mirror lenses

the feeling persists the lack of belief in self existence pupils become mirrors to reflect what we wish to see in front of us projected into us we seek in others what we wish grew wild within then reject the briars in a flux of insular need wrapped in weeds until all is strangled left […]

structural flaws

i used to think i had a weak spot for you but over time i realize it is a structural integrity issue because every time you come around i feel as if i could collapse i can feel the void in the basic building blocks of who i am filled with a deficiency that can […]


a drop of crimson hits the surface of the crystal clear pool with a splash sending ripples across the tranquil surface before dissipating into nothing a second a third soon a constant flowing stream as the lone man kneels shakily trying to stem the tide pouring from his throat to the side she smiles white […]

one more

the subtle art of binge watching the inside of one’s eyelids seems to have been lost upon this always on world through a heady haze of exhaustion the need for one more trumps the bodily desire for sleep one more stanza one more fix one more episode one more kiss one more is the rallying […]

there is a blockage in my creativity a tumor of depression compressed into a stopper between the words and the screen. lost in the loss of the vision of you that sends thoughts spinning with no release into the inky black of another lonesome longing

yearning for home

the time change has made it so every morning starts off with no glimmer of hope the zones pull farther apart leaving each daybreak filled with a sense of need unrequited abolish this insanity so that the day can return to a feeling of home so this void can be filled with the smile that […]


the world seems skewed on it’s axis tilted at an angle just wrong of the normal leaving everything off from where it should be burning up from this fire blazing just beneath the skin this desire reducing my brain to ash a viral infection defying detection a subtle defection from how it should be leaving […]