thirteen loops

there are
thirteen steps
thirteen loops
in the art
of tying
a hangman’s noose

the sky opened up
pissing rain as if
the world was just
the floor of a
gas station bathroom
i stood in it
flagging down the
two truck driver
that was only
three hours late
called when thr skies
were just threatening
now we are both soaked
giving one another
the old angry side eye

thirteen steps
thirteen loops
simple in design
nearly fool proof

everyone at this garage
seems listless
just out of sync
with dismal reality
lightning flashes
briefly illuminating
sallow faces
everyone seems to have
forgotten how to smile
maybe it is me
anxiety can rapidly
slip into depression
coloring the universe
in mind numbing beige

i wonder how many
ants have drowned
in the sudden deluge
my hands absently fretting
thirteen steps
thirteen loops


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