she played at pious
to cover her
insidious truth.

hollow souled
a bird bone
of feeling anything
but pretending
to understand it all.

her sense of self
an itchy blanket
she drapes over
making herself
the hero
the victim
of every tale told.

so self centered
she imposes her fatal flaws
on all who fall prey
to her demonic sanctity
spewing venom
because beauty
is something foreign
in her self-absorbed

a shattered mirror
personified rejection
of what she believes
she projects
reversed and retracted
unable to see
the cause of her
misery was her
the entire time.

playing games
she is not prepared for
casting insults
that show the world
the monster hidden
just below the surface
lashing out
like a petulant child
knowing she is nothing
but a negative light
a shadow trying
to shine
half as bright
as the woman
she can never
hope to be.

and failing
while blaming
the world
or him
or anyone
but herself.

playing at pious
to cover up
her tragic truth.

2 thoughts on “truths

  1. People don’t know how to be people and treat others with genuine compassion and consideration. Tearing them down, ever so subtly, makes them smile inside. Nausea inducing. Unless you’re the intended, then pain inflicting. What’s a little bit sad is that that feels satisfying to them. Actually it’s a lot sad

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