a riot against time

i can always tell it is three o’clock in the morning by the sudden flash of wakefulness that sweeps through me with an adrenaline burst erasing dream my brain gets itchy at eleven eleven an overpowering need to write overtakes me high tide laps hungrily at the crumbling shore a tsunami of words drowning rational […]


so muchemphasisput onarbitrarytickinga franticneedto quantifyall ofexistencein secondsputtingtime firstinsteadof livingrushingnowhereto donothingin atimelymanner i measurethe passage oftimeini love yousand babyi willlive foreverloving you


for two hours last night i was an hour closer to her my heart yelled trying desperately to get her attention then the daylight was saved and she was further away all that lingered in the spring air was my frantic i love you

time spent on time

i spent the morning smashing all of the clocks in the house my pastime is staring into time past so keeping an up to date registry on the time i will not consider until it is long over seems prudent i keep the brass gears in a dish trying to fathom the secreta to putting […]


this sudden flash of intense intentionality sends quivers down an already jelly like spine introvert introvert hiding in the dark introvert introvert tinder waits for spark the need to ravish lavish speak a language of erotic nonsense hiding biding waiting for time to end another surge intentional intensity sending spasms down an already vapid dream


when he was younger he fought time with savage fury now he toothlessly gums it while he feels it’s fangs tearing deep into muscle fighting is a young man’s game while trying to exist is his only feeble play left drowning as the sand piles up to cover his face as he pounds the side […]

real time

sitting on a parking garage roof watching the world spin itself into a stupor was in a hurry to wait now i am in a hurry to find something to do but for all the gears screaming there seems to be no traction to be gained in the viscosity of perilous nothing so i am […]


tonight is the final recital this poor fool has steeled himself for the voice of his no longer baby girl to serenade one last time he has not in fact this is the one he has dreaded since he saw the first last choir recital two years ago he envisioned her picture as a baby […]


time can be a penitentiary depending on who sets the clock mine has been flashing 12:00 for weeks since the power went out my skin is flushed from the walk and my scars show the map of life criss crossed reminders of beatings, external and internal some still weep as the lonesome afternoon drifts by […]

this time

he is curled up in a ball he knows what is coming but he always imagines it is going to be different this time this time it is going to be a clown making balloon animals it is going to be acrobats twirling by their teeth twenty feet in the air he will go to […]

make it last

the time it took me to realize time was exactly what i needed was found too late if patience is a strong point add another weakness to my fractured list of failings so i elected to man the unmanned ship to be the test subject, the crash test dummy, the petri dish, colonized by a […]


nothing that is here now was before and most likely won’t be in the future everything is temporary even my love for you will one day be dust and etchings on the ivory bones of my remains

calendar (complete)

(january) an ex was born this month, a mistake that led to two perfectly carved diamonds frozen broken huddled in a ball ripped and torn spikes of ice ragged wounds crimson ice (february) my father was born this month, flawed and brilliant, my hero despite my own actions shortness of breath wheezing spots in my […]

calendar pt III

(september) this is typically when the rains begin again, when the thirsty soil turns vibrant again, reborn to die confusion refusal self destruction with no understanding this life is a break between infinities (october) laughter fills the night, the crinkle of plastic costumes, faces painted like the visage of death burning leaves the icy chill […]

calendar pt II

(may) too many lost loves, one born and buried in the now muddy ground of these thirty one flavors of hell the green slowly takes the brown the allergies soon take over the ability to breathe beautiful to itchy eyes (june) the freedom of warm winds, of oiled bike chains, stolen kisses in the dead […]


we are only given so many seconds in this life i’ve spent too many pondering love too few on the sunrise and probably just the right amount on wombats so there is that to be proud of i suppose

illusion of forever

i’m not sure what i was doing the moment i realized i loved you but i remember the world stopped spinning for a second the lack of centrifugal force sent everything suddenly flying and i flew with it all cars and cows and perfect hydrogen bonded spheres of water floated weightlessly around me and i […]


she turned to face me one last time our eyes met and even through the tears that streamed down my cheeks capturing and multiplying the sunlight into a prismatic glare i saw her mouth ever so faintly whisper one last time i love you and then she drove away i wanted to scream to beg […]

an hour at a time

it’s too early to be this damn tired my mind is fixated on the time change i’ll endure soon losing an hour of life i’ll get it back eventually but will i really once gone it seems too fleeting to ever lasso again like the smile and wave at the end of the bar and […]


ladies and gentlemen thanks for stopping by the manic word depot the poet illterate is taking a much needed vacation he won an all expenses paid one way ticket to rock bottom a much needed relaxing trip in the bubbling pits of doubt and sorrow you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay […]