after(n)oon reveries(lost)

when i am lost it is in you i can be found and these shadowed trails leading off into sunlight dappled reveries of self inflicted tremorous shocks dissipate into the sanctuary inherent in your perfect smile when i am lost the silence knows i am frequently unfound inside my cavernous skull but always no matter […]

lingering side effects of existing

we are transient balls of energy suffused through meat golems passing from one instance to another no direction no goal just moving from one state of being to another there is a magic hidden there beneath the rot and the agonies in the search for the right chemicals to be dumped in electrified gelatin that […]


there are these improbably wonderful moments where she and i race down different corridors while both riding the same sinuous thoughtwaves from the proper temperature for cheese consumption to finding a name from the same show. resonating in sheer synchronicity send shivers down my erratic pulse dumping a mix of chemically derived splendor through the […]


falling in love is a controlled detonation an implosion falling in on one’s self a pile of rubble left in the hope this new vista is one your chosen lover finds suitable a new garden to plant the seeds of singular experiences watching what sprouts from the new fertile land the two together have grown […]


harvesting verse much the same as separating the chaff from the wheat fascinated by the ideas that get stuck until the end result resembles what is pictured within what was revealing was the moment reservation was tossed to the wind where the fool allowed himself to fall heartfirst into love at last and how that […]

fresh flesh

disinterring corpses left untouched for far too long revisiting old memories by following the road map etched deep into childhood disavowments i don’t like where i am visiting but i need to find a way to pry these barnacles loose from the fragments of who i very nearly once could have been. not allowing the […]

purgatory is the space between

heaven lies within her gently parted lips on the curve of her spine sprinkled liberally down her thighs behind her knees along thr arch of her foot pooled between her petals and resting between her breasts. hell spills forth from my needy tongue seeking salvation between lines of prose carefully inscribed on all of her […]

maybe, just maybe

i can teach you the finer points of third wave ska you can teach me how to function with as a human you can be my faery tale hero i can be your empty suit of armor piecing this puzzle in trial and terror you can stretch your lovely hands into my chest massage the […]

spring cleaning, or a celebration of light

i don’t knowhow long ithad beensince i cleanedthe glass doorsleadingto the smallfenced inslab of concretewhere my newsparrow friendslike tocongregatehow manyassortedemotionalbreakdownsdid that grimeprotectmy neighborsfrom witnessinghow manyfevered kissesstolenfrom damselsthat ended upleaving mein distresshow many poemswrittenwith a view ofan obscuredlandscapefiltering overthe words. it is oddhow witha small effortall becameso clearas the coffeesteams upand the birdscock their headswaitingfor the […]

discarded yet not forgotten

she found his heart thumping in the open dumpster took it inside cleaned it up tried to determine if there was any worth in the wheezing organ. it was found to be lacking (re)discarded thrown out in frustration when it didn’t conform to her expectations. in the silence the music it made between straining deflated […]

leonine glare

i take my painamplify ituntil it burnswhite hotuntil it burnsits way intothe aether luckilythere has neverbeena shortageto mine i let itnearlykill mekept itcagedbehind deadbrown eyes humpty dumptythe foolfilled withangry hornetsfinally fellone time too manyand all of hisinsignificancespilled overthe dirty alleyadjacent tosuicidal daydreams now all iknow to dois let the agonyleakstaining the worldin lavender lightninga pebblein […]

kennesaw stroll (realization)

a last trip around the frozen civil war cemetery my mind haunted by extraordinary beauty music playing loudly in my ears the cold bite of the wind a reminder that i am still alive that these ghosts are figments of the me that died to be reborn in her eyes as something more complete than […]

forgot myself

the moment i forgot myself in you was the moment you found me it sounds ridiculous but only in forgetting did the mask slip down letting the real raw emotion pour forth in the moment i forgot myself i was so bewildered by you that my heart stopped we found each other then something magical […]