iris glidesdownthe prismatic infusionto fill her clay potfrom the seasher wingsno more thanscarred stubsstill try to flutteras sherefills the cloudsto bring aboutthe rainsher sorrow tingedlaughterin the dissipatingflourish ofthe arching rainbow

myth direction

an edifice to oedipus a statue to narcissus that has a mirrored sheen sit on this bench allow me to whisper tales of drunken gods having sex in animal form with queens that have more issues than freud at a mothers convention trying to keep his hand out of his pants i have eaten pomegranate […]

mything the point

feeling a little too dionysus lately, a little too ready to let go with wild abandon, unchained, the rigors of the fiery chariot lend to a disconnect from my pursuit of more apollo governed aspects erato has my ear, well aware of where you fit into the complex menagerie and whispering a despair into every […]


how long did they expect poor hades to sit surrounded by the dead cheated by his brothers that ravaged the skies and seas with wanton lust and greed there is a solemn insanity in the absolutes absolute zero causes atoms to sit at their lowest energy value absolute silence causes a mind to shatter into […]

craft of the titans

the paper maché pegasus standing with wings unfurled in the sunny spring afternoon drifting lazily through the curtained window watching over the land with a faint smile drawn upon it’s college rule notebook skin somewhere a pipe cleaner perseus journeys into the perilous styrofoam caverns in which the fates stand around a cauldron with a […]


three snarling maws drip flame to the rough stone floor from just inside the obsidian cave at the rear of the gigantic cavern six red eyes glare out malice emanating in waves to bathe the area in knee trembling fear in the unblinking stare a low rumble shakes the stalactites a shower of stone dust […]


pandora sat quietly staring at the clay vessel in front of her in her solitary room at the foot of mount olympus she never asked to be given breath by the gods to find herself plucked from the sea foam and clay a world of wonders greeted her outside yet she was obsessed with the […]

yokai (a poem in (un)poetic)

she wore an ankle length kimono as she walked barefoot through the lush grass of her yard, porcelain beauty in lunar rays broken by cloud the silky robe is adorned with a phoenix bursting forth from ash into a cherry blossom colored sky, pinks and reds like a watercolor trailing her steps her movements were […]


when i was a kid quicksand was the de facto danger be careful where you step it was supposedly everywhere as a teen i took it for granted it was an urban myth the ground was seldom perilous i didn’t understand that it was a metaphor heart bleeding on my sleeve i stomped without a […]

embers in the sands of time

in the beginning there was darkness from the darkness came chaos from the chaos came gaia rivers oceans seas sprang forth she came to me, nurturing as mother gaia, her hands scarred from battles fought, her eyes pure, her lips sweet as honey, her touch soft as silk then came eros the need to copulate […]


irradiated in the solar rays isotopical failure half life full life no life left mutated designated reinstated ridicule falling farther from the light of day ensconced in shadow left with waxy feathers and an expired lottery ticket roaming the world alone a modern day daedelus craftsman destined to watch the ones he loves scorched and […]