pandora sat quietly staring at the clay vessel in front of her in her solitary room at the foot of mount olympus

she never asked to be given breath by the gods to find herself plucked from the sea foam and clay

a world of wonders greeted her outside yet she was obsessed with the stoppered vase she was sworn to guard

her dainty finger ran around thee edge of the wax sealed stopper as her nail left a faint impression near to breaking it

to be cast from the aether with one charge yet filled with a million questions that have no definitive answers

the gods watched her with gore as they saw the strain of needing to know battle the only thing she is not allowed

in a few millenia they would all be relegated to myth and nearly forgotten except for her one lasting impression

today was not the day the seal would be broken and the vessel left in pieces of broken clay on the floor of her home

but it was only a matter of time

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