n’s sonnet

i dreamt as always of wildflowers, the type that blossom in her perfect smile, of her beautiful heart that does beguile, as the minutes drifted into hours; her eyes flashed lightning and promised showers, i stood before her a man on trial, just to prove my love without denial, to write an ode of all […]


i am nothing but tinder for the inferno raging across her immaculate heartembers ashen reminders of the purifying power of love nourishing the soil of these seed sown fields where the words tangle the roots blooming odes to finding home after so long lost in the woods the southern crux burning brightly in her smile […]

she is (n)o dream, i am no drea(me)r

she is not a dream come true because a dream is reliant on my own experiences while she is an accumulation of her own forged into a shimmering state of pure perfection unreliant on the flames that created me now she fills my every dream in shades of emotive wonder i could never have imagined […]


même si il passe inaperçu mon amour s’épanouit dans le chant du moineau une ode de la Saint-Valentin chuchoté chaque matin d’un cœur d’imbécile et des sourires de fleurs sauvages


i woke to a world cast in crystalline decay the overladen skies having wept frozen tears in gouts of endless sorrow leaving all beneath a veneer of icy malaise this too shall pass forgotten soon as the sun reasserts her dominant disinterest in the days to come but i woke as the ice still fell […]


i place my lips upon the acorns breathing a prayer of love before burying each into the soil as the ground swells a forest of dedications sprouts a sea of green patiently waiting for the sun to rise running my hands along the rough bark each knotted whorl an oath of adoration reaching towards the […]


if i could find the words to explain what a single thought of you does to my heart i would never need to scribble another poem again but capturing this groundswell of devotion is as impossible as describing the sunrise to a weary mole some emotions are best kept fluttering in my ribcage far from […]


she sits on the onyx heart of forever with blasphemy trailing gently behind her a sorrowful smile haunts the scene before her afterimage fades away i am nothing but a splinter wedged in her dreamchasm a slow flowing crimson running down her perfect smile a demon perched upon her shoulder whispering madness into her ear […]

good mor(n)ing my love

my mind aglow from the pastel pink painting the horizon a sketch of your smile etched upon my mind as the water beats the double knots from my weary shoulders poetry trickles down my tired frame i mouth the lines i will never write to gurgle down the hungry drain to be born anew as […]

sleepless declarations

sleep is a gnat flitting around my skull only stopping for a moment an irritant buzzing in my ear yet never settling long enough to do anything of substance leaving me with plenty of time to think in dizzying circles a record skipping as i stare up into the space between our lips i have […]

paper planes

i scribble love notes carefully fold them into paper planes and launch them from my bedroom window during my many sleepless nights i avert my eyes when it is time to head off to to face the new hells of each fresh day dawning to avoid the fusealge of the plethora left unread folding the […]


i am a teddy bear wrapped in shards of broken dreams she is a razor blade hidden in a bouquet of freshly picked wildflowers our tongues are switchblades tucked behind smiling lips our hearts are sparrows anxious withing wicker cages she fills my cracked soul with peony petals as she gently weaves gossamer light to […]

i(n) echolalia

each night spent longing to sleep finally drifting off to find you smiling at me and the longing becomes for more i yearn desperately to sleep forever in that place where the clear skies shine down upon you poetry given form my hungry hands my starving lips the need that pulls my heartbeat into a […]

l’amour fou

he stands silent irredeemable in the face of oblivion a storm of pollen drapes the land as words fall unheard from stuttering lips he finds himself lost in a sea of wildflowers swaying beneath the disinterest of the sleepy sun his heartbeat shudders cracking the ground a trail of longing quakes leaving the best parts […]

an ocea(n) of gray

i woke unrested to a day without the sun frantically sending my love in waves to gently wash over the wildflowers in lulls between the downpour of rain the sparrows sing a dirgeful symphony to dark skies above i murmur poetry a chain of passionate kisses embers floating through the aether to find her perfect […]

untrained plumbers

love is not a faucet no tap to shut off it does not just fade but is allowed to become oversaturated with the minutiae of the day to day shuffle until we stop seeing the shimmering joy for the speckles of minor deviations in color and granular design we are children with shiny new scissors […]

absolute in abstraction

when i tell you i love you with an implication of forever it is because the intention behind and the feeling within is one of eternity each time the word has escaped my deadened lips it is an absolute in its own abstraction i love the sun over a field of flowers the scent of […]

