morning routine, words

she stands at the top of the stairs every morning

her cup of tea steams in the morning air

at first i just got into my car and left as she gazed out on the parking lot

the other day i said good morning

she smiled and waved

it became our little game

she would smile and i would greet her

this morning she talked to me

asked what i do for a living

she likes it when i wear a bow tie to work

said it is classy in an old school sense

i wore a regular tie and she said i needed to go back and change

i cocked an eyebrow at her and she raised one back at me

i changed

she smiled and said much better

i bowed at the waist to her and we both laughed

i haven’t asked what she is looking for every morning

doesn’t seem to be any of my business

but i do wonder

but as long as she smiles and says bien parecido or guapo i suppose i am good

every morning i get to be called handsome by a lovely seventy year old

feels like a win

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