housework, words

her lips were thick and pink

except the left of her lower lip where she kept involuntarily biting it

her pupils dialated from the flood of chemicals in her brain

the steel gray specked blue nearly devoured

her head thrown back against my shoulder

her entire body leaning into me

leaning down to taste her neck

my tongue feeling the rabbit quick pulse

my left hand cupping her

right hand exploring



her eyes roll back as she writhes against me

gentle pressure

her hand clutching my wrist as the soft circles grow faster

she turn her face to bite my ear love

her teeth grab the hoop and pull back savagely as the middle finger dips in

my teeth find the hollow of her throat

her clavicle

left hand pinches

middle finger spins

like a tilt a whirl car

faster and tighter spins into lazy winding turns

she arches onto her the tip of her toes

knees shaking

less kissing

more frantic devouring

full body quivering

a gentle winding down

she tries to catch her breath as i kiss her cheek

whisper i love you

slide her ear bud back in and let her get back to what she was doing

she stands for a moment

gathering herself

as i watch it fades away

the kitchen is empty

i’m alone on the couch

lost in reverie


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