Psyche and Eros, part ten

as Psyche slumped to the ground, laughter rang from the forest as Venus stepped out from among the shadows to stand triumphant “foolish girl, i know the thoughts of mortals in love, this trial was not about Persephone and her beauty, it was a test of you” Venus leaned down and softly whispered, “and you […]

Psyche and Eros, part nine

Psyche wondered at the wispy feel of intangibility that clung to Hades, as she followed the wall between Styx and Asphodel Plain the cries of the shades, both on the far bank, and behind the wall, sent shivers down her back, as Psyche contemplated her life she had been truly blessed, and she cursed herself […]

Psyche and Eros, part eight

“your final trial shall be thus, i feel my beauty wane, you shall travel to the underworld, there you will ask Persephone a boon, “ask her to place a portion of her beauty into this special box, but do not open the box, or you will never see Eros again,” Venus held an ornate box […]

i tell you i love you in every broken sigh

no matter how you end up dying it was always life that caused it it doesn’t begin until life has finally ended no matter what the means are the final result is life simply stopped i do not wonder about my end i know the cause as certain as anything i could ever possibly know […]

Psyche and Eros, part seven

Venus and Psyche were standing in the village one moment, then suddenly they stood in the mouth of an ominous looking forest “now then, girl, this next trial shall be a simple one, i am in need of some mountain spring fed water, and you shall acquire it” Psyche gazed at the forest, draped in […]

Psyche and Eros, part six

a cool wind blew through the open door into the musty room, Venus shivered in her revealing gown of diaphonous silk “it seems Persephone has gone to stay with her husband, the breeze carries the touch of Demeter’s dismay, the snows come” Venus looked archly at Psyche, “how crass of me, bringing up Persephone, who […]

Psyche and Eros, part five

Venus and Psyche were in the castle, yet as Psyche looked about confusion swept over her, now they stood in a musty room Venus smiled coldly, “i have a small matter, family business to attend, i shall only be gone a few hours, plenty of time, i imagine” Psyche looked about the room, not comprehending […]

Psyche and Eros, part four

the castle was silent, Psyche found herself truly alone, the look of hurt on her beloved Eros was etched into her mind she was heartbroken, the weight of her betrayal pressing down upon her soul, the purity of the nascent love turned to ash in her desperation, she turned to the gods, pleading for a […]

Psyche and Eros, part three

Psyche was aglow with excitement, she sang along with the lyre she could never find, as she waited for her sisters arrival her sisters were exctied as well when word came from the Delphi that they would be able to go and see their beloved sister they stood on the cliff, letting out cries of […]

Psyche and Eros, part two

Psyche sat sobbing, looking back over the kingdom of her birth, afraid and alone, unknowing of what was to come for her far below, the sea sent foamy waves battering the cliff, not for the first time, Psyche dreamt of leaping to her death in the water as she worked up the nerve, inching closer […]

Psyche and Eros, part one

there once was a kingdom, at the edge of a shining sea, where the people grew prosperous, and gave praise and thanks to the gods the king was a kind man, with a strong and loving wife who bore him three perfect daughters, each one more beautiful than the last his third daughter, young Psyche, […]

the moon at noon

her smile lingers across my mind like the moon in the afternoon sky yet the distance makes this sorrow hasten through my tender as rain on a sunny day


life spent in a state of bipolarity is a series of unparalleled heights and precipitous falls occasionally in the same choking gasp she has a way of balancing the chaos her smile and effortless understanding with patient words walk me back from the edge i didn’t realize i was sprinting toward when my brain screams […]

my greatest poem is when you look deep into my eyes

of all of the lines in poetic nuances to have swept through my cavernous skull when you tell me that you love me not a single verse from the greatest poets throughout all of time strikes me with half the pure happiness every single day i seek futilely to scribble something a quarter as beautiful


when i opened my sleepy eyes as hazel indignation rolled through the shadowy room your name lay softly enveloped by my tongue tapping my teeth a morning declaration determined to spring forth to ride the winds of another stormy gray day a pleasant song whistling amongst the green leaves if i were as talented as […]

last act

i imagine one day they will find me dead clutching my phone one last poem to her half finished on the screen and all i ask is that whomever it is that finds me hits publish so i can tell her i love you one last time

i woke(a cyclical insanity of loving agony)

i woke stared up at the ceiling listened carefully to the world outside silence except for the occasional coffee can exhaust rumbling in the night i whispered my love into the dark and slept i woke heart hammering stared up at the ceiling breathing to calm the thunder in my chest i whispered my love […]

