every line is falling in love by the milligram each word a dose infused with unshed tears in a chemical bond with hope a patented blend of vernacular deification bled into the centrifuge to separate the gossamer refrains bound to the crystalized soulglitter shed across the pixelated stardust in her eyes a hand stretches out […]

dead man float

when i was a kid i would bob on the swimming pool waves with my face down in the water watching the shadows dance across the bottom unaware of the self fulfilling prophecy drowning in the sea baptized by poseidon destined to return to the sea foam from which i sprang fully broken to stagger […]

a proposal

when i paused and fell to one knee she let out a sharp inhalation, a host of emotions that sped through as i realized she might think this was a proposal it was, but not for a lifetime of fairy tale sunsets, there would be no magician, no dragon, no knight, she is a beautiful […]

kiss of winter

i come to you in need with agonized chapped lips from the lingering frost on the lethargic kiss of winter cracked and bleeding i absorb your poetic heart with every painful kiss down the rigidity of the spine of our story that same kiss of winter meant for the heart of summer but always separated […]

an inch closer

there is a certain time of the day, shifts as the days grow longer and shorter the sun, growing tired of the view, content that a few moments sleep won’t hurt anyone, begins to set i follow her lazy journey, envious as she grows closer and closer to the object of heart’s desire as she […]


as the words rang, a clarion call of golden bells, over a field of wildflowers that span the land, from sea to sea, in every shade of your lips, your tongue, your throat, your sometimes the need to press against you, knowing i will want to bite your lip as my traitorous lungs demand oxygen […]


anxiety and depression have always been part of the recipe that created these foolish poetic meanderings now there is a sense of letting go of falling in of acceptance being accepted a burst of colors in my chest a lack of dwelling in the shadows tentative steps into the sun’s embrace without fear of the […]


in your stare, rests the key to a nocturne; a soultorn sonata, born in the night; upon your lips, an inferno does burn; a bonfire that promises pure delight a flare, your image etched into my sight; your sketch of perfection, dripped down my soul; a sense of falling, from perilous height; regaining purpose, by […]

trickles across the eastern sky

the world is still cast in the last anti-light of dawn’s preorgasmic ritual in those precious moments before the arcs of pleasure trickle across the eastern sky i sit with coffee that reflects the non-radiant veneer listening as the birds begin to sleepily wake in the branches of the old oak i drifted to sleep […]

have to do

it is unexplainable the urge to hold you so tightly your ribs creak just to show you how incredibly insanely undeniably fucking perfect you are to me. this will have to do.

terminal devotion

the rain falls fat tears from the unblinking eye of eternity to wash the land in lackadaisical lamentations when i was younger the spectacle of the church sang to me the pulpit the stained glass refractions imbued with golden light casting harsh shadows as i knelt in supplication before her holiest altar the words of […]


in your whimsical dreamrobes bedazzled with infinite latticework to frame the edges of indefinable ache you float off the ground in a state of flux between flight and feral your sharp teeth your indelible desire draped across the hellmouth welling in my vesuvius frame if i could etch my name across your inner thighs pen […]

eternity exists

in your visage it is apparent the gates of heaven hang open the pits of hell lie vacant for no more true expression of eternity exists than the smoldering embers in your immaculate unwavering stare

systemic adoration

i understand her heart is a diamond but i am afraid of touching it because these hands have only ever known what it means to break if i were to crack the eggshell facade to spill her secrets across the ebon seas i don’t think i could ever forgive myself but i would gladly inject […]

a year of sunday mornings

sunday mornings are about sitting with a book about shaving the scrub from my malformed skull about daydreaming she is lazily lying with her feet on my lap as i tap out the words to describe contentment sunday mornings are about naps in a pillow fort about creating in the silence with coffee music playing […]

a year of saturdays

i want to love you like a year of saturdays lazy days where we stay in bed no expectations no hurries nothing but the need between us i want to love you like the first cup of coffee on a saturday morning like breakfast in bed then a stroll through the park where nothing is […]

it has to be enough

the thought of you ocean breeze tousled hair soulful eyes locked on the horizon if i could sketch you with the skill of monet the art would suffer in comparison it is impossible to capture your heart which shimmers in the most beautiful way best to love you from afar where my sharp tongue can […]

a beautiful corpse (of gruesome delights)

i have taken to a new obsession lately watching fruits breads vegetables rot in time lapsed videos the natural beauty ravaged by time in no time then the reclamation by the mold the final act takes my breath away i have made no attempts to hide my love of ugly the beauty in the filth […]

