harvesting verse
much the same
as separating
the chaff
from the wheat
fascinated by
the ideas that
get stuck until
the end result
resembles what
is pictured within

what was revealing
was the moment
reservation was
tossed to the wind
where the fool
allowed himself
to fall heartfirst
into love at last
and how that
swept across the
poetic fragility

i don’t forget
emotional response
even if the
details get
slightly fuzzy
so i could
precisely pinpoint
the exact moment
my entirety
became yours

in the inky dark
of my writing
you shine in
of divine beauty
interwoven in
my inherent ugly
making it all gleam
with a rough facsimile
of your love
reflected back in mine

i am stricken
at the sheer
of unbridled joy
your wonder
brings to my
dreary insubstantiality
every single day

and i am
how far
i have come
with you
by my side
once lost
now i am found
by your

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