(un)titled declaration 3

today i feel quite small surrounded by giants i stand in their footprints large enough to contain my entire world my voice a simple squeaking in the cacophony of voices yelling to be heard my mouth is wired shut but my eyes say everything fluttering lashes loving you as the clambering hoardes swallow my unspoken […]

mantras of pointed pointlessness (coping)

a chemical taste acrid and aloof of ozone and cyanide dripping down insipid incisors mauling molars is this anxiety plucking at the painstrings carefully wound around my tender inescapable mind a lyre played by a liar lying down on the job letting down everyone that ever loved a sentient sack of agonies better people have […]

the wind carries my every frantic whisper of love

i wokeyour name onmy tongueyour voicelovinglywhisperingthrough thehaze of sleepclinging tomy fog filledmind*driftingon a cloudunable tofully shakethe dreamlikecoating ofetherealwonder makingmy heart swellat your mereexistence*somewherebetween thebirdsongand splatterhiss of thecoffee brewingi existlost in thisdreamhazewhere thewaking worldand thoughtsof youwar inpredawn promises

coffee flavored kisses

i lay waiting for the birds to wake up a signal of sorts that i have stared up into nothingness for the human alotted time the first three notes trumpeted on repeat tell me it is nearly six how many times have i frantically sent my love waiting for the birds to release me from […]

true north

i have no intention of lassoing the moon nor pulling the stars down from the sky one by one to slide them on your fingers all i can give you is my heart and promise that i will love you with every bit of me until the sun burns out and darkness reigns even then […]

hints of wildflowers in a field of black and white

has some nefarious monster snatched the azure from the skies or have i been stricken colorblind in the absence of you? the sparrows hop chirping about as if everything is business as normal but this diffusion of shades of gray has my internal alarm system screaming panics. i fell frozen the depths of this sorrow […]

heart murmurs in the shape of your smile

i don’t know if you could hear me as i lay half asleep telling you every secret i have ever dreamt declaring myself as yours into the aether between states of waking when i finally fully shook the sleep your name sat sweetly upon my lips as the sparrows sang softly of a fool in […]

golden whispers of longing

do you hear them? if you cock your head can you hear the symphony of sparrows greeting the day? chittering whistles on a cool morning as the sun i had lost hope in seeing again breaks the roofline to flood the room banish the darkness a soft caress on sleep starved cheeks but a sign […]

morning service

i was baptized in her every tear as we lay bathed in longing reborn under the scrutiny of the unloved watching our every move. kissing as the moon blushes peony petals on the breeze her lips the sacrament filling my effervescent sinpools within bruised smiles lips tingling her breath my hymnal.

electricity for insomniacs 101

all electricity wants is to go home it doesn’t matter the mindless goal is to get to ground a lightning bolt doesn’t care it is not mindful of obstructions if you are between it and the home it seeks you become collateral damage on a smaller scale the electricity is herded controlled sent through one […]


i find itcomfortingwhen i wakein the middleof the nightto tasteyour nameon my lips. i hear yourvoice echoin my dreamswith a comfortthat soothesmy fracturedsmoothes overthe broken. the world seemsto take joyin crushingsouls to dustbut you keepthe void at bayeven when it singsso very sweetly. that’s enoughfor mein a realitythat only ever takesyou replenishthe flames neededto keep […]

devil and crows

the devil keepsleaving me messagesasking when i willfinally make mytriumphant entrance. i leave his messageson readas my heart and soulalready belong to her. the sparrows knowas do the crows thatfollow meblack winged companionsthat know the wayof thingsglaring overthe gray cityfilled with brokenhearts and shatteredhopesthat this damned onehas suffered enough.

