nōōmê nän

i have sought
the term
to describe
the woman
that i love
a game of pains
for a poetic fool
one that strikes
the words
from the sodden
mining new scars
out of the aether
in solemn oaths
of undying

noumenon –

a thing as it is in itself, as different from a thing as it is knowable by the senses through phenomenal attributes

that is you, my love

a person so herself, as different from any other self but my senses see directly into you through your phenomenal attributes

it took kant
to sum up
a billionth
of your splendor

no weeping poet
insipidly describing
another field
of wildflowers

it required
cold logic
to separate
the art
from the majesty
that blinds
the eye
that fills
the senses

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