slumbering atoll dreams

and Sage Francis sings “i am no destination, i am just a journey, so don’t go settling on me love, no, don’t go settling on me” from a distance the words mislead from the heartbroken fool making him seem like something more than a pit stop on the way to true love upon closer inspection […]

wrings the truth

trying to thread the needle of explaining to an eleven year old that love is real while barely able to get out of bed because the world is a series of pains inflicted. fake a smile whisper a benediction that he never knows the sting of rejection that he doesn’t plan a future that ends […]

le tenebre

le tenebre clung alle sue dolci curve come nessun altro amante avrebbe potuto sognare il suo tocco sinuoso gocciolando nei suoi pori pervertitrice il suo stesso sangue mentre pompa per tutto (the darkness clung to her gentle curves like no other lover could have dreamt its sinuous touch trickling into her pores perverting her very […]

(meta)phorically (a taste of (un)fettered)

when i opened myself to her my guts came out like writhing vipers that hissed and snapped at the autumn air in angry knots my bones like broken glass held together by rusted barb wire and muscles like slugs perch upon the slick ivory calcified remains when i told her i loved her she recoiled […]

pulling petals

she stared out the window watching the storm clouds slowly swallow any hope of a better day pulling petals off of the daisy on the off chance the sickening need to be loved could be had by wishing on the death of beauty


i make words into balloon animals cartoonish shapes to entice a reaction. she twists them into the prettiest noose to slip around my fluttering heart. together we will leave a crime scene to baffle to dazzle to ensure we’re never forgotten. what more could a couple of budding sociopaths wish for as the bodies pile […]


old spice the white bottle with the ship on it a carton of reds a case of lite every year it was the same he didn’t ask for anything if he wanted it then he got it but every year he smiled hugged me in that back breaking rib creaking embrace of his kissed me […]


a swirl of conjoining colors an array of shades of crimson dancing with black. there was nothing in the world in that singular instance but two pairs of eyes locked in misty understanding that forever was no longer an uncertainty but a gift. love struck by the simple snapping together of two seemingly indifferent pieces […]

vellum prayers

the ravenous raven aflight on ebony wing to perch precariously upon the shoulder of sweet sorrow the darkness harkens to serene motion in faded sepia languish laid out like a flayed offering to bored gods the waves batter the unseemly seawall in decadent need for sluice to fill the ever empty belly of dreamhate solemnly […]


with deadened digits of inarticulate aspiration threatening to scrawl an ode to the winsome smell of decay floating on the breezes of yesterday’s lovely memory rose petals lay piled across the broken mattress of matrimonial dissent to putrefy amongst the bloated black flies that swarm across silken lies sworn under the deadlight of sorrowful reminisce

vile serenity

she painted her disdain like frida kahlo sketching in pursuit of identity in the traditional colors of indecisive need i was her canvas to cut carve reshape then splatter with blood bile spit and pure desperation in huddled need magnified she wrote her dissertation along my ribs with hammer and stake like oppenheimer having shaking […]


she trickled little anise flavored kisses across the pallid skin of eternity with the unrestrained sexual force of a hurricane damaging all who dare cross her path. she is a behemoth of mottled rage beneath an exterior of divine beauty. as easy to love as an umber sunset as impossible to hold as the gale […]

slivers of mirror

the only girl he ever loved was born with slivers of mirror for teeth when she smiled it cast a blinding glare across faces filled with horrific wonder at the many scattered reflections of the folly of fools in love as the trees turned green and the bombs rained down from the many circling planes […]

valentine jelly

she is a part of me an artery a direct line from aorta to carotid there is no need to send her paper hearts when the muscle beats just for her alone i made a bee line begging her to be mine while the roses are long wilted the violets are dead my world was […]

a moment

for just one moment everything in the universe just simultaneously decided to stop it all hung suspended in a stupor as the laws of fundamental physics ceased in that moment all that filled my head was you then in a rush the symptoms of the universe came rushing back into focus yet i didn’t pay […]

dear diary

dear diary i can hear her laughter, when I close my eyes it is as if she is still here, her feet on my lap as we absently tap on our phones, just the contact necessary to be united it’s so empty, both in here and in my chest, as if she pulled out the […]

yet, here we are

i never imagined things would work out this way in every dream plea prayer manic state or depressive crater i stopped following the road signs years ago after my last near fatal wreck in a string of near fatal wrecks driven by trying to do what was right even if that sent me careening over […]

with pomegranate stained lips, we sit in silence

her lips tasted of pomegranate lush with dripping juice yet slightly bitter like the falling autumn breeze blowing along the nape of my neck i pictured her as a girl with dirty feet scuffed up knees playing on the rocks as the pomegranates hung fat on the branches above now her lips are stained deep […]


the heavy scent of lust plays like motes of dust in the humid air of a rainy morning spent tangled nude in bed his hands hunger for the smooth feel of warm flesh as her gentle breathing resonates with his heartbeat outside the world continues to spin with the fierce locomotion of angry need while […]


does she realize she is poetry that her gestures her words her beauty so simple yet stunning she is the definition of the words i struggle to find so effortlessly painted upon her perfect flesh.


