflection of the moon in the bottom of the sea the coral cut and snagged his suspenders, suspended in the waters, neon pink daydreams of high colonic dismay a diorama menagerie of carefully sculpted plankton beside […]

tiredly watching

she smelled of sweet sweat her skin tasted salty yet it was beyond my reckoning to control myself from salivating as she tiredly undressed in front of the full length mirror hanging from the closet door even with her shoulders slightly slumped i felt the burning need to lick every inch of her before taking […]

under the stars

under the stars in front of the fancy houses of the rich long fallen asleep on mattresses stuffed with money i had your perfume in my nostrils the strands of your hair wrapped tight around my fingers your lips pressed hard filled with desire as our tongues did an intricate dance of need in a […]

mourning routine

the low bassline rumbles across the floor to find purchase in my now tapping toes the guitar kicks in as the cymbals shiver with vibration she sits on couch with her legs demurely crossed ignoring the fact that sunlight streams across her erect nipples as she pretends to read all pretense lost as she sets […]

mirror lenses

the feeling persists the lack of belief in self existence pupils become mirrors to reflect what we wish to see in front of us projected into us we seek in others what we wish grew wild within then reject the briars in a flux of insular need wrapped in weeds until all is strangled left […]

structural flaws

i used to think i had a weak spot for you but over time i realize it is a structural integrity issue because every time you come around i feel as if i could collapse i can feel the void in the basic building blocks of who i am filled with a deficiency that can […]


a drop of crimson hits the surface of the crystal clear pool with a splash sending ripples across the tranquil surface before dissipating into nothing a second a third soon a constant flowing stream as the lone man kneels shakily trying to stem the tide pouring from his throat to the side she smiles white […]

one more

the subtle art of binge watching the inside of one’s eyelids seems to have been lost upon this always on world through a heady haze of exhaustion the need for one more trumps the bodily desire for sleep one more stanza one more fix one more episode one more kiss one more is the rallying […]

there is a blockage in my creativity a tumor of depression compressed into a stopper between the words and the screen. lost in the loss of the vision of you that sends thoughts spinning with no release into the inky black of another lonesome longing

yearning for home

the time change has made it so every morning starts off with no glimmer of hope the zones pull farther apart leaving each daybreak filled with a sense of need unrequited abolish this insanity so that the day can return to a feeling of home so this void can be filled with the smile that […]


the world seems skewed on it’s axis tilted at an angle just wrong of the normal leaving everything off from where it should be burning up from this fire blazing just beneath the skin this desire reducing my brain to ash a viral infection defying detection a subtle defection from how it should be leaving […]

(un)titled need

i have never been so jealous as when i watched the sunlight play across your gorgeous skin the wind blow through your hair as the scent of you wafted lazily to infuse my entire being with your very essence i knew without a doubt i was yours alone

dreaming of an end

the light ravishes the dark the quiet simpers in the busom of screaming dread bipolar opposites seeking the warmth of frigid lies searching the empty cages of freedom for insight skirting the edge of the poverty line living hand to mouth check to check dreaming of an end to this existential nightmare

an ode to seeking something close to fitting in

i wish to curl up bend my limbs into a fibonacci sequence find nature in the unnatural recombinant strands of innocent abuse a simple pavlovian response to the indecent orchestral arraignments drifting on the theorems of the bell curve the bell jar the latent depression of existence crack my painful joints into whatever patent pending […]

(life)less need

the rind falls off of the fruit exposing the rotten soft flesh of putrefaction a sickly sweet smell of sugar mixed with decay rancid like the sickness that affects every living thing in microscopic bursts of entropic intoxication kiss me like we are not slowly falling apart ravish me as every cell breaks down ligaments […]


the heavy scent of lust plays like motes of dust in the humid air of a rainy morning spent tangled nude in bed his hands hunger for the smooth feel of warm flesh as her gentle breathing resonates with his heartbeat outside the world continues to spin with the fierce locomotion of angry need while […]


you don’t know what you need until it finally arrives like a dagger poised to strike it isn’t until the plunge that it is truly alive the things given up can be the most fulfilling when they arrive from out of nowhere to fill all the gaps leaving a sense of contentment where only ache […]


