embers in the sands of time

in the beginning
there was darkness
from the darkness
came chaos
from the chaos
came gaia
sprang forth

she came to me, nurturing as mother gaia, her hands scarred from battles fought, her eyes pure, her lips sweet as honey, her touch soft as silk

then came eros
the need to copulate
to have offspring
uranus sprang forth
and lay on top of gaia
pressed tightly together
they made love
a hundred times a day
for one thousand days

i could never grow tired of her breath on the hollow of my throat, her fingers gripping, nails cutting into my back, thin rivers of blood and sweat

along came the first twelve
the titaness and titans
then the one eyed cyclops
then the hekatonkheires
with one hundred hands
and fifty fire spitting heads
finally came the giants

as she gasped, shuddering orgasms, legs wrapped around, squeezing the breath from my lungs, we moved in time together, my lips everywhere

but they were all trapped
in gaia’s womb
as uranus lay
pressed so tightly against gaia
if they got out
uranus forced them back in
the children raged
inside of gaia
who begged them
to attack their father

our love was one of physical need, of emotional warfare, biting, licking, tasting and tearing at one another to see who would scream in release first

only kronos stepped forward
he received a flint sickle
when uranus next
made love to gaia
kronos grabbed his genitals
and cut them off
throwing them into the sea
uranus fled high above gaia
kronos took his place
as king of all

it was fleeting, powerful, our flames burned brightly into the skies, blinding any that bore witness, embers left to cool in the sands of time

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