ladies and gentlemen

thanks for stopping by the manic word depot

the poet illterate is taking a much needed vacation

he won an all expenses paid one way ticket to rock bottom

a much needed relaxing trip in the bubbling pits of doubt and sorrow

you don’t have to go home

but you can’t stay here

don’t forget to tip your server

buy a postcard

i visited the manic word depot and all i got was a vague sense of disappointment

we have fridge magnets as well but they don’t work

and all the shirts are a size larger than the tag says so everyone feels good about themselves

someone has to

i’ll see you soon



i need

and that’s part of the problem

but i also need to finish a story

and time is finite

so i need a break

it ain’t gonna depress itself

“when a boy writes off the world it’s done with sloppy misspelled words

if a girl writes off the world it’s done in cursive

i’m searching for a cure
this is a sickness
can you hear me, love” the cure by non-prophets

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