the courier pt. 1

as i turned down the brick road the sun shied away the closer i drew to my destination the darker the world around me seemed to grow a cool wind whipped up the trash into a dustdevil in detritus slapping against the windshield an ill omen or just coincidence i couldn’t say with any certainty […]

(un)titled image

the cherry blossoms fell beneath the sickly yellow light of the bloated moon as it glares in baleful insolence upon a world swept in a beauty the cold cratered rock could never hope to procure in a fruitful chase of the sun around the vacant eyed globe


they covered the leaves the fat white slugs sightless grubs peculiar things that seemed out of place in the fairy tale forest of once upon a time dying slowly with no princess to save nor witch in a cottage at the end of the long winding path tucked between leaning trees with gnarled branches crowding […]

the bullfrog and the booger

her second (third? fourth?) chin swelled like a bullfrog in heat as she looked down her bulbous nose at me unaware or uncaring of the snot waving with every heaving breath. can i take your order i carefully folded the menu set it on the table trying not to flinch as visions of the green […]

synaptical misgivings

i just needed five minutes to stop running to stop being chased a soft chair a cup of coffee free internet the basic necessities as promised by the constitution most likely as i collapse on the chair waiting for the bean slinger to milk those browned berries for maximum caffeinated returns i notice the slack […]

cherry blossoms

he dashes through the floating cherry blossoms as they dance on the light breeze through the evening air the moon hangs fat and bright above as the silent strikes like a cobra in the tall grass lash out in rapid succession the trilling of the heron sings in the darkness beyond the flickering light of […]

fields of saffron

the sun and the cracked ground are the same hazy shade of yellowish brown she stands in the sweltering heat wrapped from head to toe walking down tight rows she plucks the vivid purple flowers with tossing them into the ever filling basket the wind is a blast furnace pressing the loose fabrics tightly against […]


laissez faire at the laser fair lazy but fair in complexion lackadaisical in varied complications she runs worried fingers over well worn rosaries reciting bible verses with a practiced tongue trained in prayer by the undevout devotionals


the cockroach sitting on the couch sipping coffee and smoking a bent cigar glared at me this morning as i staggered into the living room with the stale scent of wine and a mouth that tasted like a dirty ashtray the milk is spoiled i nodded and scratched myself with the vigor of a man […]

30s kind of affair

she could have picked any gin joint in the city to walk into with her dangerously high heels bright red lips seaside highway curves yet when the door opened to this one the jazz band skipped a note and for a long glorious moment silence filled the smokey bar she looked like a model in […]

five points on the cemetery gate

I. in the bloom of the black rose, left to wither on the vine, untended by hands weary from thorn pricks, crimson hints beguile the blossoming scent II. the cracked tombstone, weathered with faded carvings, the grass gone brown, plastic flowers bleached white as the bones buried six feet below III. a soft song fills […]

ten scenes: eight – the storm

the wind howls as the sky flashes with jagged streaks of angry lightning the trees are bent nearly to breaking, incapable of fighting the tumultuous storm leaves fly like projectiles of destruction, as fat cold drops pummel the ground the clouds fight amongst each other, a mass of ill intent coalescing above the earth shakes […]


they painted the apartment buildings now when i look outside it is a different view it feels less like home than the home it hasn’t felt like for so long now i only like a handful of things anymore the rest is just extraneous filler until i can get my mind and heart united but […]

ten scenes: seven – mars

stale air through the recirculator, the filter filled with red dust, makes for labored breathing even in low gravity and leaves a taste in your mouth like old pennies it was a one way trip, everyone knew that to be the case even if it wasn’t explicitly stated in the manifest no one really bother […]

ten scenes: six – submarine

the hull sweats a distinctly uncomfortable sensation as darkness permeates the world going deeper deeper into the darkness fathoms fall away as life turns strange bioluminescent lures bobbing blind beasts feeding by taste on invisible currents in frigid waters ancient beasts unseen by man swim in a ballet as creaking metal squeals death is always […]

ten scenes; five – in bed

she lays draped across me her head on my chest breathing deeply and evenly her legs across mine as i gently run my fingers across her back and shoulders there is no separation between us our hearts seem to beat in time i stare at the ceiling wondering if there could be any better feeling […]

