irradiated in the solar rays

isotopical failure

half life full life no life left

mutated designated reinstated


falling farther from the light of day

ensconced in shadow

left with waxy feathers and an expired lottery ticket

roaming the world alone

a modern day daedelus

craftsman destined to watch the ones he loves scorched and plummet to the ground below

designer of self contained mental labyrinth

a ball of twine and kick in the ass

the minute minutiae of minotaurs and mad kings

hercules got off light with killing his family and twelve labors

the laborious lingering lamentations

mythologically sound wishful thinking of the monsters of yore

nostalgic daydreams and pestering fragments of magic and the sweet after taste of hemlock

there is a cave allegory in all of this

a lack of understanding

emotional black out

reoccurring thematic presentations and the harbringer of agonizing truth

a philosophical philistine setting sail across an ocean of blood

a budget gourmand preparing the royal feast

ground peppercorns and pariah complexity

the figurehead and the main mast no longer on speaking terms

fleeced of gold and bejeweled with colored glass

seared flesh by seers lacking depth perception on the rocky precipice of inasnity and true sight

war torn worship waging wanton destruction

seeking salvation



meditating on my navel whole writing about the sea

insular radiation and common law mutation

waiting for word from delphi

the pythagorean theorem

pain squared plus love spared equals life shared

transcendental appropriation


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