cherry blossoms

he dashes through the floating cherry blossoms as they dance on the light breeze through the evening air

the moon hangs fat and bright above as the silent strikes like a cobra in the tall grass lash out in rapid succession

the trilling of the heron sings in the darkness beyond the flickering light of the pitch soaked torches belching black smoke

the two forms as insubstantial as the mists at the bottom of the waterfall roaring in the cove of bamboo and jade grass

a flash of steel catches the reflection of the silver orb up high before sinking with a wet crunch into the soft flesh

an arc of crimson turned ink black sprays across the serenity of the land with a sharp flutter of large wings in flight

the cherry blossoms fall like a light pink blizzard to land in the pool of black and slowly flush red on the rocky ground

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