ten scenes; four – the city

concrete and steel ordered disorder in rows of jutting teeth that pierce the sky in defiance glass reflects the world like the shell of a mechanical tortoise the corpse of a giant left to rot that blights the land below asphalt arteries clogged with plastic shelled carbon spewing blood clots and cholesterolic vitriol nothing natural […]

ten scenes; three – the plain

nothing but mesquite shrubs for miles thorns three inches long the occasional tuft of grass like razor wire whipping in the hot breeze dust devils spin across the cracked dirt demons at play in the sullen sun the shadow of circling hawks the only break from the pummeling rays of light a lone flower forces […]

ten scenes; one – the bog

the bubbles of methane form in the fetid bog like the bulbous mouths of frogs. skeletal branches like the hands of the dead reaching for the warmth of human flesh. the silvery light of the moon against the cold air dancing in the bare treetops.

roll out the barrels

the sounds of dueling accordians rumble through the walls against all odds like a massacre at a polka championship, blood and lederhosen sprays the walls spilled flagons of dark ale stain the carpet, threabare from rolling out too many barrels the prussians are coming, death glinting in their inebriated eyes, they come for me next

museum trip

it all started to cascade like the churning waters of the white rapids when you were a kid that trip why is that in your head indistinct drawings of stick figures and strange beasts, the flickering light of torches wash across the cave wall, the sounds of something primal, stalking, low growling bounced around the […]

(un)titled image V

the skin on his chest buckled and ripped as he lay staring at the ceiling the black beak tore through his flesh slowly the beady eyed gaze stared into his own it shook itself slowly emerging from the now open wound with a caw it launched itself into the air flew around the room before […]

(un)titled image III

she was the prettiest girl in her little town she had the world by the balls now she is angry and chain smokes while the same world passes her by sometimes she clenches her fist just to remember the feel

street art(ificial)

he stood still, trying to define the walls of the latest box he found himself trapped in, walking into a wind that isn’t blowing, tugging on a rope that slides through his grip, his painted smile at odds with the pain in his eyes, beret jauntily perched on his head, onlookers just stood and watched […]


i entered the club with a secret knock on the bannister in the hall, shave and a haircut the dour hatchet faced man that stood like a pile of stones stared at me as i passed him i nodded and went to the bar, the girl behind smiled at me and got my order without […]


the knife slid upwards between his ribs like an eagle diving into the placid waters there was little resistance as it slid through lung and heart his knees immediately went weak and he slumped forward she caught him before he could hit the ground his eyes met her’s and the pain was not from the […]

all of it

i asked her to undress slowly. she cocked an eyebrow and smiled, i sat back and prepared for the show. she loves how much i love her, the hunger in my eyes as i watch her do even the most mundane things, she feels like the goddess she has always been she smiles and stretches, […]

a prayer for someone else for a change

one of my neighbors is an old white guy that smokes like a chimney everyday he sits on the stairs and chain smokes and says hi to everyone that walks by his skin is leathery and his moustache dances like an angry tarantula on his upper lip he’s got teeth like tree roots that just […]

night terror

he stands beneath a tree in the pouring rain when the lightning flashes his silhouette motionless in the night she peers out the window startled when the lightning flashes again he’s gone she chuckles to herself just her imagination thunder rumbles shaking the windows setting off car alarms around the neighborhood hides the noise of […]

inept assassin

i was walking down the sidewalk when something shiny caught my eye i bent to pick it up a quarter my lucky day as i picked it up a dart came through the air and lodged into tree next to me i heard the thud as it hit i glanced at it and shook my […]

staring at the sky in wonder

i watched the plane fly over head from my window perch so many indistinct faces in the broad blue skies the salesman flying out to meet with a potential client he is filled with false bravado he actually needs this sale to make bonus to be able to cover the mounting bills the worried mother […]


you ready in there i’m not sure don’t be a baby okay you know i love you right maybe i’m coming in wait do you remember what we talked about i think so what do you say if it gets too intense for you kumquat that’s right umm kumquat what’s wrong i’m nervous and the […]

