discarded yet not forgotten

she found his heart
thumping in
the open dumpster
took it inside
cleaned it up
tried to determine
if there was any
worth in the wheezing

it was found
to be lacking
thrown out
in frustration
when it didn’t
conform to her

in the silence
the music it made
between straining
deflated beats
still plays out
in the hollow
between her breasts
where his breath once
coiled as his lips
sought succor.

his heart was never
an easy puzzle
no quick solution
to a lifetime
of insubstantial
scars along his
sacred insecurities
one she was not
prepared to solve
unwillingnto attempt
incapable of understanding.

so when she carefully
closed the dumpster lid
seeking solutions
in any other direction
suffering the futility
only to come back
curious and unable
to shake herself free
of the harmonies
taken for granted
it was to her dismay
that the heart was gone
only the sweet scent of
wildflowers remained.

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