cold and rainy as i move forward into the gray

i managed to
succumb to sleep
as the pounding
drums began to
rattle my skull
i woke a few hours
later wrapped in
rain and cold
as aches raced
from my shoulders
to my brain
shivering beneath
the thin gray sheet
ensconced in a
veil of autumn
and intermittent
sullen agonies

the skies threatened
impregnated with
heavy gray scowls
yet only reacted
in sputtered mists
for weeks and weeks
now the only sounds
are wind chimes chattering
in time with my teeth
as thunder rumbles
and fat drops splatter
to ruin the last of the
chalkdust summer dreams
from the cracked sidewalk
sending little pastel
stick figures to drown

this too shall pass
i angrily mutter
dressing slowly to
face the work day
except the five day forecast
shows it only gets
colder from here
as if autumn is an ex
unable to grasp that
her leaving opened the door
to my finding real love
so she sits begging for
scraps of sympathy
while not admitting
she ended it all
unable to accept that
no second chances applies
to her most of all
as she burnt every bridge
in her own selfish demise

i long for more sleep
to let these pains
work their way from my body
the drums pounding
in time with the rain
steadfastly moving
ever farther from bed
moaning piteously into
the silence of another day
struggling against the
weight of an ocean of words


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