her clean taste drips onto my tongue no matter how much i taste i cannot get enough as her moans fill the room i need more and more of her divinity to infuse my being she begs me to stop at the edge of insanity that just makes me want to drive my tongue deeper […]

walmart 5am

five in the morning roaming the aisles of the store she looks on in wide eyed wonder at the excess the everything all gathered in one concrete tomb to consumerism does she know i watch her every move her every expression with nothing but adoration for the simple beauty of her being her in a […]

ode to night in the city

she was a stick of dynamite i was just an errant spark in the long cold night of another wasted weekend left weakened strung out against the dirty brick of any alley in any city around the world. we made love as the sirens wailed i ran my hungry fingers across every track mark with […]

findings vol. I

i find it is easier to love a corpse than another person for the simple fact that you never have to watch the love fade in their lifeless orbs i find it makes more sense to love a memory because in the end it is colored by the idealistic brush of time immemorial with no […]


falling is love is planting a grove of trees as seeds knowing you will never sit in the shade it casts but instead in the hope of someone else getting to enjoy a brief reprieve from the rays of the sun that mercilessly pound down from the sky

i won’t

the last thing the world needs is another sappy piece of pedantic prose proclaiming the platitudes of love how many lines can be written about the way my heart skips a beat when you smile that secret smile of ours another stanza dedicated to the inherent joy of simply knowing you exist as a boon […]

head first

speeding down the road with no headlights cracked windshield no seat belts stereo on full blast bare tires wet asphalt hairpin curves your smile filling my mind head first into you nothing else for me to do but fall headlong into you yellow lines blur into one solid state of inebriated dysfunction lost in your […]

dentata d’amor

our love was a mouth full of baby teeth as we grew it loosened slowly fell out as adulthood forced it’s way to the surface it took growing to find the truth behind the enamel of what love should truly be trying to straighten it out with metal bands that only constrict the natural flow […]

some rivers never meet the sea

not all rivers make it to the sea though some are born of lakes far inland from the ever shifting oceans step into the shadows slide out of your clothes let me run my fingertips softly along your tributaries in search of your hidden inlet sip lightly from your abundant waters while your thighs against […]

she loved

she loved like a haunted house incapable of letting go the past she loved like a tombstone faded by the wind and rain but she loved oh, how she loved she loved like a carnival thrilling with every new sight she loved like the spring sun nurturing with abundant light she loved sweet mother mercy, […]

a flower or a clock

it seems like a cliche to say she spread herself for me like a flower in bloom that i circled her blossom like a bee in need of pollen but as i gently explored every inch of her with tongue teeth and fingers i was far too busy to think of metaphors her moans of […]

a story on repeat

they sit holding hands sharing secret smiles is there anything at all more insipid than young love better have a first aid kit handy young fools the tenuous ache sits ever patient on the flipside of beauty i have to pull over as sobs overtake me it seems i have read this work before


she is the calm harbor while i am the tumultuous sea but in that brief moment where we crash into one another there is magic lying in the reef the currents swirl as eddys of love swell to drown all who get swept past the breakers


death is a park bench on another muggy morning as the sky erupts with the fire in your eyes all that is left of me is a puddle of regret congealing in the frigid wind of your absence you:above hiroshima me:the crater after we both know how that feels you freefalling me going about my […]

crooked halo

she left me handcuffed to the bedpost with no warning just smiled that sweet little smile then proceeded to walk out of the room fully nude my wrists are chafed my shoulders ache i hear her in the other room on the phone with her mother i would call out but the ball gag is […]

as one

a glass box hung with care two hearts intertwined pinned across a field of lavender a raven’s feather in alabaster white a sketch of an aardvark imposed upon starry night a rabbit with dragon wings another rabbit on it’s back with eyes wide filled with adoration a yin yang two halves swirled a glass box […]