too loud too early

the car started with a flatulent whine that did little to make anyone listening feel calm even the birds stopped and glared with cocked heads at the terrible commotion as the sun hid behind clouds. i just watch it through the open blinds sipping my last cup of coffee as i put on my doc’s […]

i see her wonder and weep

just beneaththe shimmering surfaceshines a soft pinkas the scent ofwildflowers carriesheavy on the frozenbreeze she is a clusterof peonies interlacedwith wrought ironstronger in her suppledelicacy than thediamonds her smilefar outshines even now she laughsdismissively at my notfar fetched claimsas my heart thundersher name in every spasmingbeat of longingto rest in her divinity in that soft […]


no matter the words that fall from my mouth to squirm in half life at the edge of non-essential being i love you seem to be the only ones that form correctly even if my insecurities keep them mostly frozen on the tip of my tongue

wildflowers a(n)d sunshine

my love is my definition of beauty her heart and her mind illuminate my shadows shining bright when i wake ugly again and i can be so very ugly. she is everything which helps balance out my nothing without diminishing her wonder in the slightest. sometimes i fear i am her only flaw and i […]

half dreamt nothings

i woke distraught at three o’clock my first thought was to murmur my love into the surrogate pillow the next three hours were spent staring at the ceiling lost in the haze of the turgidity in irreconcilable schisms in this wondrous world of half dreamt nothings the neighbor was screaming into the same void i […]

a remote with dead batteries

deep in the throes of another episode in a series of hellishly episodic angellic hunger pangs crawling across broken promises of forever for a night for a weekend forsaken taken as the fool he portrays effortlessly on television shows broadcast on inverted satellite arrays beaming along the hollow birdbone skeleton of exceptional insufficiency there are […]


she wrapped i love yous around my throat and i sat festooned with this prettiest noose smiling as she tied the end to an acorn she carefully tended in the nutrient rich heartsoil of many sundered loves in the graveyard fitfully sitting behind my crystal cage ribbed for her displeasure knowing one day i would […]

late wi(n)ter thaw

in every breath turned to mist in the frigidness that gripped me tightly, a cerulean lover hungering for every bit of my fleeting warmth, in those clouds of lingering dreams, expelled into the aether a million unwritten odes, of my love for your immaculate wonder, your name etched in cursive on my tentative pink tongue,so […]

twelve hours

i can seemy breathlaying in bedtwelve hourswithout power. i can see youwhen iclose my eyesignoring the coldfor a kiss from you. my eyelidsfeel heavyunder these blanketsdaydreamingabout you. there are daysthe world feelsout to get meif it can go badit will. but when iclose my eyesyou are thereand i rememberit’s not so bad.


a perk about being hopelessly romantic, when the power goes out and the wind chill is below zero all those candles you have for sobbing romantically can raise the ambient temperature by a few degrees may have to die alone but not in the dark or frozen. when they find my ice covered corpse the […]


it is ten degrees outside, and i would give just about anything to hold you tight and sleep til summer. i just really fucking need you, my love. scoot closer, i have poems to kiss along the back of your neck.

war(n)ing labels

poets should come with warning labels skull and crossbones printed on their pretty little tongues danger! in all caps (you’ll have to imagine that) a list of possible effects may cause: prose odes insufferable longing madlypassionatelove desire dreams hopes and most importantly: once you’ve become a poet’s words how do you ever want to be […]

icy heart

in the moments between moments, there, my love for you screams loudly to echo off everything; i woke to a world covered in snow muted by the heavy flakes the only sound i heard was your name carried on my pulse i could not say with any certainty if it was the cold or simply […]

it’s late a(n)d i love you

the kids are sleeping the world is silent except for the wind the bastard never seems to stop howling even as everything is at peace; i am staring up at the ceiling cold and miserable my face hurts my ear hurts and the goddamned words ~my usual salvation of sorts~ well the cursor keeps flashing […]

my heart screams for you in rusted gasps

i am an empty suit of armor, a sword scabbard, a stump, a target, a thin sheen of ice along her pulmonary painstutter watching the frozen world spin backwards, every good intention reversed, every utterance of love gone unseen, unread, unwanted vitriol and virtuosity evenly decrease the viscosity that keeps my steam powered heart vibrating […]

dog rose

i am the vase, she is the flower\ i am the crack, she is the matisse/ there is a loss in transience debuffering a compression conflict lost lost lost. i am the vase, she is the transcendental wonder inherent in life i see the masterpiece hidden in peonypetals somedays love is a bed today it […]


