all of it

i asked her to undress slowly.

she cocked an eyebrow and smiled, i sat back and prepared for the show.

she loves how much i love her, the hunger in my eyes as i watch her do even the most mundane things, she feels like the goddess she has always been

she smiles and stretches, letting out a little moan designed to intoxicate

the sound of a long unzipping and the tiny black dress hit the floor, matching bra and panty set, sinfully black with strategic cut outs

i long to feel, to taste

involuntarily i reach and with a smile she pushes me back with her foot

frustration races through me as she undoes the bra and slowly pulls it off and tosses it to me, she moves in slow motion, every step designed to tease

i feel my tongue across my lips without realizing it, my heart races and my pulse sounds like a stampede of horses galloping in my skull

she makes a show of turning around and bending over to remove the dangerously high heels

she is perfection, a work of art come to life, a fantasy made flesh

the heels are slowly removed and tossed to the side

she grabs my hands and gives them a private tour over her flesh as she straddles me, i caress and rub all over, gentle pinches on her erect nipples

she moans and stands up, just out of reach again, the cheshire smile on her face

‘how much do you want?’ she whispers, hands tugging at the band of her lacey last bits

as the panties hit the floor my breath catches in my throat and i barely moan out, ‘everything.’


‘yes please,’ i manage to croak

she reaches up and behind her ear, i hear the unzipping without seeing the invisible seam

slowly, in time with the song our longing sings, she removes her skin and gently folds it across the chair

her musculature glistens, tendons pulling, ivory bones and throbbing arteries

she dances, all sinew and meat, formed into the darkest pleasure

a trail of bloody footprints across the beige carpet

‘all of it?’

‘yes goddess,’ i plead in supplication, eyes lost in the hidden curvature bared only for me

hands held like hooked talons, she parts the muscles of her abdomen and shows me her organs, those same delicate fingers travel upwards and she cracks her sternum and shows me her heart and lungs, their rhythm fills the room with sounds like a church organ channeling the music of angels themselves

i want her so badly, but i know this is her dance, her aria, her performance art of forbidden pleasure, a master at work and i, oh i am her clay to mold, her captive audience of one

so transfixed still, i can do nothing but stare

she dances, shimmering, a lone candle in a darkened room, casting shadows while exposing all

at last she beckons me over

i am afraid to touch her, of ruining this moment, this sheer perfection

she forces me to, i am hers to command, my only goal is to submit to her

she sees her total control and gyrates against me

i find my hand upon her heart and press my lips to it, feeling the contractions and she shudders in delight

begins undressing me as i explore her with my hands and tongue and lips

‘all of it?’ she breathes into my ear, shivers running down my spine

i only nod, far too busy to speak, not trusting myself to speak

hunger the only thing inside of me

she finds the seam and removes my flesh in one effortless motion, and i stand before her, vulnerable, giving every bit of myself to her hungry eyes, and she takes me in, eyes and hands working together

i feel the tearing as she opens my chest, the cracking of bone, my heart beating faster and faster as she reaches in and clenches her hand around it

i am suffocating, her hand holding my life, squeezing and constricting, when she lets go after an eternity, i see spots as oxygen rushes through me

i pick her up and take her into the bedroom

it begins slowly, tenative movements at first, becoming bolder as our movements synchronize, our pulses throbbing in time

we lose ourselves in the moment and instinct and passion consume our quivering exposed frames

it becomes less of love making than pure savagery, biting and clawing and consuming, two bloody masses of bone and muscle entwined, moving together in throes of pure carnal bliss

time passes and exhaustion ensues, lying in a pile, breathing heavily and staring at the ceiling, she leans onto an elbow and cocks a satisfied smile

‘all of it’ she says, licking blood from her lips

‘all of it,” i repeat


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