at night when the stars first begin to twinkle in the ebon skies i whisper of your beauty to watch them fall one by one in jealousy hidden in the pulsating lights an ode to my love for you flashes throughout space and time in these vespers i declare my intent to the universe in […]

chalk dust showers in her perfect smile

the sky is the color of rainwater traveling along a freshly drawn chalk mural filled with particulates of purples and blue in his veins rumble throbbing with a torrential flood chemically induced at the merest thought of her whispering through his mind the world around him slumbers deeply as the coffee steams fitfully her smile […]

question it

he looked at me with unfocused eyes, gesturing at something only he could see i tried being happy once, but i could never get it to stick, figure it isn’t my lot in life there were ladies, lovely ones of every shape and description, but none ever stayed it wasn’t for lack of trying, i […]

happily miserable

misery loves company a group in which to partake to share spread itself find common soil to break down bedrock become sand happiness loves an escape always searching for a way out before it dissipates when happiness overstays it’s welcome it becomes misery and seeks company again two sides of the same coin life is […]