Psyche and Eros, part ten

as Psyche slumped to the ground, laughter rang from the forest as Venus stepped out from among the shadows to stand triumphant “foolish girl, i know the thoughts of mortals in love, this trial was not about Persephone and her beauty, it was a test of you” Venus leaned down and softly whispered, “and you […]

Psyche and Eros, part nine

Psyche wondered at the wispy feel of intangibility that clung to Hades, as she followed the wall between Styx and Asphodel Plain the cries of the shades, both on the far bank, and behind the wall, sent shivers down her back, as Psyche contemplated her life she had been truly blessed, and she cursed herself […]

Psyche and Eros, part eight

“your final trial shall be thus, i feel my beauty wane, you shall travel to the underworld, there you will ask Persephone a boon, “ask her to place a portion of her beauty into this special box, but do not open the box, or you will never see Eros again,” Venus held an ornate box […]

Psyche and Eros, part seven

Venus and Psyche were standing in the village one moment, then suddenly they stood in the mouth of an ominous looking forest “now then, girl, this next trial shall be a simple one, i am in need of some mountain spring fed water, and you shall acquire it” Psyche gazed at the forest, draped in […]

Psyche and Eros, part six

a cool wind blew through the open door into the musty room, Venus shivered in her revealing gown of diaphonous silk “it seems Persephone has gone to stay with her husband, the breeze carries the touch of Demeter’s dismay, the snows come” Venus looked archly at Psyche, “how crass of me, bringing up Persephone, who […]

Psyche and Eros, part five

Venus and Psyche were in the castle, yet as Psyche looked about confusion swept over her, now they stood in a musty room Venus smiled coldly, “i have a small matter, family business to attend, i shall only be gone a few hours, plenty of time, i imagine” Psyche looked about the room, not comprehending […]

Psyche and Eros, part four

the castle was silent, Psyche found herself truly alone, the look of hurt on her beloved Eros was etched into her mind she was heartbroken, the weight of her betrayal pressing down upon her soul, the purity of the nascent love turned to ash in her desperation, she turned to the gods, pleading for a […]

Psyche and Eros, part two

Psyche sat sobbing, looking back over the kingdom of her birth, afraid and alone, unknowing of what was to come for her far below, the sea sent foamy waves battering the cliff, not for the first time, Psyche dreamt of leaping to her death in the water as she worked up the nerve, inching closer […]

Psyche and Eros, part one

there once was a kingdom, at the edge of a shining sea, where the people grew prosperous, and gave praise and thanks to the gods the king was a kind man, with a strong and loving wife who bore him three perfect daughters, each one more beautiful than the last his third daughter, young Psyche, […]

new patreon post

Canto 1 of my modern retelling of Dante’s Inferno has been posted over on my Patreon. I keep the same basic style, but updated for a modern world. In this version, I am the lost traveler and one of my favorite poets acts as the guide. The original Inferno is 35 Cantos long and I […]

always the same

erosion corrosion fading away swaying decaying always the same the rain falls from bright blue skies not a single cloud in sight ground laid bare under solar radiation fat droplets soaked up as soon as they hit the thirsty ground he sits in his chair watching it all happen this is how he lives watching […]