the knife slid upwards

between his ribs like an eagle diving into the placid waters

there was little resistance as it slid through lung and heart

his knees immediately went weak and he slumped forward

she caught him before he could hit the ground

his eyes met her’s and the pain was not from the wound leaking his life onto the dirt


i love you

she just stared into his eyes

watched the green fade to brown

i know

she laid him down gently

wiped the blood from his lips and gave him a sweet kiss as the light left his gaze

she knelt and closed his eyes

this was the only way this was ever going to end

she looked down at him

wistful at what could have been

but was not meant to be

not this time

if they were spun back out from the aether one day

and found each other again

maybe the stars would align

and they would both get not what they deserved

what they wanted

one day

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