Psyche and Eros, part five

Venus and Psyche were in the
castle, yet as Psyche looked about
confusion swept over her, now
they stood in a musty room

Venus smiled coldly, “i have a small matter, family business to
attend, i shall only be gone a few
hours, plenty of time, i imagine”

Psyche looked about the room, not
comprehending what Venus meant,
all around her were mounds of
seeds, all mixed together

“plenty of time for what, Lady Venus” she asked softly, “do you
want me to attend you, it would
be my honor to serve you”

Venus barked out a harsh laugh,
causing Psyche to flinch back in
fright, “no, silly girl, your first task is to separate the seeds

“i so dislike when they are mixed
together so, you shall move them
into individual piles for me, i believe four hours will suffice”

and with that, Venus was gone,
but her humorless laughter rang
out, Psyche looked at the huge
piles of seed and sagged down

the impossibility weighed heavily,
she began to weep as she picked
at the first pile, poppyseeds
floating on a river of tears

outside the musty room, a colony
of ants marched and they paused
as they heard the sobbing, a scout
went under the door to investigate

it scurried back quickly, running
to the queen, “it is a fair maiden
sorting seeds,” the queen nodded,
deciding to see for herself

the queen gazed in wonder at Psyche, spellbound by her sheer
effortless beauty, and her long
flowing blonde hair

she hurried to her, climbing onto
her hand, up to stand on Psyche’s
tanned shoulder, “whatever is the
problem, my dear” she asked softly

Psyche gasped in surprise as she
saw the queen and her speak, “i
betrayed my one true love, and
now Venus has given me this task

“i must have all these seeds separated before she returns from
Mt. Olympus in four hours time,
and it is simply impossible”

Psyche began weeping again and the
queen hurried back to the colony,
word spread from ant to ant there
would be a slight detour this day

the army of ants entered the room,
as Psyche watched in awe, they
split into groups and began to
rapidly sort the seeds for her

it took little time before Psyche was sitting among piles of sorted
seeds, she felt overjoyed and
gave her thanks to the colony

the queen gave a proper six legged
curtsey, “it was our pleasure to
assist in you finding your way
back to your true love’s embrace”

the queen smiled and nodded toward
her rows of ants, each one with a
carefully held in their pincers,
“it helped us to survive as well”

with that the ants left, Psyche
gave thanks to the gods and to
the ants in kind, she lay down
on the musty floor and took a nap

when she awoke, she found Venus
glaring angrily around the room,
“how did you do it, girl, there
should have been no way–”

Psyche did not answer, she worried
at what Venus would do to the
colony of helpful ants, so she
sat silently with eyes downcast

Venus kicked the piles in as she
vented her frustration, while
Psyche sat shivering in fear,
but Venus began to laugh again

“it is no matter, this was but the
first of your trials, they will
only get harder from here, you
have my word on that, mortal”

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