valentine jelly

she is a part of me an artery a direct line from aorta to carotid there is no need to send her paper hearts when the muscle beats just for her alone i made a bee line begging her to be mine while the roses are long wilted the violets are dead my world was […]

a moment

for just one moment everything in the universe just simultaneously decided to stop it all hung suspended in a stupor as the laws of fundamental physics ceased in that moment all that filled my head was you then in a rush the symptoms of the universe came rushing back into focus yet i didn’t pay […]

dear diary

dear diary i can hear her laughter, when I close my eyes it is as if she is still here, her feet on my lap as we absently tap on our phones, just the contact necessary to be united it’s so empty, both in here and in my chest, as if she pulled out the […]

yet, here we are

i never imagined things would work out this way in every dream plea prayer manic state or depressive crater i stopped following the road signs years ago after my last near fatal wreck in a string of near fatal wrecks driven by trying to do what was right even if that sent me careening over […]

with pomegranate stained lips, we sit in silence

her lips tasted of pomegranate lush with dripping juice yet slightly bitter like the falling autumn breeze blowing along the nape of my neck i pictured her as a girl with dirty feet scuffed up knees playing on the rocks as the pomegranates hung fat on the branches above now her lips are stained deep […]