Psyche and Eros, part two

Psyche sat sobbing, looking back
over the kingdom of her birth,
afraid and alone, unknowing of
what was to come for her

far below, the sea sent foamy waves battering the cliff, not for
the first time, Psyche dreamt of
leaping to her death in the water

as she worked up the nerve,
inching closer and closer to the
edge, a great gust of wind gently embraced her, lifting her up

Psyche watched as the land and
water below grew indistinct, the
cold winds of Zephyrus carrying
her through the clear blue sky

an island blossomed over the
horizon, a scenic land of verdant
fields that stretch on all sides,
as she felt herself sinking

Psyche must have napped, for when she opened her eyes, she found herself laying among the swaying wildflowers in front of a castle

it was breathtaking, seemingly
carved from a solid block of ruby,
the sunlights danced off the red
stones as she stood warily

the front gate opened of its own
accord, Psyche approached slowly, yet amazed at the form of the castle on the empty isle

she entered, to be greeted by the
soft notes of a lyre strumming
her favorite songs as she explored
her new home across the sea

Psyche gasped as she entered the
dining hall, a lavish feast of all
her favorite foods spread across
the long table in front of her

she ate, then watched in wonder, the dishes floated to the kitchen,
she felt struck by the magic of
this place, roaming the halls

there was no one there, no hint of
another being, just room after
room of treasure, Psyche thought
perhaps she was still dreaming

Apollo’s chariot made its descent,
slipping over the waves as
Psyche watched, while Nyx settled darkness to cover the sky

a strange sound, one of wings
flapping and feathers rustling
startled Psyche from reverie, had
her fated love at last arrives

the flames on the candles
sputtered and went out, one by
one, the eye of Diana providing a
wan yellow glow about the room

“my beloved, at last i find myself
in your presence of perfection” a
voice called from the shadows,
melodious to tickle her ears

Psyche swooned at the voice of the mysterious man and answered “come into the light so i may see the one Lord Apollo has decreed”

something soft rustled, but she
could not see what it was, only
the shadow of a bow and quiver
now resting on a table

“i am the one, my love, you have
been sent to me by the gods, i
shall love you with every ounce of
my being as long as you live

“but i must remain in the
darkness, this is the one rule of
our marriage, one vow that must
never be broken, my dearest”

the two sat in the dark, telling
about themselves, slowly easing
the tension from their hearts,
speaking freely to one another

as Apollo began to march across
the skies to the east, her
husband bid her farewell, and
Psyche sat alone pondering the man

he did not seem to be the foul
creature Lord Apollo had warned
her about, instead appearing
gentle, a quiet souled hunter

each evening they sat, growing
closer and closer, until one day
Psyche woke and realized with
a start, she had fallen in love

that evening she invited her
husband to share her bed, in the
shadows they made love, their
bodies and hearts united

all was well for the first few
months, but the silence of the
island, the lack of interaction
drained Psyche’s happiness

she missed her family, her
friends, and most of all, she
missed her sisters, and she wept
to her husband at the pain

Eros felt his wife’s pain, he
could never let her suffer so,
with great apprehension, he
granted her the boon

“your sisters may come and visit,
but beware my love, for if they
plant a single seed of doubt,
our love shall surely suffer”

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