she sleeps i sit happily

i listen to her breathing just grateful to share time with her sending my love to her as she sleeps does she understand the simple joy i receive simply knowing she exists that everyday is brighter because of it the contentment of a life with her after so long searching giving up in the face […]

upside down sky

her every exhale is timed to my inhalation she grinds against me with burning need that can only be reciprocated with every nerve in my body my arm fits perfectly across her ribs her breast fills the palm of my hand as if sculpted specifically for it we are a jigsaw puzzle of ravenous hunger […]


i’ve become so spooled around her heart that when she exerts herself my breathing becomes labored as i am compressed tighter and tighter still every beat of her pulse sends shivers of rapturous bliss coursing through the rigid spines of my coiled spring existence


apart we were paper maché animals left out in the rain, newspaper with faded ink that dissolved into mushy gray to float down the gutter together we are a masterpiece painted by hands that know no errant stroke framed and hanging in the louvre to be admired by passerbys of all walks of life


i crave your voice, your laugh, the sound of your breathing into my waiting ear starving for the sight of your smile, i pace frantically back and forth incapable of rest to use the light in your eyes to illuminate the room, to banish shadows from my mind i shake as withdrawals course through my […]


i long to be your cello placed between your legs played with talented hands your fingers gripping the rigid bow as sweet seduction sounds into the quiet room


en el nicho entre tu barbilla y tu garganta, deseo presionar mis labios, sentir tu pulso correr debajo de la boca hambrienta, lamer el sudor de tu piel, el calor de mi aliento, tu sabor, esta mezcla embriagadora. de amor lujuria y necesidad (in the niche between your chin and your throat, i long to […]


pulled into your orbit to spin lazily affecting the tides in an effort to leave you totally soaked i would gladly drown in your depths just to taste your hidden pleasure love turns to lust turns into another way to quantify these feelings inside of us bubbling like volcanos that need to explode


she said if she cannot have me then nobody will she woke me with kisses on my forehead as i struggled against the ropes she so carefully tied across my hastily stitched wings if this is falling let me fall until there is a fool shaped hole in the ground as she tosses the black […]

shadow of a squirrel

her love was the shadow of a squirrel flitting amongst the branches of the imaginary forest in my chest neither of us understood that but we laughed when i said it then proceeded to make love in front of the fire


i want to cling to your skin in the same way as that summer dress every inch every curve beneath gentle hands hungry mouth to drink you in like a glass of whiskey with one ice cube sweating on the bar in the humid heat of another day with the thirst of a dying man […]

finicky and aloof

i blew a kiss to the sun asked it be delivered to your lips whispered i love you to the breeze and set it free each drop of rain was a tear shed in longing for the messages to arrive i wonder if they ever did the sun seems aloof the breeze is so finicky […]


her sadness crosses time zones to fill me with anxiety while her smile sends chills of happiness throughout my body if i could find a way to never make that smile fade to infuse her with my love at all times the world around us would transform this has become my only goal to figure […]

(un)titled reality

who could have imagined an innocent question turns into finding the one you imagined but never thought existed that no matter how much of one another is shared it is still the brief moments without that feel like torture


at first she had a room inside my mind cozy lined with books two bean bags where we would sit and chat before the fire soon it was a wing dedicated to her smile before i knew it the main hall had been replaced and every time i stepped inside myself she greeted me each […]


she sets my mind racing like a perpetual motion engine ordering chaos lining up thoughts like errant sparks in a warehouse filled with gunpowder setting off a series of explosions that rattle me to my very core all while whispering gentle words of concern at every new ear splitting chorus of need and desire i […]


everything i love is so far removed from my grasp i cling to space like a drunken astronaut untethered from his ship spiralling in the vacuum that surrounds him


i was half a tattered photo fluttering with no home a chalk drawing in a thunderstorm on the sidewalk a candle on the mantle near an open window struggling to burn until you i was a half finished manuscript that had been forgotten on a shelf the fading remnants of dream as the alarm clock […]

emergency contact

i made you my emergency contact after i dreamt i was killed in an accident last night i didn’t care about my death, that is something bound to happen at some point i imagine all i could think about was you not knowing, thinking i vanished, ghosted you in the wrong way so i made […]

untitled 2483

my heart warbles in off key hymnals to your beauty my soul shines like a flickering neon sign in response to you my mind flops like a puppy at your feet unable to contain itself bruised battered bent all of me stands straighter to just get a glimpse of you


the wind blows off of the calm ocean she rocks on a hammock between two palm trees a plate of cucumbers and celery on the small bamboo table as the dolphins play on the waves she smiles with a face of serenity a smile that makes the world brighter for witnessing it does she see […]

