always the same



fading away



always the same

the rain falls from bright blue skies

not a single cloud in sight

ground laid bare under solar radiation

fat droplets soaked up as soon as they hit the thirsty ground

he sits in his chair watching it all happen

this is how he lives

watching silently

judging through a pane of glass

living through the pain of loss

the raindrops on a sunny day an allegory for his life

unexpected showers of grief and longing

softening the foundation of everything he knew

until it crumbled around him

catching him unaware

he had his vices

a pretty whore with most of her teeth

his decent paying job

not enough to move up

just enough to stay afloat

if barely

better than some

half at best as well as others

he didn’t want more

he did

once upon a time

but he gave up on dreams

like the herb garden gone to dust on the window sill

a good starter

poor on the follow through

as he watches the world go by

steadily spinning towards his personal armageddon

everything he loved has died before his shaking hands

buried his share of hope



fading away



alaways the same


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