hints of wildflowers in a field of black and white

has some nefarious
snatched the azure
from the skies
or have i
been stricken
in the absence of you?

the sparrows hop
chirping about
as if
everything is
business as normal
but this diffusion
of shades of gray
has my internal
alarm system
screaming panics.

i fell frozen
the depths of this
sorrow churning
but while i
the inherency
of blue
the hues have fled
my cognizance
until a tepid
black and white
is cast over
the emptiness above.

maybe the filter
that keeps
the knowledge
of the sheer enormity
that makes up
the emptiness
that always surrounds
us in an unwanted
has been removed.

all i know
is the world
is seated in shadow
the coffee is
not nearly strong enough
and i love you
with every flash
of my off centered
irredeemable soul.

perhaps it is just
all of the beauty
in this mortal coil
has transcended
upon your perfect frame
and left me
to ponder
the monochrome hell
that is you
not firmly wrapped
in my arms
where all color
has faded away
into a spectrum
of utter dismay.

when i whisper
my love into the aether
i hope it is
a technicolor swarm
of tender butterfly wings
caressing your flesh
where my breath
longs to swirl
a burst of vibrancy
washing over you
to let you see
you are all that exists
a shimmering beacon
guiding my heart home.

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