after(n)oon reveries(lost)

when i am lost
it is in you
i can be found
and these
shadowed trails
leading off into
sunlight dappled
reveries of
self inflicted
tremorous shocks
dissipate into
the sanctuary
inherent in
your perfect smile

when i am lost
the silence knows
i am frequently
unfound inside
my cavernous skull
but always
no matter how
tangled the skein
it is in you
that i can
always be found

there aren’t words
to do that feeling
only ode after ode
sang into the
sunrise’s sweet caress
hoping to at last
convey to you
that there is
no sunrise to beckon
without your light
ringing clear
in the pollution
of this dreary
world of sin

the pleasure
of existing in
the same sphere
as you, my love
is an exquisite


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