electricity for insomniacs 101

all electricity wants
is to go home
it doesn’t matter
the mindless goal
is to get to ground
a lightning bolt
doesn’t care
it is not mindful
of obstructions
if you are between
it and the home it seeks
you become
collateral damage

on a smaller scale
the electricity is
sent through
one way doors
coursing madly
through copper coils
separated by dielectric
slowly ground down
by naturally occurring
by induction

my passing passion
for all things
began as i sought
the solution
to the faulty trace
on my circuit board heart
it kept
blowing fuses
scoring transistors
rendering the chipset
so necessary modifications
became the mandate

the main function
i had hoped to derive
was a simple circuit
combining my love
to her home
my defining logic
the same as simple energy
to return to a state
where every
supercharged atom
can finally be at ease
not realizing
how beautiful
the glass that formed
in our uniting
would truly be.

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