question it

he looked at me with unfocused eyes, gesturing at something only he could see

i tried being happy once, but i could never get it to stick, figure it isn’t my lot in life

there were ladies, lovely ones of every shape and description, but none ever stayed

it wasn’t for lack of trying, i can assure you of that, it was for something i lacked

so if you find yourself suddenly engaged in happiness, don’t question it at all

just grab that motherfucker tight, do not let go until it finally bucks you off into the dust

you never know when your last chance happens, not until it is far far too goddamned late

i laughed it off at the time, a drunk old-timer deep into the cups yet again

but something in his words clanged against my brain and took a deep root

now i find i don’t question joy, because it is few and far between, and smiles are always free

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