i(n) echolalia

each night spent
longing to sleep
finally drifting off
to find you
smiling at me
and the longing
becomes for more

i yearn desperately
to sleep forever
in that place
where the clear skies
shine down upon you
poetry given form
my hungry hands
my starving lips
the need that pulls
my heartbeat into
a rhythmic stutter
as every dream
i have ever dreamt
comes to fruition
in your perfection

i lay staring into
the darkness
your name dancing
on the tip of
my acrobatic tongue
clutching a pillow
tightly to my chest

can you hear my heart
beating in echolalia
mimicking the frantic
declarations as i lay
half asleep unable
to tell waking from dream
loving you between
wakefulness to fitful slumber
as if this is the only
thing i was born to do
the only thing
i know instinctively
is there is a completion
in your eyes as they
are locked onto mine
i could sleep forever
pacified in proximity
as our hearts speak
all the fiery desires
that flow so easily
in the witching hour


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