her clean taste drips onto my tongue no matter how much i taste i cannot get enough as her moans fill the room i need more and more of her divinity to infuse my being she begs me to stop at the edge of insanity that just makes me want to drive my tongue deeper […]

an economy of words

it requires an economy of words to write poetry while writing a new novel penny pinching from one to add to the other while trying to maintain the stimuli needed for both yet still the next story has me in a fiercesome grip that requires the patience of a virgin at a nude beach as […]


she said, you are more than the sum of you darkness i smiled in the shadows we danced nude among the absence, revelling in the feel of the cold upon our bodies her sin dripped like honey as her lips traced the devil deep in my hunger her limbs shook in the throes of pleasure […]


leeches, barnacles and a thick coat of gull shit across every wooden plank i was an island just withing view of the shore, but no matter how i strained there was no way i could touch the land across the azure waves let’s begin at the beginning instead of sitting at the end of the […]


some days are spent in sweet reverie some are spent in hunger with snarling mouth with frantic need alternating through the range of emotional discharge fluidity of thought perilous desire mixed with urgent necessity

mouth of need

my mind is fixated on her breasts today as a leg man this confuses me but as a lover of art i have decided to contemplate the feel of her nipples on my tongue her heartbeat just beneath my warm mouth of need


i want to cling to your skin in the same way as that summer dress every inch every curve beneath gentle hands hungry mouth to drink you in like a glass of whiskey with one ice cube sweating on the bar in the humid heat of another day with the thirst of a dying man […]


she sets my mind racing like a perpetual motion engine ordering chaos lining up thoughts like errant sparks in a warehouse filled with gunpowder setting off a series of explosions that rattle me to my very core all while whispering gentle words of concern at every new ear splitting chorus of need and desire i […]


she turned to me with a faint smile, trails of blood running down her chin, delight at war with discomfort in her eyes i leaned in to kiss her as she ran her tongue across bloody lips, she smelled of citrus and pennies as she gripped the sides of my face her tongue ran across […]


she felt like a satin draped coffin as i slid into her the thought made me pause a mixed metaphor that struck a chord in my mind in this act of love making i felt myself dying in pieces as i gave all of myself to her i was inexplicably changed the man that began […]

title of ownership

every kiss is a lingering spirit upon my lips every tear still leaves it’s feel upon my cheeks every word ever spoken in love hovers along my tongue my arms feel the heat of every hug given in passionate embrace cast a seance cast away these foul memories with your love salt the earth so […]

35 sleepless lines

a lack of sleep a lack of you a lack of sense to sense the need for sleep when all i want is you manic and alone vibrating at the speed of desire times the thin membrane around my brain etched with your name i cut out the best pieces of myself and sketched in […]


it’s a horrible feeling being the needle dulled upon the iron of distance the sharp point being smashed by unruly hands that can’t fathom the wear of longing it’s a wonderful feeling being the needle dulled upon the iron of distance the sharp point being gently molded by loving hands that take the edge off […]


she doesn’t understand the eroticism inherent in wearing a long t-shirt to bed for all the longing lace and satin evoke the idea of running my hands beneath that soft cotton across hot skin teasing those hard nipples with rough fingertips knowing the only thing between my lips and her eager frame is just that […]


so tired i can’t sleep so full of words that fall like a waterfall of toxic sludge from the open river of my subconscious to discolor the land into a disease infected night terror from vincent’s shack the septic scarring of self doubt that leads to carving pieces of myself in an effort to appear […]

fear the light

i didn’t know what was missing where this unsatisfiable hunger came from this bottomless need until you it has been so empty so cold for so long darkness draped over everything lost in my own shadow now i fear the light


nin closer comes on the stereo, windows go down, volume goes up i have always been partial to ministry but today this song resonates something primal inside of me lack of filter, filled with need, i sing it straight to you across the void it says everything i am thinking echos that growing out inside […]

too late

i fell for you faster than the time between unclasping your bra to it hitting the floor my teeth like those of the long zipper down your skirt my breath the silken scarf around your throat my words wrapped to bind your wrists together against the headboard my intentions running up your thigh my dreams […]