feeling real

only when i run hands upon your image, when my mind rests in your shadow do i feel real myself have i ever told you how beautiful you are, how my heart stops beating, my brain forgets how to breathe, my hands tremble or my teeth find my lower lip as i gaze upon you […]


with bloody fingers i hand you the knife as my life spills from the many paper cuts inflicted in this tornado of raw emotion it seems only fitting if this life is fading for you to be the one to end it the pain the suffering the need one last act of kindness look into […]

if you

if your ear were next to my lips i would kiss it and whisper my love softly as i fall asleep if your mouth were next to mine i would kiss you as passionately as the rain kisses the dry ground if your head was on my chest my heart beat would sing a lullaby […]


i sometimes grow concerned worried you don’t quite know what i mean when i say i love you that you hear the words flash back to sweaty teenage need or hear all of the times it was spoken but turned out to be a lie when i say them it is all encompassing it is […]


it is said no two people see the same thing the same way that it is interpreted differently by each individual colored by each mind in subtle shades so close your eyes picture the sun fat in the sky feel my hand upon yours hear my voice whisper lovingly into your ear my breath upon […]

our blood

our blood runs like the tides our feverish need the moon above she is my ebb and i her flow together we make the lands around us tremble our hearts thunder like a blacksmith’s hammer raining sparks from the white hot iron of our love our blood runs like the tides our feverish need the […]


the saboteur hands grip the ivory pistol grip like a lover caressing the bare back of his heart’s desire the executioner stares with empty eyes at the well worn handle of his axe so lovingly sharpened red and black the blood pools under the strobing light of forever in succinct and succulent sprays time is […]

title of ownership

every kiss is a lingering spirit upon my lips every tear still leaves it’s feel upon my cheeks every word ever spoken in love hovers along my tongue my arms feel the heat of every hug given in passionate embrace cast a seance cast away these foul memories with your love salt the earth so […]

the dance

she and i skirted around the edges of love like two well trained ballerinas on stage both knowing a single misstep and we would fall madly and irrevocably into the throes of passion i stumbled once or twice but her gaze locked on mine gave me the strength to dance on and as she was […]

mother’s day

i feel nothing but respect for those of you that put your children first that raise them with love lessons turning little monsters into loving adults instilling respect reverence and reality into sponge-like minds you don’t get enough credit enough of a break enough of anything because you give freely even when it would be […]

us = you and i = i am yours

let’s fall down the cliff together, let’s step into the open elevator shaft, let’s dive head first into a pool without water, we’ll wear floaties and dive dive dive i’ll teach you to swim, i will hold you up as an anchor holds me down, bobbing on the invisible waves of need, of shallow insecurities […]

can you

can you feel my eyes burning across the seas can you feel my heart beating slowly spelling out your name it thunders threatening to shatter my ribs they burn with a fire that will burn away the past leaving only us


i read a gooey thing that said they wanted to love someone like the moon pouring light out of it’s soul the sheer idiocy amazed me the moon is a rock that reflects the sun’s light i wanted to tell him to use me as a reference i am a rock but i reflect the […]


she has infinity in her eyes light streams in waves across the distance between hypnotizing with an allure that is indescribable my eyes are tea cups that can only be filled by her my mouth a saucer aching for her overflow my fingers are quills that can only be dipped in her ink my mind […]


her soul is a satin scarf that winds around my heart every beat of happiness she feels ripples down through me sending chills waves of intoxicating bliss she is my drug i am a barely functional addict walking in a haze that i have chased my entire life


i used to be july, but now i’ve accepted i’m becoming september it’s okay i’m sure february me dreamt of being june and didn’t realize the slippery slope to september would follow i wear my encroaching fall like a man in a hoodie about to step into winter, unsure if the rain will turn to […]

spam comments

sometimes i wish my comment section was as full as my spam folder scrolling through in search of wayward missives, the bots really know how to stroke an ego lovely ladies are lonely, looking for me to spill poetry across their digitally naked forms online casinos guarantee my lucky streak continues with the loosest slots […]


i used to have a harmonica it wasn’t punk rock but it was in black sabbath so i didn’t really care what anyone thought about it then i forgot about it moved to texas gave up on the dream of being a famous musician hard to be a musician when you don’t play an instrument […]


i play her hologram on a constant loop as the emptiness threatens to drown me i cannot touch her but i pantomime slow dancing in the side room i cannot hear her but imagine what the sound of her voice whispering to me is like the haze of dust floating through her lit up form […]