don’t kiss and tell

i’d just walked back into the party from sneaking out back to smoke a bowl it was my tradition drink til i saw double smoke a bowl to normalize drink to double vision again but this time when i walked back in there was no drinking to blurry one eye closed staggering ignoramus state no […]

not the triumphant coming out he had planned

his skills didn’t lie in the regular types of things he couldn’t draw or write or speak all that well he was a nice guy his neighbors said a bit of a loner shy and quiet but always had a smile and wave when he passed them in the hallway what he had was a […]

always the same

erosion corrosion fading away swaying decaying always the same the rain falls from bright blue skies not a single cloud in sight ground laid bare under solar radiation fat droplets soaked up as soon as they hit the thirsty ground he sits in his chair watching it all happen this is how he lives watching […]

thin layer of denim

she wandered down the stairs in jean shorts cut so low it looked like a denim thong she wondered at the stares as if having her entire ass hanging out wasn’t enough to stop traffic i just sat in my chair and watched as she took her time making sure everything was just so an […]


outside the hut, the storms have come, the fury of nature outside, the force of man resides within the furnace fills the room with waves of heat, the iron sits within heating to white hot thunder cracks sending shockwaves through the trees as the rain pounds the roof driving the hammer over and over, sweat […]


pitiless stares from silent watchers, hidden in plain sight, hunters hunted by forces inexplicable rest is for the dying, the reminder of sleep eternal, for now we dance under the stormy skies in hopes of rains filled with glorious cleansing the thunder cracks the hymns of forefathers, each lightning strike another reliquary of ancestral pride […]

for edgar

stumbling alone on this muddy path, the pregnant moon the only light, heart racing and labored burning breath i saw something i should not have, a creature feasting, bloody mouth and ragged claws, the personification of death my gasp have me away, those dread black eyes met mine, the tearing of teeth and the jutting […]


i sat on the bench, eyes closed, head facing up into the warmth of the sun a red dot on my forehead shaky moving slightly up and down with the slow rhythmic breathing of the sniper a block away not that i could see it i was in dreamland, contemplating lunch or what book to […]


is the moon blood red or did i cut myself again hard to tell as i float down the stream on a lazily deflating inner tube but the inner tube is out and i am in it crystalline juxtaposition i am inner it is outer and space is calling me with the voice of a […]

sunrise affirmation

the cracking of leather followed by the sting of torn flesh a spray of vermilion across the granite wall low whispered prayers and self flagellation as the moon sinks to the west the black blue over the eastern mountains begins to be flecked with streaks of angry pink a bruise in reverse spreading across the […]

red finch

the red finch circles the hanging tree bloated gray corpses swing from the gnarled black branches scarlet flashes darting among the rotting flesh to peck at the clustered seeds unaware of the unnatural circumstances a feast of life hidden in the fumes of death


he strode down a bamboo lined trail straw hat pulled low to shield his eyes from the rays of the sun that cut like fire forged steel his instincts honed his resolved folded ten thousand times resulting in an edge sharp enough to separate atoms every strike microfracturing the surface leaving a pristine razor for […]

housework, words

her lips were thick and pink except the left of her lower lip where she kept involuntarily biting it her pupils dialated from the flood of chemicals in her brain the steel gray specked blue nearly devoured her head thrown back against my shoulder her entire body leaning into me leaning down to taste her […]

be hurt, words

the song be hurt came on lovely little ode to it being okay to be broken the world seems to slow down as i sped happily down the highway that is when the semi changed lanes into a black pick up the shiny silver trailer exploded as the music played i watched it unfold as […]

morning routine, words

she stands at the top of the stairs every morning her cup of tea steams in the morning air at first i just got into my car and left as she gazed out on the parking lot the other day i said good morning she smiled and waved it became our little game she would […]

museum trip, words

it all started to cascade like the churning waters of the white rapids when you were a kid that trip why is that in your head indistinct drawings of stick figures and strange beasts, the flickering light of torches wash across the cave wall, the sounds of something primal, stalking, low growling bounced around the […]

poetry performance, words

cue dramatic flourish spotlight centers on curtain out comes the shambling form of the idiot poet hands extended to crowd, open wound on chest, heart on fire on stool beside him no applause greets him he bows and blood spills out promptly he slips and lands on his rear roaring laughter slipping and sliding he […]