i long to feel your breath upon my lips the moment before we kiss as our mouths blossom into a soft sweet moment where everything simply stops i long to feel your breath upon my lips for in that moment i shall be complete

oil slicks and webbing

there is anoil slickon the coffeefractalsthat prevent my lipsfrom crackingthe amorphous shellbetween wakinginto another hellor strugglingto find solacein five minuteintervallicsleepwitherswhere dreamis an elastic bandaround rusty valvesin cardiac distress i wokelooked for yourealized exactlywhat new fuckerywas being imposedby realitythen stubbornlydrank coffeewhile glaring atthe ever brightening skyintermittentpalpatationsheartshivers tremblingover the invisiblesilken webthat connectsher wonderto my sense of awe

coffee and the last dream vestiges of her

the last dregs of dream cling tendrils of foggy unwaking adding a hint of her held tightly to my chest in every absent thought as the coffee brews and the sky lightens outside half rapturous half agonizing wildflower petals softly spoken declarations in a haze of dreamslurry the sparrows line up to watch me watch […]


empty parking lots across the once bustling city nothing remains but stray fools spilling their guts across the broken pavement as plastic bags hover in silent judgment if i can find a way to tune the satellite array attached to my aorta i can beam this signal across the aether to find your perfect heart […]

(n)aked midnight

i dont have mucha kiltand a wilted chrysanthemuman open hearta tangled mindand the sunshinein her smile too many milestraveledthe scarsof a thousand fightshidden in hazeldisambiguationalong a pitch stained soul an ocean of wordsto drown youthe center pedestalin a pantheonto worshipin raptureon bended knee i dont have mucha couple pairs of vansanxietyan open minda poet’s heartand […]


the ugly words reflect the author the beautiful words showcase the muse the sorrow shows the past while the uncertain hints at the future with every i love you i fear i poison the pot a lifetime of reminders that i never seem to be quite enough emotionally absent while silently screaming the words that […]


every second she shares is a gift to be savored not a trifle to be squandered in the hours they become love means not being taken for granted but understanding that out of billions of souls two lights responded in harmony and that’s awfully fucking special

quicksand soul

the deeper ingrained into my heart you become the more i worry about how my quicksand soul will swallow you whole i vacillate between my need to pour my love across your tattered seams and the knowledge i break everything i touch so please accept my sincerest apologies as i spill my feelings across the […]

bedside table

she keeps my heart on her bedside table so in the middle of the night she can listen to the murmurs where my dreamself whispers the lines i can never get quite right to the moon who understands this longing that tugs at my pulse much the same way he can pull the seas but […]

a(n)other morning ode to her

in the quietest part of the morning when the world is still sleeping except for the poets and thieves as the sun sits just beneath the horizon as the sky transitions from black to shades of ultraviolet wonder while the coffee brews in sputtering drips my heart screams your name so loudly i fear to […]


every word that dribbles from my poetic longs to sleep in your lovely ventricle to be swept along through your arteries to finally nestle lovingly into your brain maybe this one will convey what it means to me when i whisper my love in the middle of the night these words will saturate your dreams […]

a chilled whistle rings true

in the cold chill that whispers down the back of my neck down my spine to blossom an array of nervous endings that melt into the ones and zeros in the overheated processor hastily wired to the furnace in my belly that burns bright blue in the absence of you a seagull told a raven […]


i am past tense hovering somewhere just outside of present stressedanxious beyond tense freely traversing temporal anomalies knotted into the shoulders balancing the globe she sits patiently a peony petal motionless on the placid surface directly in the eye of my tornadic sense of self destruction a counter rotation to the heartshatter in serpentine remnants […]


i am akleptomaniacshe is apyromaniacin every kissi longto stealher fire there isa poetryin our lovethat wordscan onlymuddy

tea kettle

she started tocall mea cuckoo clockbecausein our fewdaily interactionsit becamea seriesof repetitive talksas she pulledfather backi hadonly so many chancesto speak but it dawnedon methat i was nevera painted birdin a wooden box i have thisgreat needto sharethe lovethat boilswithin mymetallic framea tea kettleset upon the fireof yourperfectionunable to doanythingbut shoutadoration