or nothing at all

(erase) me, (delete) me from your mind, sleep without my presence, this obnoxious dream i personify nails across a chalkboard, scissors down your spine, a spider dancing on your forehead did you know that it was love at first light, infatuation by candle, desire in the glow of the moon (release) me, (take) me, like […]

like poetry

i would make love to you like words down upon the vellum, begin with frantic scratchings of the quill, but finding the circadian rhythm of the lines you deserve to be ravaged like poetry from the lips of the classics, taken like the modern greats, expounded like the epics of the formative firsts imagine these […]


soon i will have a raven etched into my arm, a symbol with deep meaning, facetted from different real of my world an homage to poe, the one that taught me the power of words, without who i would have never set down this path a metaphor for depression, without which i would not have […]

one day

the walls of the prison looked out over the raging seas, spotlights cast their beams like the roving eyes of angry giants, rusted spikes looped with razor wire like tinsel hung with malicious intent a small boat rocks haphazardly on the waves, a shadow on the obsidian waves, the huddled form in a long black […]

between points

slowly but surely the inexplicable journey from cradle to grave no proof of prior deviance, but deviant abhorrent behavior seems commonplace common scents beguile common sense skin stretched taut like a balloon at the edge of rupture, a lone soul in need of rapture, a free spirit seeking capture, blurry no matter the aperature not […]

clinging to corpses

no one loves as hard as one in the cusp of losing it all maybe one who has nothing left comes close new love burns like a comet tracing through the cosmos, unaware the brighter it burns, the faster it melts but love on it’s last legs is inversely proportionate, the one who cannot let […]

the plum and the man

she was the last plum hanging before the first frost of winter the sweetest fruit nearly forgotten to wither on the branch he was starving barely staying upright fumbling down the road wobbly knees with distended belly she saw him quivered on her branch just enough to land gently on the grass beside his feet […]

distance between

if i could pinch the world erase the distance between your heart and mine tear through both space and time just for a moment of your precious time silence kills but distance builds up scar tissue restricts the flow of oxygen collapsed lung bleeding out in a dry riverbed fetid feelings fester help me rip […]

give and take for granted

my head is swimming as the world seems to be filled with need my teeth are shards of glass jammed into bleeding gums, my hands replaced with talons, my heart a wicker basket filled with coals what more can you take, what more can i give, just ask and it is yours just another case […]


orange and black koi dart across the shadow dappled pond feast and fuck no thought no sense i feel envious stress overthinking i wonder how… no it is serene in the yin yang pool the water flows gently over the dark black stones bamboo a dragonfly flits between the petals of the yunzhu flowers the […]


i need a nap a warm body to lie next to someone to wake up with someone to love accepting applications email is in my contact yes the door is unlocked


she carved her initials across my brachial plexus so every movement screamed her name seventy millivolts firing her after image flashes i find myself flexing just to see her face

close the door

there was a trail of discarded clothing down the hallway torn and rapidly discarded like a hurricane had blown through a bra hung off the door knob boxers here lace lined panties there a button down shirt sans buttons following the trail of destruction led to an open door muffled moans in quiet night a […]


twisted into a parody of hr geiger’s nightmare, sexual and dripping malice in scream inducing frozen moments of pleasure and pain my flesh crawls as the muscles in my legs cramp in time to the fight or flight gag reflex that consumes me in this overbearing silence veins stand against too thin skin like worms […]


there are days i feel like a rural mail carrier in search of a farmhouse that hasn’t been built yet determined to deliver a letter to a woman that hasn’t decided to move yet on and on these dusty roads i drive words clenched in my white knuckled hand

beyond acceptance

i am beyond the need for a suicide girl i need a genocide woman one who is willing to wrap her hands around the throat of the world and squeeze while blowing me a kiss as tired of suffering alone in silence as i am unless she is willing to pour gas on everything and […]

pr(i)ce to pay

i sprinkle poison into my coffee as i have grown to crave the taste the gentle reminder of how fleeting this life can be organ failure is a small price to pay to feel alive again all endings begin when the culprit becomes the victim no matter the clever reason the lies spilled from behind […]


you look so good with sin dripping from your bloody lips sex oozing from every pore a hemlock and lust popsicle on a summer afternoon i want to lick every inch of you the angelic disguise a mirage gore me with your horns leave me bleeding out begging for more