paper planes

i scribble love notes
carefully fold them
into paper planes and
launch them from my
bedroom window during
my many sleepless nights

i avert my eyes when it
is time to head off to
to face the new hells
of each fresh day dawning
to avoid the fusealge of
the plethora left unread

folding the pages into new
vessels capable of flying
from my lips to her door
each ending in the same
undeliverable missive of
heartfelt declarations

still i scribble cartoon
hearts onto the flimsy wings
blow a kiss to help keep
them in soaring on the wind
patiently waiting the arrival
to touch her perfect heart

affixing seeds so even in
the midst of catastrophe
the unseen paperplanes can
sow the wildflower fields
a root system connecting
my love all the way to her

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