in the quiet moments i get lost in you little daydreams where you sit writing concentrating intensely while i have my headphones in listening to music too loud in the confines of my skull stealing glances my heart swelling at the simple joy of you in my line of sight idling away the time between […]


my heart is still that of a child innocent protected by the mass of scars that cross my psyche it just takes longer for the love to bleed through empty corridors in this way i never forget a feeling so tangled in the web of misdirections my mind casts shadow theatre along the secret tunnels […]


in lucidityi dreamever ableto exerta modicum of controlover thesetidal flowsinthe kingdomof morpheus last nighti closed my eyeswiththe idea offields of tulipsyouin a white sundresswith a band of bluealong the hemthat spunas we laughedstole kissesas the flowersdancedin the lightwarm breeze butthe pinpricks of lightplayed softlyin your eyesunableat the best of timesto tear my gazefrom youthe world […]

mything the point

feeling a little too dionysus lately, a little too ready to let go with wild abandon, unchained, the rigors of the fiery chariot lend to a disconnect from my pursuit of more apollo governed aspects erato has my ear, well aware of where you fit into the complex menagerie and whispering a despair into every […]


the power in someone putting themselves into the focus of someone else’s words being able to wish for those phrases to highlight the things within themselves they wish to see means one of two things the words hold power or the reader holds their own sense of self too high i have never seen myself […]

chemtrails in the fools broken

dreamt of the depths between quasirealities where the diaphanous silks of rapturous latency linger against the schism between the deification in emotional fulfillment on chemical receptors stringing sultry pheremones across the electrical deviance of protein deficiencies caused by maternal distresses my heart quavers at the thought of your voice tracing along the curvature of my […]


a hawk landed on the branch in front of my bench staring at me with its head cocked to the side not knowing what it wanted i just told it about you and asked if it could pass my love along for me it flew off to be replaced by three fat little squirrels eager […]

two blue jays

two blue jays flitting about the branches of the browning spruce the blue streaks around the tree as the brown female dances on the branch singing songs of juicy worms brought by the rains the trees back north a longing for home as the southern vacation brings new berries there is a soft joy in […]

nōōmê nän

i have sought the term to describe the woman that i love a game of pains for a poetic fool one that strikes the words from the sodden mining new scars out of the aether in solemn oaths of undying adoration noumenon – a thing as it is in itself, as different from a thing […]


i wrapped a strand of lights around her forehead a briar halo of pastel whimsy neither of us believed in angels but i will be damned if i didn’t hear the heavenly choir with each of her private smiles the golden peal of bells that seemed to accompany my labored breathing when her scent filled […]


she told me you’re more in love with the idea of being in love than actually being in love, you’re a poet i smiled no, i just refuse to settle for anything less than absolutely fucking spectacular, i’m a lover

simply stated

there was a duck something something fell in love with a swan things happened (lessons learned) he was a swan (bird logic) the whole time they realized that they were both (blah blah blah) sunshine happy images the truth is i fall asleep with your name on my lips i wake with you filling my […]

a you sized hole

there is a sense of peace smothering the anxiety i love your voice especially when it breaks into laughter i didn’t know how much i missed you until you snapped back into place in the empty spot in my chest apparently it was a you sized hole between happiness and sorrow that left all the […]

why the mockingbird sings

the mockingbird sits in the old oak tree watching the silent world as the first hint of light ignites the far eastern horizon it hops from one leg to the other ready to fire off into the slowly filtered dawn a cacophonous blast a fire burns in the black orbs a need to shout to […]

digging graves

she told me my heart was a cursed burial ground filled with the smiles of the most beautiful women to ever walk this world killed by the fumbled inadequacies of the messy fool spewing moribund poems looking for the lady with wildflowers in her hair never quite present never quite right a cardiac infraction with […]


training for a marathon barefoot across the remnants of every childhood dream that was shattered every year i die waiting to be reborn into something half as twisted half as infected half as ineffectual something more suited to be injected directly into your open mouth training for extreme depression by locking myself into the closet […]

private lines

i found myself writing a poem about you as i woke one that captures you as i see you one day i will whisper it into your ear between kisses on your neck i am saving this private little verse for me as it is not for public consumption they don’t get to know the […]