you ready in there

i’m not sure

don’t be a baby


you know i love you right


i’m coming in


do you remember what we talked about

i think so

what do you say if it gets too intense for you


that’s right

umm kumquat

what’s wrong

i’m nervous and the cuffs feel awfully tight

they are supposed to feel tight

where’s the fun if your hand slips out

right but i have some reservations

you are ready, said so yourself

that was all talk

well time to put up or shut up


okay what

okay… mistress

that’s good

yes ma’am

when i open the door it has begun

yes mistress

are you ready



the door slammed open and if i had the ability i would have jumped

the cuffs and straps prevented that though

she slinked into the room

catlike motions of stalking prey that had no idea it was already too late to run

i swallowed and it felt like a softball in my throat

she was dressed head to toe in vinyl the color of blood

it would have been the sexiest thing i’d ever seen if i wasn’t so scared to death by her

she could smell the fear wafting off of me and i knew it wasn’t the form fitting outfit that didn’t breathe that had her so wet

my traitorous member was standing at full attention as well

has to be the adrenaline i thought

then the whip cracked against the headboard inches from my face and that softball in my throat prevented me from screaming kumquat at full panicked volume

she ran a long fingernail down my chest and drew blood in a shallow groove

it all got a little fuzzy after that

i know i screamed but never seemed to form the safe word

to her delight

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